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Oakland chapter of Black Riders call for support against police harassment

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  • Michael Novick
    From Oakland chapter of BRLP: BLACK RIDERS LIBERATION PARTY FUND https://www.wepay.com/donations/black-riders-liberation-party-fund This fund will help us to
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 22, 2012
      From Oakland chapter of BRLP:


      This fund will help us to continue our serve the people programs and provide
      funds to guard against state repression! The Black Riders Liberation Party is
      the new generation 0f the Black Panther Party for Self Defense. The BRLP began
      in a Y.T.S. gang prison in California when General T.A.C.O. (Taking All
      Capitalists Out) and other Bloods and Crips began learning about their history
      of how they were created as up and coming soldiers of the Black Panther Party
      and the Black Liberation Movement. They learned of this and how the racist
      United Snakkkes government has been murdering and using Black people since the
      first Afrikan slaves were brought here. They decided to stop committing genocide
      against each other and to stand up against white supremacy and kkkapitalist
      oppression, molding our organization after the first Black revolutionary
      vanguard in the U.S. the Black Panther Party for Self Defense. A northern
      California chapter was started in Oakland, CA in 2010 during the struggle for
      Justice for Oscar Grant and ending police terrorism.

      Approximately between 2-4:00 pm on December 15, the van that the BRLP comrades
      drove up to the Bay Area was stolen by the Oakland Occupying Army. This happened
      while the van was legally parked on E.12th St. and 23rd Ave. We were attending
      the Every 36 Hours event at the Eastside Arts Alliance and the comrades from the
      Los Angeles chapter came to the Bay Area in support of the oakland chapter. The
      car is registered to a lady friend of a comrade from the LA chapter. When she
      called the Oakland police to find out why the car was towed, the police told her
      it was being investigated for gang activity (in Los Angeles mind u)! When the
      comrades called back inquiring whether or not this was "legal," the police
      recanted their statement, saying that it was towed because it was parked in the
      red. This statement was disproved by the 8 comrades who rode in it and witnessed
      the parking. Due to our security protocols, we always park legally, especially
      when moving in a larger group than usual. We did not park in the red and it
      sounds very illegal for police in Oakland to be towing a car allegedly under
      investigation for "gang activity" in Los Angeles. The comrade who was able to
      use this car unfortunately had to cash out $450 to get his friend’s car back and
      had to cut the mission short to get home and replace the money the system stole
      from us in the first place! Our study of dialectics teaches us to take these
      lumps with a smile, because we know every contradiction is an opportunity to
      educate and organize the people. As well as a continued sign of the pigs’ fear
      of the threat we represent even at this infantile stage in the development of
      the struggle.

      We will continue to put our bodies on the line to capture the imagination of the
      "unorganizable" and we will not be slowed down by this poo-butt attempt by the
      Oakland pigs to neutralize our resources. When u sleep on the floor, how u gone
      fall outta bed!? Supported only by the people, we have and will continue to work
      to transform our black commun(e)ity and build intercommunal solidarity with
      those unafraid to bleed, because of the pools we have already lost.

      We will be mobilizing for the next few days to try to raise the $450 the fascist
      state stole from us. If you are interested in supporting with whatever you can,
      please do. This might not seem like a lot of money but for those who are pushed
      out of the job market and refuse to backslide into illegitimate kkkapitalism,
      this blow hurts. In order to continue this work we must still be able to eat and
      survive in spite of the pigs’ consistent reactionary criminal activity against
      us. More info on this repressive attack will be posted soon. Salute and
      gratitude to the comrades Earl Black and Jessica Citlali Ruiz of the National
      Brown Berets for providing last minute transportation until we could get the van

      If you are willing to donate to help us replace the money stolen with whatever
      kind of support, monetary or whatever means available to you, please email
      servethapeople@... or call Comrade Shango at 925 752 1215.

      He Who Does Not Fear the Death of a Thousand Cuts Will Unseat the Emperor!
      All Power To The People Who Don't Fear Freedom!
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