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American sailors sue TEPCO for lying about Fukushima

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  • Romi Elnagar
    American Sailors Sue Tepco for Lying about Fukushima Posted on December 27, 2012 by WashingtonsBlog On the USS Ronald Reagan for Rescue Work Preface:  Before
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      American Sailors Sue Tepco for Lying about Fukushima
      Posted on December 27, 2012 by WashingtonsBlog
      On the USS Ronald Reagan for Rescue Work
      Preface:  Before you get too mad at the Japanese, remember that the U.S. government and nuclear industry are just as bad.  And America is largely dictating Japanese nuclear policy.
      Courthouse News Service reports:
      Eight crew members of the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan, whose home port is San Diego, sued the Tokyo Electric Power Co. in Federal Court.
      >They claim the utility company, “a wholly owned public benefit subsidiary of the government of Japan,” misrepresented radiation levels to lull the U.S. Navy “into a false sense of security.”
      >Lead plaintiff Lindsay R. Cooper claims Tokyo Electric (TEPCO) intentionally concealed the dangerous levels of radiation in the environment from
      U.S. Navy rescue crews working off the coast of Japan after the March 10, 2011 earthquake and tsunami set off the nuclear disaster.
      >“TEPCO pursued a policy to cause rescuers, including the plaintiffs,
      to rush into an unsafe area which was too close to the FNPP [Fukushima
      Nuclear Power Plant] that had been damaged. Relying upon the
      misrepresentations regarding health and safety made by TEPCO … the U.S.
      Navy was lulled into a false sense of security,” the complaint states.
      >Six of the eight plaintiffs worked on the flight deck of the aircraft carrier; two worked in air contamination or the “air department.” One
      sued also on behalf of her infant daughter.
      >Japan called the relief effort Operation Tomadachi.
      >The complaint states: “Defendant TEPCO and the government of Japan, conspired and acted in concert, among other things, to create an illusory impression that the extent of the radiation that had leaked from the site of the
      FNPP was at levels that would not pose a threat to the plaintiffs, in
      order to promote its interests and those of the government of Japan, knowing that the information it disseminated was defective, incomplete and
      untrue, while omitting to disclose the extraordinary risks posed to the
      plaintiffs who were carrying out their assigned duties aboard the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan.” [Even an official Japanese inquiry found "collusion between the government, the regulators and Tepco"]
      >It adds: “Defendant represented and warranted that the levels of
      contamination to which the plaintiffs would be exposed were less than
      harmful to them and that their presence during ‘Operation Tomadachi’
      would not cause any different or greater harm to them than they may have experienced on missions in the past. …
      >“At all times relevant times, the defendant, TEPCO, was aware that exposure to even a low dose of radiation creates a danger to one’s health [that's true] and that it is important to accurately report actual levels.
      >And, they say: “Defendants had actual and/or constructive knowledge
      of the properties of radiation that would ensure that, once released
      into the environment, radiation would spread further and in
      concentrations that would cause injury to the plaintiffs.”
      >The plaintiffs claim the government deliberately misled them: “the Japanese government kept representing that there was no danger of
      radiation contamination to the U.S.S. Reagan … and/or its crew, that
      ‘everything is under control,’ ‘all is OK, you can trust us,’ and there
      is ‘no immediate danger’ or threat to human life, all the while lying through their teeth about the reactor meltdowns at FNPP. [While
      the Japanese government hid radiation from its own people, it
      purportedly did share it with the U.S. military.]
      >“Such reports were widely circulated with the defendant, TEPCO’s,
      organization at the time it was published, despite the fact that the
      defendant knew that higher levels of radiation existed within the area
      whereat the plaintiffs and their vessel would be and were operating.”
      >“According to then-existing data uniquely known to the defendant at
      the time, the plaintiffs’ consequent exposure to radiation within their
      zone of operation, then indicated that radiation levels had already
      reached levels exceeding the levels of exposure to which those living
      the same distance from Chernobyl experienced who subsequently developed
      cancer,” the complaint states. [Yup.]
      >The sailors say they “face additional and irreparable harm to their
      life expectancy, which has been shortened and cannot be restored to its
      prior condition.”
      But surely the Japanese government and Tepco are on top of things now …
      Not exactly:
      * CNN notes that experts call Japan cleanup effort meaningless … an endless task that’s simply spreading around radiation
      * Tepco has taken extraordinary steps to hide radiation by blocking radiation monitors with thick metal and other foreign objects.  And see this
      * Officials have made use of contaminated Fukushimarice in school lunches mandatory

      See also


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