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Re: [change-links] John Johnson Update - Good News!

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    What a joyous news to learn about John s recovering after he gone through such hard heart surgery. Actually, I saw him on Monday, Jan. 7, two hours after
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      What a joyous news to learn about John's recovering after he gone through such hard heart surgery. Actually, I saw him on Monday, Jan. 7, two hours after his 5-hours surgery with all that gear looking like a spaceman and I felt very bad to see his life pending of so many medical devices. I wrote for him a greeting note on the board next to his bed and hope that the nurse has read it to him. John: I have been praying for you all the time, and I also commended you to a group of prayers in Houston whom trough a rosary are veneering today Wednesday the virgin "Our Lady of Fatima" who eventually the virgin Fatima if being hosted at my sister's house.

      Warmest regards: Oly Mogollon

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      Dear Friends of John,

      I saw John this afternoon and was very pleased with his progress. In just 24 hours his breathing tube had been removed, which his nurse Arnel Guzman, RN said was much sooner than usual--it sometimes takes 2-3 days. John was able to talk--even talkative and in good spirits. His primary surgeon Dr. Michael Soltero had been in to see him and was satisfied that the surgery had gone well and John was now on the path to recovery.

      Even more impressive, the 5 or 6 bags of fluids that I saw surrounding him last night had also been removed and he was able to resume functioning without them. I was quite frankly thrilled to see him and told him so. I gave John the rest of your emails I received (except for Lisa's, which I'll take in tomorrow).

      His nurse also got him to shift position in bed so his feet were dangling over the side and led him through some simple leg exercises which John performed admirably. His nurse was also planning to have him out of bed tomorrow and sitting upright in a special cardiac recovery chair. He commented that John's responses were very strong.

      John's nurse last night, Victoria Ong, was the life-saver who intervened when his blood pressure was unstable and problematic by alerting the doctor to change his medication. John responded well to the new medication and I kept my eyes on the monitor throughout my visit--it was now low normal.

      All signs indicate that John will be back with us again, and publishing his essential newspaper, Change-Links in the near future. Thank you one and all for your support and letting John know how much we appreciate what he has done for the left over these many years--kept us in touch, and helped to create a true community of disparate activists.

      This will probably be my last email on John's recovery. I have no doubt we will hear the inside story from the horse's mouth in his next column--whenever he is able to resume his j ob of--as Menckin once defined the journalist--comforting the afflicted, and afflicting the comfortable. That's John, in a nutshell.

      Warm Regards to You All,


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