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Dubai skyscraper engulfed in flames, does not collapse

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  • Romi Elnagar
    Dubai Skyscraper Engulfed in Flames, Does Not Collapse Written by Eli Rika    Thursday, 13 December 2012 14:28 Latest High-Rise Fire Reveals More Public
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2012
      Dubai Skyscraper Engulfed in Flames, Does Not Collapse
      Written by Eli Rika   
      Thursday, 13 December 2012 14:28
      Latest High-Rise Fire Reveals More Public Skepticism of Official 9/11 Story

      The Tamweel fire in Dubai in November sent flames though many floors,
      causing extensive damage -- but the building did not fall
      A high-rise building catches
      fire in a major city. All of its occupants are evacuated as fire crews arrive to put out the blaze.
      After a few hours, the flames spread across dozens of floors … and in the end, the building remains
      standing. That was the story last month in Dubai, the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates
      (UAE), as the Tamweel Building was added to the long list of skyscrapers that have withstood
      major fires. This stark contrast to the Twin Towers and WTC Building 7, the only steel framed skyscrapers in history,
      complete collapses have been officially blamed on fire, is causing
      more people to question the official 9/11 story.

      Even though the massive fire charred large portions of the Tamweel Building, the
      skyscraper still stands today
      The fire in the Tamweel Building sent flames across all 34 stories of the high-rise, according to the
      local Khaleej Times,
      with the largest flames appearing at the top floors. The blaze lasted for more than five hours before it was

      Compare the inferno that engulfed the Tamweel Building in Dubai (top) with the relatively small fires
      that have been blamed for the collapse of WTC 7 (bottom)
      We published an article in 2010 that chronicles some of the major high-rise fires that have occurred in steel–framed high–rises, many of which lasted
      longer and affected more floors than the fires that NIST blames
      for the fall of the Twin Towers and WTC 7. This record complements the
      overwhelming scientific, forensic, and eyewitness evidence
      that proves the WTC skyscrapers were not destroyed by fire.
      We are pleased to see that the general public is starting to become aware that other high–rise fires show the
      official 9/11 account cannot be true. In the Daily Mail article about the Dubai fire, seven of the 10 highest–rated comments made
      reference to the fact that it defies the explanation for the WTC Towers’ collapse:
      * — “How come it hasn't collapsed into its own Footprint, they do in New York ???!!!”
      * — “Oh, I thought towers were meant to collapse when they caught fire!”
      * — “It will be interesting to see if this modern, high-rise, steel-framed building will collapse
      in its own footprint with a pyroclastic wave as a result of a fire, thus demonstrating the credibility of it having happened
      to towers 1,2 and 7 in New York, 2001.”
      * — “Oh look another one that hasn’t had a pinpoint perfect freefall collapse from a bit of heat.”
      * — “The engineers of the 9–11 controlled demolition must be feeling very uncomfortable right now”
      * — “Don’t bother me until you’ve [got] video of the building collapsing upon its own footprint at freefall speed”
      * — “Yea, don’t buildings automatically collapse when they catch fire? Isn’t that what they do to demolish buildings
      – just set them on fire and they collapse into their own footprint, no prob”
      While some of the commenters use sarcasm in their remarks, they
      clearly resonate with the conclusion of the dozens of technical
      featured in 9/11: Explosive Evidence — Experts Speak Out: The only logical explanation
      for the complete destruction of the WTC skyscrapers is controlled demolition.
      Update: The original version of this article
      incorrectly stated that the Tamweel building as a steel-framed
      skyscraper; it is actually a
      concrete skyscraper. In addition, it stated that flames went across all
      34 stories of the building; to clarify, only one side of the building
      was affected.
      It also included a photo which inaccurately compared the Tamweel fire to the WTC 7 fire. You can find more information about the Tamweel fire at the
      following links:
      Gulf News: Cigarette
      Butt Caused Tamweel Tower Fire
      Gulf News: Cladding of the Burned Tamweel Tower to be Replaced


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