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Humboldt County, Ca. was Jill Stein’s Best County -still 400,000 NY votes uncounted

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  • Cort Greene
    http://www.ballot-access.org/ Humboldt County, California, was Jill Stein’s Best County in the
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 17 8:42 AM

      Humboldt County, California, was Jill Stein�s Best County in the
      15th, 2012

      Humboldt County, California, gave Jill Stein her highest percentage of the
      vote of any county in the United States. She received 4.36% in that county,
      which is on California�s northern coast. Humboldt County was also Cynthia
      McKinney�s best county in California in 2008, and David Cobb�s best county
      in California in 2004. McKinney received 1.01% in Humboldt County, and Cobb
      received 1.26%.

      Humboldt County was also the Green Party�s strongest county in the 2010
      gubernatorial race, when Laura Wells received 4.01% in that county.

      Just prior to the 2012 general election, 3.82% of Humboldt County�s
      registered voters were registered Greens. Within Humboldt County, the Green
      Party�s center of strength is Arcata, home to one of the California State
      University campuses. Within the city limits of Arcata in October 2012, 908
      voters were registered Greens, out of a total of 12,540 voters in that
      city. The Green registration percentage in Arcata was 7.24%.

      New York Hasn�t Finished its Official Vote Tally After
      16th, 2012

      Previous posts on this page in the last week said New York had finished its
      official vote tally. That was an error. New York normally never posts
      election returns on its web page until they are official, but this year New
      York did post election returns before they were official. According to David
      New York still has as many as 400,000 votes remaining to count.

      Roseanne Barr-Cindy Sheehan Ticket�s Best County in U.S. is Trinity County,
      15th, 2012

      The Peace and Freedom Party ticket of Roseanne Barr for President and Cindy
      Sheehan for Vice-President�s best county in the U.S. was Trinity County,
      California. The ticket polled 1.18% in that county, which is a mountainous
      county just to the east of the Green Party�s best county in the U.S.,
      Humboldt County.

      The Barr-Sheehan ticket only appeared on the ballot in California,
      Colorado, and Florida. So far, write-ins for the ticket have been counted
      in Alabama, Kansas, Maryland, Minnesota, Montana, Utah, and Wisconsin.

      Outside California, the ticket�s best county was Cheyenne County, Colorado,
      where it polled .91%. Cheyenne County is on the Kansas border.

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