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Today's LUV News: Christmas Eve, 2012

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  • scotpeden@cruzio.com
    Many good articles here today. The Republican Party is in shambles, but if we want progressive actions out of Obama, now is the time we must lean on him like
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 24, 2012
      Many good articles here today.
      The Republican Party is in shambles, but if we want progressive actions
      out of Obama, now is the time we must lean on him like the Republicans do
      consistently, he only does what those who lean on him hard want, so act
      now before he finishes cashing in on his presidency like those before him
      set the precedence.




      *Alice Hines begins a piece
      this morning, "According to internal documents newly released by the
      FBI, the agency spearheaded a nationwide law enforcement effort to
      investigate and monitor the Occupy Wall Street movement. In certain
      documents, divisions of the FBI refer to the Occupy Wall Street protests
      as a 'criminal activity' or even 'domestic terrorism.'"

      *If not for a civil rights group, /Partnership for Civil Justice/,
      filing a freedom of information act request
      <http://www.justiceonline.org/commentary/fbi-files-ows.html>, we
      wouldn't know even this much about this Obama regime obsession with
      snuffing out public interest dissent. What we do know is
      heavily-redacted, and we may assume our government is hiding important
      facts from us to protect its Gestapo-like endeavors in what our mass
      media call our open and free society.

      *Rest assured, Obama will not go after groups supporting the ruling
      Forces of Greed <http://luvnews.info/FOG.htm>, such as the Teabaggers.
      Corporate media still headline their every move as though they have
      something to do with an outbreak of democracy.*



      */The Guardian/ reports
      that Russian advisers are manning Syrian air defenses, presenting the
      probability of Russian casualties in any US invasion of that country.
      The current US/Israeli effort in supporting the "Syrian opposition,"
      which Russians say is more than 70% foreigners including al Qaeda,
      appears to be to get Syria out of the way for a US/Israeli attack on Iran.

      *Syria has missiles capable of reaching Israel, and many US/Israeli
      strategists assume Syria would come to the aid of its Iranian ally
      should Iran be attacked. This presents a probability for drawing
      Russia, and perhaps Syria's Chinese ally, into such a conflict, should
      the US invade.*



      *Naomi Wolf begins a piece
      this morning, "People often ask me, in terms of my argument about 'ten
      steps' that mark the descent to a police state or closed society, at
      what stage we are. I am sorry to say that with the importation of what
      will be tens of thousands of drones, by both US military and by
      commercial interests, into US airspace, with a specific mandate to
      engage in surveillance and with the capacity for weaponization -- which
      is due to begin in earnest at the start of the new year -- it means that
      the police state is now officially here."*


      **Cenk Uygur is a work in progress politically, since he's gradually
      moved from being a Republican to being a liberal Democrat to being an
      actual progressive, so it shouldn't come as a shock that he has moved so
      far away from President Obama that he is predicting Obama is about to
      sell us out on the "fiscal cliff" scam. I don't think his explanation,
      that Obama wants to appear to be bipartisan, is entirely accurate, however.

      **I believe, based on the way Obama increased the wars, bankster
      bailouts, extended Bush tax cuts for the rich, stonewalled the
      probability for investigations of the Bush regime war crimes and stifled
      international attempts to slow global warming, that he is more likely
      attempting to cash in on his presidency, as did President Clinton.

      **Recall that Clinton left the White House $2 million in debt, but for
      his efforts to fulfill Ronald Reagan's dream of NAFTA, GATT, welfare
      reform (throwing poor children into the streets), deregulation of
      banksters, deregulation of communications (allowing corporate media to
      further consolidate), and so many other things, he was rewarded with
      $100 thousand a night "speeches" until he became fabulously wealthy,
      today he has about $80 million. This is the obvious fate of Obama.
      Does anyone believe that a speech is worth $100 thousand, or that this
      is about speeches rather than payment for services? --Jack Balkwill**

      Obama Will Ride to the Rescue ... for Republicans

      *Obama is dying for the establishment to finally call him post-partisan*

      *by Cenk Uygur

      *The Republicans have put themselves in a holy mess with this Plan B
      debacle. They now have less than zero leverage. They are a national
      laughingstock. A majority of the country now thinks they are"too
      They just got walloped in the election. And with the tax cuts set to
      expire the laws are rigged against them as well.*

      *There is only one person who can rescue the Republican Party now --
      Barack Obama. And he will.I have been saying for over two years
      <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxwEc5yDmSY> now that President Obama is
      dying to do the Grand Bargain. He will do it at any cost. In fact, he
      actively wants to cut Social Security and Medicare. He can't wait for
      that pat on the back from the establishment when they finally call him
      post-partisan, above party politics, and a statesman for screwing over
      his own voters. This is by far his greatest wish.*

      *I couldn't believe that people couldn't believe that President Obama
      offered to cut Social Security again in this round of negotiations. What
      are you still surprised at? The man has offered to cut these so-called
      entitlements every time. When are you going to get it through your head
      -- he wants to cut them!*

      *Ok, I'm raining on everyone's parade here because this is the moment
      when the partisans are supposed to be reveling in Republican failure.
      The Republican Party is split and in tatters. Yes, but to what end? In
      order for that to be relevant, the Democrats would now have to offer a
      very different deal where the terms are changed in our favor. If they do
      and they get a deal where taxes are actually raised on people making
      above $250,000 and Social Security and Medicare are protected, then I
      will be dead wrong. I will be wrong now andI will have been wrong for
      all of these years. <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNNebmQdj5E> You can
      rub my face in it. And since the Democratic partisans are now feeling
      triumphant, get that crow ready for me to eat.*

      *But it's not going to happen. I'm telling you this even in the
      Republican Party's darkest hour, the president will still give them most
      of what they want. My guess is that liberals will be stunned at the
      concessions President Obama makes even when he had the Republicans in a
      corner and totally defeated. Here's what you have to understand -- it's
      because he doesn't want to "win." Winning is different for him than it
      is for me and you. To us, winning is passing progressive priorities. To
      him, it's passing a deal where he seems like he is above party politics.
      In order to do that, he must cut entitlements (and corporate taxes, too,
      by the way).*

      *We're going to find out who is right soon enough. I just wanted to make
      sure you knew what was coming ahead of time, so that you understand
      President Obama's real motivation. Understand that next time around, and
      remember he's still here for another four years, asking the president
      politely doesn't get you anything. He isn't a progressive in his heart,
      he is an establishment pleaser. The only way he acts like a progressive
      is if you make him. Next time, instead of applauding so much, put all of
      the pressure on the world on him. That's what Republicans do all of the
      time and it is what will allow them snatch victory from the jaws of
      defeat. Mark my words.*

      *I think we can all at least agree that if ever there was a time to
      press progressive priorities this would be it. So, this will be a true
      test of who he is and what he believes. Let's see what he does. You
      shall know him by his works.*


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