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Benetech/UN report, Navi Pillay and the defenders of the Assad regime

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  • Cort Greene
    Some thoughts and highlights *There has been a tremendous howl by the defenders and apologists of murder and the horrendous crimes by the Assad regime in the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 4, 2013
      Some thoughts and highlights

      *There has been a tremendous howl by the defenders and apologists of murder
      and the horrendous crimes by the Assad regime in the last few days over the
      UN report of over 60,000 deaths in Syria.*
      *There have been attacks against both Navi Pillay and Benetech, here is
      some info on each and the report and you can be the judge.*

      *Navanethem ('Navi') Pillay is a Anti-apartheid veteran turned global human
      rights crusader and a former lawyer for Robben Island prisoners, who Nelson
      Mandela nominated to sit on South Africa's High Court in 1995.*
      *She is careful, but not afraid, to use the words 'war crimes' and in the
      past fought hard for rape to count as one. *
      * She has spoken out for Palestinians and their rights on many occasions
      for years and made many criticisms of Israel�s Operation Cast Lead.*

      *The expansion of Israeli settlements is deeply linked to problems
      including violence in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, said UN rights
      chief Navi Pillay Monday.*

      *�Certain human rights challenges� are intrinsically linked to the
      continuing expansion of Israeli settlements. Violence by Israeli settlers
      against Palestinians is one such challenge,� Pillay told the UN Human
      Rights Council.*

      *According to the UN aid coordination office, the average weekly number of
      settler attacks against Palestinian communities resulting in Palestinian
      injuries and property damage soared 40 per cent in 2011 compared to 2010.*

      *�The Israeli government must protect Palestinians and their property from
      violence by settlers. One step in this direction is to investigate all such
      incidents and hold perpetrators accountable,� said Pillay, the UN High
      Commissioner for Human Rights.*

      *We did hear from our anti-anti imperialists friends attacking Navi Pillay
      when she also published figures about civilian deaths from drone attacks
      and to question the legality of a practice that was "outside the military
      chain of command" on drone attacks by US in Pakistan and other countries. *

      *Just one more word about Benetech, besides developing software for the
      blind, they have helped catalog and document ( 80 million records) the over
      200,000 deaths in Guatemalas' war on the indigenous and the Left by the
      government. They have created a free software for anyone and groups all
      over the world to track human rights abuses.*
      *Benetech�s chief scientist Patrick Ball is long familiar with Guatemala�s
      human rights record. In the 1990s, he worked with a truth commission, known
      as the Commission for Historical Clarification, to help document how the
      Guatemalan army carried out genocide against indigenous people in the
      countryside. Through that work, he came to believe that similar evidence
      existed against the army and police in regard to the deaths and
      disappearances of students, activists and dissidents in the urban areas.
      When the Guatemalan human rights community approached him for help with the
      police archive, Ball gladly took on the task.*


      *read the report and there is more than 60,000 deaths because besides the
      half million displaced and thousands of injured, there are 10's of
      thousands missing...*

      Preliminary Statistical Analysis of Documentation of Killings in the Syrian
      Arab Republic A report prepared by the Benetech Human Rights Program,
      commissioned by the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for
      Human Rights (OHCHR).<http://www.ohchr.org/Documents/Countries/SY/PreliminaryStatAnalysisKillingsInSyria.pdf><http://www.ohchr.org/Documents/Countries/SY/PreliminaryStatAnalysisKillingsInSyria.pdf>


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