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Six Rules for Criticizing Obama Over Social Security Cuts

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  • scotpeden@cruzio.com
    I wonder if someone might be able to write some Satire, to compliment this reasonable well known list of rules. Scott ... Six Rules for Criticizing Obama Over
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 24, 2012
      I wonder if someone might be able to write some Satire, to compliment this
      reasonable well known list of rules.


      Six Rules for Criticizing Obama Over Social Security Cuts
      These are confusing times for liberals. They’ve just awoken from a
      seven-week bender to discover that their number one sacred cow – President
      Obama – wants to take a butcher’s knife to sacred cow # 2, Social
      Security. Libs are feeling angry, betrayed, and sputtery. They want to
      hold Obama’s feet to the fire but aren’t sure how to do so in a way that
      reassures Obama that they will always have his back.

      Thankfully, liberals themselves have developed – and relentlessly enforced
      – a number of rules about whether, when, and how it’s acceptable to
      criticize Obama. Libs love rules almost as much as they love their rulers
      so hopefully this will help them get through these troubling times.

      1. It is not OK to criticize Obama for something he said he would do
      before the election.
      This rule was best articulated by uber-lib David Atkins, who took to the
      Daily Kos in 2009 to excoriate the timing of those who dare criticized
      Obama’s plan to escalate the war in Afghanistan in a piece titled, “Where
      Were All You People During the Campaign?”

      I have watched with no small shortage of puzzlement as much of the
      progressive blogosphere has taken the Obama Administration to task for
      its plans to send additional troops to secure Afghanistan from the
      threat posed by the resurgence of the Taliban. . . . (W)here was all
      this sturm und drang from the progressive blogosphere over the need to
      leave Afghanistan during the primary process, when all the major
      candidates had made their positions perfectly clear? Where were the
      screaming cries of agony during the campaign?

      You get that? As liberals will always tell you, the time to for frank
      criticism of their guy is during the campaign. And what was Obama saying
      about Social Security then? Well, in the first debate with Romney, he
      said, “I suspect that on Social Security, we've got a somewhat similar
      position.” And as Matt Stoller documented back in July, cutting
      entitlements was always a major part of Obama’s agenda for his second
      Bottom line: Obama told you he was going to cut Social Security – it’s not
      his fault if you were too busy monitoring GOP Twitter accounts to notice.
      You missed your window for sturming and dranging, so STFU.

      2. Obama is smarter and knows more than you do.
      "I'd literally trust his judgment over my own. I think he's smarter than
      me, better informed, better able to understand the consequences of his
      actions, and more farsighted. I voted for him because I trust his
      judgment, and I still do." – Kevin Drum, Mother Jones

      Why does Obama want to want to cut Social Security? We don’t know but the
      fact remains that we are not privy to everything that Obama knows – and we
      probably couldn’t understand it if we were. Maybe Obama is banking on the
      fact by the Post Office will be closed by the time the cuts take effect so
      there won’t be anyone to deliver benefit checks. Maybe he realizes that
      shit will be so fucked up from climate collapse that no will live to see
      sixty-five in the coming years.

      Bottom line: Obama knows what he’s doing so STFU.

      3. Always consider the alternatives.
      For those complaining about Obama, ask yourself this: Is there another
      politician you’d prefer to cut Social Security? Because we don’t live in
      some utopia where grandma gets to pay for food and heating oil. Your
      choices were Obama cutting Social Security or Romney cutting Social
      Security. And personally, I’ll take Obama every time. At least Obama will
      act humble and pained about fucking over seniors. Are you honestly
      telling me you’d prefer Romney’s smirk?

      Bottom line: Grow up and STFU.

      4. Pause to smell Obama’s greatness. And take gratuitous shots at Ralph
      Last night, Chris Hayes took to Twitter to express his dismay that Obama
      was considering cuts. When friendly Tweeters responded that they were
      surprised that Hayes was surprised since Obama has clearly been gunning
      for entitlements for some time, Hayes quickly dropped his Social Security
      complaints and moved on to weightier matters:

      Honest question for lefties who think Obama is horrible. Who do you
      see as better, more progressive American presidents?

      To which Dan Savage replied, “Remember President Nader? He was so awesome.”

      (For readers unfamiliar with American history, there was no President
      Nader! Savage is making a brilliant, biting joke designed to belittle
      anyone unhappy with President Obama.)

      Bottom line: Grow up and STFU. And Fuck Ralph Nader.

      5. Remember Obama’s heart is always in the right place. If you must
      criticize him, do so only on tactics.
      As liberals will endlessly tell you, if Obama has one flaw, it’s that he
      sometimes thinks too much of people. He has, for instance, failed to
      recognize that the Republicans are the party of Satan. He consistently
      tries to bargain with the GOP and sometimes, because of his desire to
      promote bipartisanship, Obama will sound and act exactly like the enemy.
      This combination of GOP evil and Obama magnanimity occasionally leads to
      people getting screwed. Badly. But we can all agree that that’s not what
      Obama really wants.

      So while it would probably be best if you just STFU about Social Security,
      please remember the following if you feel, out of some nagging sense of
      principle or concern for humanity, that you must say something:
      A. Anything bad Obama does is primarily the GOP’s fault.
      B. You can criticize Obama for “caving.” You cannot criticize Obama for
      wanting to cut Social Security. (You might want to forget everything you
      read in rule # 1.)

      Bottom Line: Fuckin’ Republicans.

      6. Keep your eye on the big picture.
      It is tempting to lash out at Obama and the Democrats for slashing caving
      on Social Security. But remember, Social Security is an incredibly popular
      program and if voters start associating Democrats with benefit cuts,
      that’s not going to help come November, 2014. Imagine Obama’s last two
      years in office if we win back the House and hold onto the Senate in the
      midterms. We could restore the Social Security cuts, ban guns, reverse
      climate change, and maybe even bring those Pakistani kids back to life.

      But that’s not going to happen if you keep whining about grandma, is it?

      Bottom line: We love you Obama. And if we ever doubted you, that’s our
      failing, not yours.


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