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Syria:Foundation of the Dera’a section of the Revo lutionary Left Current

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  • Cort Greene
    Foundation of the Dera’a section of the Revolutionary Left Current Posted on January 11,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 11, 2013
      Foundation of the Dera�a section of the Revolutionary Left Current
      Posted on January 11,
      This document was published on the 13 December 2012, in �Front Line�,
      organ of the Revolutionary Left Current, It is translated from the Arabic
      by Luiza Toscane. (http://www.internationalviewpoint.org/)

      The Dera�a branch of the Revolutionary Left Current in Syria has been
      founded. It is made up of left activists and revolutionary Marxists,
      activists in the Syrian revolutionary movement who have adopted the
      transitional programme of the revolutionary left in Syria. This is a
      current which has been active since the beginning of the revolution on
      Syrian territory. It has led the struggle within the revolution.

      The attempted confiscation of the revolution, by political and ideological
      currents lacking a popular character, requires those who identify with the
      revolutionary left to realise two essential tasks at this stage: the
      rallying and unification of the ranks of the left, civil and secular youth,
      participation in the revolution by all means, the highlighting of the
      democratic aspect and genuine civil character of the revolution.

      And in the long term, the establishment of a dialogue which is total and
      without boundaries around the unification of the Syrian revolutionary left
      in the context of united organizational work leading to the formation of a
      revolutionary Marxist left party, adopting a political programme aimed at
      building a society of social justice, the state of citizenship and law.

      It is about developing a climate conducive to the development of a
      democratic consciousness for various currents and parties of different
      persuasions to practice politics and to think freely. And therefore, to
      achieve the objective and subjective conditions conducive to proposing
      programs and mechanisms of action to build a just socialist society. With
      this in mind, left revolutionaries must carry out several significant
      tasks, of which the most important are:

      1 � A critique of traditional Marxist thought, the renewal of the latter
      and its adaptation to historical and technological development. The
      development of new basic principles corresponding to a societal culture, a
      level of social consciousness and the development of the dominant relations
      of production.
      2 � A review of the failed experiences of socialism in the Soviet Union and
      Eastern Europe, and in the countries of Latin America and the Middle East.
      3 � A critique of the traditional Marxist parties, conducted in an
      objective manner, including the Communist parties in the Arab region.
      4 � A fierce struggle to sweep away the leftovers of the counter propaganda
      and campaigns of disparagement of socialism and of Marxist thought
      conducted by the imperialist countries at the global level. The latter have
      used to achieve their objectives the reactionary forces in our region
      throughout the cold or hot wars engaged by the so-called �socialist camp�
      and �capitalist camp�.

      The experience of the creation of a rank and file organizational structure
      which is the foundation of our current�s Dera�a section � an experience
      appropriate to be generalized to all the governorates of the Syria � is in
      practice the realization of an attempt to build a political party from the
      base to the summit, in contrast to the form that predominated during the
      construction of the traditional parties. This reinforces the feeling of
      satisfaction and serenity towards the future of this nascent party, which
      will by this method concretise the concept of genuine democratic
      centralism, and not the caricature that has led to the submission of
      individuals and the arbitrariness of hereditary leaderships. We call for
      urgent, but systematic and organised, work, at the same time to build
      sections in other cities of Syria, bringing together the largest possible
      number of left revolutionaries and their friends at the local level, in
      accordance with the outline of the transitional programme of the Syrian
      revolutionary left and immediately begin executing the essential tasks of
      the current stage.

      *Left Revolutionary Current in Syria Dera�a section Liberty-Dignity-Social


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