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Chavez’s Socialist Party Wins 20 of 23 States in V enezuelan Regional Elections

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  • Cort Greene
    Absenteeism was high at 46.06 % but very high for opposition candidates who seemed demoralize form October s results.PSUV candidates got 4,369,332 votes MUD
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 17, 2012
      Absenteeism was high at 46.06 % but very high for opposition candidates who
      seemed demoralize form October's results.PSUV candidates got 4,369,332
      votes MUD opposition or other candidates candidates 3,403,032 votes.Notables
      3rd party runs in the worker hotbed of Bolivar state, Venezuela Communist
      Party (PCV) Manuel Arciniega received 29,755 votes or 8.17%.In Merida state
      (PCV) candidate Florencio Porras received 31,589 votes or 10.61%.In Apure
      state, Leopoldo Estrada of Tupamaro/MEP/ VBP coalition received over 14% of
      the vote and in Amazonas state, Gregorio Mirabal of the PCV/PUAMA/PRT
      coalition received over 5% of the vote and there were other indigenous
      ,left wing and right opposition candidates on other states ballot for

      Chavez�s Socialist Party Wins 20 of 23 States in Venezuelan Regional

      Dec 16th 2012, by Tamara Pearson
      [image: The president of the National Electoral Council, Tibisay Lucena,
      announced the results (VTV)]

      The president of the National Electoral Council, Tibisay Lucena, announced
      the results (VTV)
      [image: Voting in Aragua state (AVN)]

      Voting in Aragua state (AVN)
      [image: Voting in Zulia (AVN).]

      Voting in Zulia (AVN).

      Merida, December 16th 2012 (Venezuelanalysis.com) � With all votes counted
      to the point of results being irreversible, the United Socialist Party of
      Venezuela has won 20 states, and the opposition coalition, three states.

      The opposition lost their control of Zulia, Tachira, Carabobo, Monagas, and
      Nueva Esparta, but retained Amazonas and Miranda, and Lara states.

      In Miranda, one of the key states at stake, contested by PSUV ex
      vice-president Elias Jaua, and the opposition presidential candidate and
      current governor of Miranda, Henrique Capriles, the opposition won with 50%
      to Jaua�s 46%.

      In Bolivar state, where the results were very close, the opposition
      candidate Andres Velasquez is refusing to recognise his defeat and has
      called on locals to �defend� his �victory�.

      In today�s elections Venezuelans and residents chose 23 state governors and
      237 state legislators. The results of the state legislative voting have yet
      to be announced.

      In the 2008 regional elections the PSUV won 17 of the 22 states being

      For state by state results see below.

      *Participation levels and voting mood*

      Turnout was just under 54% , though this varied markedly in different
      regions. In the 2008 state elections (which were slightly different to
      these ones in that they also included mayoral elections) participation rate
      was 65.45% of registered voters.

      �In general you can see an environment of apparent calm, with some levels
      of abstention that have been higher than we expected,� Leonardo Briceno, a
      teacher from Merida state told Venezuelanalysis.com�s Ewan Robertson.

      The voting mood in many states has been reported to be peaceful, but
      somewhat apathetic, a contrast to the usual joyful ambience that has marked
      Venezuelan elections over the last thirteen years.

      PSUV leader Jorge Rodriguez said that the �popular� or poorer areas had
      longer queues and higher participation than other areas.

      The head of the operational strategic command for the Bolivarian Armed
      Forces, Wilmer Barrientos, informed press that the voting process had been
      carried out with �absolutely normality�, and that only 19 people have been
      detained, and of those, six people arrested for electoral crimes.

      Today there were 12,748 voting booths, with a total of 36.220 voting
      machines distributed among them, and 17,421,946 eligible voters, 186,036 of
      which are foreign born residents.

      *Full results*

      Amazonas: PSUV: Nicia Maldonado 37%, MUD: Liborio Guarulla 65%

      Anzoategui: PSUV: Arist�bulo Ist�riz 53.97% MUD: Antonio Barreto Sira 41.06%

      Apure: PSUV: Ram�n Carriz�lez 59.83% MUD: Luis Lippa 22.42%

      Aragua: PSUV: Tareck El Aissami 52.72% MUD: Richard Mardo 42.71%

      Barinas: PSUV: Ad�n Ch�vez 54.69% MUD: Julio C�sar Reyes 41.72%

      Bolivar: PSUV: Francisco Rangel G�mez 43.57% MUD: Andr�s Vel�squez 42.34%

      Carabobo: PSUV: Francisco Ameliach 53.49% MUD: Henrique Salas Feo 42.7%

      Cojedes: PSUV: �rika Far�as 59.27% MUD: Alberto Galindez 35.31%

      Delta Amacuro: PSUV: Lizeta Hern�ndez 61.27% MUD: Ar�valo Salazar 20.99%

      Falcon: PSUV: Stella Lugo de Montilla 48.28% MUD: Gregorio Graterol 35.28%

      Guarico: PSUV: Rodr�guez Chac�n 70.41% MUD: Jos� Manuel Gonz�lez 25.55%

      Lara: PSUV: Luis Reyes Reyes 41.98% MUD: Henri Falc�n 54.35%

      Merida: PSUV: Alexis Ram�rez 47.56% MUD: Lester Rodr�guez 37.96%

      Miranda: PSUV: El�as Jaua Milano 46.13% MUD: Henrique Capriles Radonski

      Monagas: PSUV: Yelitze Santaella 52. 59% MUD: Soraya Hern�ndez -
      Independent: Jose Brice�o: 40.67%

      Nueva Esparta: PSUV: Carlos Mata Figueroa 52. 44% MUD: Morel Rodr�guez

      Portuguesa: PSUV: Wilmar Castro Soteldo 50.96% MUD: Iv�n Colmenares - PCV:
      Oswaldo Zerpa 22.59%

      Sucre: PSUV: Luis Acu�a 56.77% MUD: Hern�n N��ez 35.26%

      Tachira: PSUV: Jos� Vielma Mora 51.7% MUD: C�sar P�rez Vivas 44.48%

      Trujillo: PSUV: Rangel Silva 79.4% MUD: Jos� Hern�ndez 17.31%

      Vargas: PSUV: Jorge Luis Garc�a Carneiro 69.05% MUD: Jos� Manuel Olivares

      Yaracuy: PSUV: Julio Le�n Heredia 57.08% MUD: Biagio Pilieri 36.05%

      Zulia: PSUV: Francisco Arias C�rdenas 50.99% MUD: Pablo P�rez 46.74%

      *This article will be regularly updated, as more results come out.*
      *Source URL (retrieved on 17/12/2012 - 11:41am):*

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