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Jan.12th - National Meeting of Bolivarian Popular Movement

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  • Cort Greene
    Please excuse this poor translation, go to the url for Spanish: http://www.luchadeclases.org.ve/volantes-leftmenu-186/7280-unidad-pueblo-bolivariano Meeting
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 11, 2013
      Please excuse this poor translation, go to the url for Spanish:


      Meeting promoted by the National People's Political Unit
      by Aporrea.org Friday January 11, 2013

      [image: National Meeting of the Bolivarian People's Political Unit]

      * change the venue : the organizations promoting the national meeting
      report that the meeting on Saturday January 12, **at 9:00 am, which was
      scheduled **to take place Humboldt Building, has been changed to a bigger
      space and will be performed in Los Chaguaramos UBV, Floor 3 .*


      The Venezuelan revolution lives in moments that require an iron
      Bolivarian People's Unit at the contingency caused by the poor health of
      President Chavez. The Bolivarian people once again assumes the defense of
      the process and all the gains made, which means strengthening governance
      from the grassroots revolutionary process that constitutes the other hinge
      with Chavez, which guarantees the construction of the Socialist
      Motherland. Both
      Nicolas Maduro as Diosdado Cabello should contribute to the creation of a
      collective political leadership to the people who live only for their work:
      support of the Bolivarian revolution. In this framework, different social
      groups we have considered promoting a *National Meeting of Popular
      Bolivarian Movement* and their organizations.

      The realization of this *national meeting of the Popular Movement
      Bolivarian* we propose fundamental objective pursued political unity of
      the people, the unity of the social organizations and left factors
      historically committed to the construction of the Bolivarian revolutionary
      process and the tasks of the socialist transition . A unit designed from
      the construction program, support working people and exploited sectors in
      struggle, and deepen the participatory nature of the subject leading
      constituent, which together with the leadership of Chavez have consolidated
      all victories accumulated so far. As directed by the same President Chavez,
      accompanied and close ranks in the primary task of giving a *change of
      course to ensure the deepening of the revolution* . We understand the
      national meeting as the beginning of a process of relaunching the popular
      movement organizations, within the framework of the debate on the role and
      tasks of the working class and the people in the revolutionary transition
      to socialism.

      Facing the trance we live by the health of President Chavez must
      preserve what has been conquered and work for a long term and strategic

      The victories of October 7 and December 16, 2012 we should be used to
      take policy initiatives to make revolution. We are calling for a *national
      meeting * *of the Bolivarian Popular Movement* to lay the foundations of a
      large unit, revolutionary and socialist to defend the process, building a
      common political front in the permanent threat of the Right, capitalism,
      and U.S. imperialism lackeys, always marching along the role of the
      Bolivarian people.

      * The National Meeting of the Bolivarian Popular Movement* aims to
      prepare a people and with all our revolutionary organizations in governance
      at all levels, in the middle of the contingency which means the disease of
      our President. Define who we are, what we pursue, we raised and where we
      go. Join as equals in the construction to ensure a true and genuine
      revolutionary institutions: *Ni claudication, or reversibility of the
      process* .

      The Bolivarian people, with its intuitive political genius in times
      of danger, has been tested in many battles. We must prepare for a process
      of reunion of the popular movement, their organizations, their spirituality
      and their ability to make policy directionality in the history of our

      * The National Meeting of the Bolivarian Popular Movement* boost from
      all areas of the country a great discussion on the methodology of plenary,
      democratize and deepen popular participation at all levels of public life,
      even with all sectors: worker @ s, Obrer @ s, s peasants, youth, students,
      women, different genres, Afro-descendants, indigenous farmer 's. We propose
      to discuss the economy model of transition to socialism what is the
      production model? The revolution demands action against *global capitalism
      that failed* : a model that makes people sick and threatens the permanence
      of life.

      We are millions of revolutionaries in our people and hundreds of
      millions worldwide Bolivarian accompanying this process. *Encounter
      Bolivarian National People's* commitment to working people and youth. We
      have generations of relief to continue the struggle, that is what we
      guarantee *no return* . Chavez and here we are with no declines. This is
      done every day revolution, striving to make a heroic creation from the
      people and promote a unified force with the struggles of the peoples of the
      world against capitalism and building socialism as a real possibility of
      salvation of humanity and the preservation the planet.* *

      *Neither claudication, or reversibility of the Bolivarian process!*

      *A 200 years of the Decree of War to the Death: ** Jail speculators and

      *On January 10 the Street: to enforce and expand the decision making
      exercise of the Bolivarian people **!*

      *Organizations signing this declaration:*
      A.C Divas de Venezuela, Alfredo Maneiro �El Valle, ANROS, APORREA, Asamblea
      Combatientes, Asociaci�n Nacional de Medios Comunitarios Libres y
      Alternativos (AMCLA), Bloque Popular de la Vega, C.C. Dr. Carlos Diez del
      Ciervo-Propatria, Campamento Bolivariano Carpinter�a Mader-Arte, Central
      Bolivariana Socialista de Trabajadores, Centro de Formaci�n Ideol�gica
      (CFI), CLAD, Coalici�n de Tendencias Clasistas (CTC-Vzla.), Colectivo
      �Carbonell�, Colectivo 4F-27N, Colectivo Alfredo Maneiro, Colectivo Ana
      Karina Rote, Colectivo Chavista BAEL, Colectivo de Trabajo Revolucionario
      13 de Abril, Colectivo Deportivo y Cultural "Rafael Carmona�, Comisi�n
      Danilo Anderson, Comit� Ali Primera de Monte Piedad, Comuna Cariagua,
      Comuna Mitare, Comuna Elida Bustillo, Comuna Ecol�gica Patrimonial Alba
      Caribe, Comuna Montesano Canaima Zigzag, Comuna Socialista Comandante
      Carache, Comuna Socialista M�ximo Vizcaya, CONAMEV, Conciencia Zurda,
      Confederaci�n de Consejos Comunales Jos� Leonardo Chirino, Consejo Comunal
      �Alirio D�az�, Consejo Comunal Carmen �Clemente Travieso�, Consejo Comunal
      Evita Per�n, Consejo Comunal Teatros Miranda, Cooperativa Manojo de Ideas,
      Coordinadora Popular de Caracas, Coordinadora Sim�n Bol�var, Organizaci�n
      Pol�tica Revolucionaria Corredor Noroeste, Crea y Combate, Cr�tica
      Estudiantil Internacionalista, Distrito Motor Comunas Lara Portuguesa y
      Yaracuy, EFPC Guaraira Repano, El Pueblo Avanza (EPA), Ensayo de Formaci�n
      de Educadores y Educadoras Populares de Vargas (ENFODEP-V), Escuela Coriana
      Socialista, Escuela de Formaci�n Ideol�gica y Capacitaci�n Francisco de
      Miranda, Espartas, Frente Carlos Escarr�, Frente Cultural de Izquierda
      FCI, Frente Cultural Monagas, Frente de Trabajadores Rurales del Estado
      Vargas, Frente Itinerante de Discusi�n Agroecol�gica (Frida), Frente M�ller
      Rojas, Frente Resistencia Guaicaipuro, Frente Revolucionario de Artesanos
      de Venezuela-FRAV, Frente Revolucionario de Mujeres IVSS, Frente
      Revolucionario Guaicaipuro, Fundaci�n Comunitaria Radiodifusora Sonora
      99.5 FM de Cabimas, Fundaci�n Comunitaria Cabimas por la Verdad de Cabimas,
      Fundaci�n Cultural Al� Primera, Fundaci�n Lanceros, Fundaci�n Socialista
      Bloque Patri�tico para la Econom�a Comunal, Fundaci�n Urimare, Grupo de
      Opini�n Resistencia y Dignidad Revolucionaria, Guerreros Juveniles, ISILA
      Salud como Pr�ctica de Libertad, La Guarura, LIBERCOOP, Los Cachucheros
      P.C., M-28, Marcha Patri�tica, Marea Socialista, Movimiento Campesino
      Jirajara, Movimiento Continental Bolivariano, Movimiento de Inquilinos,
      Movimiento Gayones, Movimiento por la Defensa de la Salud P�blica MDSP,
      Movimiento Vencer de Trujillo, Organizaci�n Pol�tica Revolucionaria Bravo
      Sur, Parx1, Patria Joven, Peri�dico �Por Ahora�, Peri�dico Desde Abajo,
      Peri�dico El Salitre (EFE-P), Peri�dico Proceso, Plan Guayana Socialista,
      Praxis Revolucionaria, Proyecto Infantil Brisas Pantaneras, Radio Al�
      Primera, Radio Huayra, Red de abuelos de Venezuela, Red de Artistas
      Pl�sticos de Venezuela, Red de Comunas Socialistas de Moran (Lara), Red de
      Medios Alternativos y Comunitarios de Carabobo (REDMAC), Red Nacional de
      C�rculos Bolivarianos, Red Nacional de Comuneros, Red Nacional de Sistemas
      de Trueke, Residencias Estudiantiles, SURCO, Televisora Comunitaria Catia
      TV, Totumo de Guarenas Frente Norte, Trabajadores Anauco Suites,
      Trabajadores Mercado Chacao, Tupamaro Municipio Pampanito Trujillo, Unidad
      de Producci�n Audio Visual El Peque�o Ejercito Loco, Waku.

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