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How to defend Bashar Assad in 10 easy steps

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  • Cort Greene
    How to defend Bashar Assad in 10 easy steps by BORZOU DARAGAHI on JANUARY 1, 2013 in ANALYSIS *Originally posted on
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      How to defend Bashar Assad in 10 easy steps

      by BORZOU DARAGAHI on JANUARY 1, 2013

      in ANALYSIS <http://www.thenorthstar.info/?cat=18>

      *Originally posted on
      .** This is my guide for Syria analysts and journalists who want to defend
      Bashar Assad while continuing to retain their credibility in the West.*

      *1*. Keep mentioning Jubhat al Nasra and other Islamic jihadi groups
      without mentioning that the vast majority of armed groups are not nearly as
      extreme, are mostly locally based folks defending their towns and villages.

      [image: assad34] <http://www.thenorthstar.info/?attachment_id=4282>

      *2*. When referring to the armed opposition keep using the magic word: *AL

      *3*. Make cursory mention of the regime�s brutality (you won�t have any
      credibility if you don�t) but avoid resurrecting the roots of the conflict
      in peaceful opposition to Bashar�s dictatorship. Avoid mention of wanton
      use of air power against civilians in bread lines and in their homes.

      *4*. Keep talking about NATO, the Gulf countries and Western support for
      opposition; that will boost Bashar�s anti-imperialist creds among the
      campus leftists.

      *5*. Focus on faults of incompetent and disorganized Syrian opposition
      abroad instead of networks of activists and homegrown civil society already
      establishing governance inside.

      *6*. Frame Russia as an honest broker trying to peacefully resolve conflict
      instead of a shrewd chess player that doesn�t give a damn about Syrian
      civilians and murdered tens of thousands of Chechens in an attempt to put
      down a rebellion in the 1990s.

      *7*. Keep warning about consequences of Syria state�s collapse: sectarian
      war, refugees in Europe, rise of an Islamist state.

      *8*. Keep raising rare instances of rebel misconduct and faked videos and
      frame them as emblematic of the overall opposition.

      *9*. Make the opposition look intransigent; they�re the ones who won�t
      agree to a peaceful settlement, not the president who did no reforms for 10
      years and dispatched shabiha to murder peaceful protesters when they spoke

      *10*. Pray to God (even if you are an athiest) that the rebels don�t get to
      Damascus, open up the files and find out what you did for the regime, the
      details of conversations on how you got your visas and your access to

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