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FW: [change-links] URGENT KPFK election] Quorum needed

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  • Cindy Henderson
    This is from Peace & Freedom Comrade Chuck Anderson. Chuck has been very active in KPFK for a long time, and I share his recommendations To:
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      This is from Peace & Freedom Comrade Chuck Anderson. Chuck has been very active in KPFK for a long time, and I share his recommendations
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      Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2012 19:45:03 -0500
      Subject: [change-links] URGENT KPFK election] Quorum needed



      Subject: [actionla] Quorum needed in KPFK station board elections

      Please feel free to forward widely, and to alert your own email lists:

      KPFK is far from quorum on the local station board elections; only about half
      the number needed have been sent in so far. This year, ballots for all 5
      Pacifica stations are being collected and tallied in NY. Please send in your
      ballot if you have not already done so, and please alert others you know who
      are KPFK subscribers. If you are a listener-sponsor and have NOT received your
      ballot, please call 866-720-4357 IMMEDIATELY to get a new ballot.

      I am endorsing the candidates of the Grassroots Community Radio Coalition, in
      particular current LSB members Aryana Gladney of the Black Riders Liberation
      Party and Lawrence Reyes of the Puerto Rican Alliance, Reza Pour of the Union
      of Progressive Iranians, a former LSB member, Jamie Rae Garcia, a nurse with
      Occupy the Hood, Jack Neff, Sonia Parada and Armida Corral.

      All 9 candidates are listed at www.gcrc-socal.org along with the platform of
      the coalition for building the station and attracting new listeners with their
      talents, voices, contributions and concerns. -

      -Michael Novick

      PS Additional endorsements for the Grassroots slate always welcome!--MN

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