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Brian Terrell is Going to Prison for 6 Months for Peacefully Protesting Drones. Please Sign Petition Below to Ban Drones.

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  • Frank Dorrel
    Brian Terrell is Going to Prison for 6 Months for Peacefully Protesting Drones. Please Sign Petition Below to Ban Drones. Please Forward to Your Lists. Sent
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 29, 2012
      Brian Terrell is Going to Prison for 6 Months for Peacefully Protesting

      Please Sign Petition Below to Ban Drones.

      Please Forward to Your Lists.

      Sent from David Swanson of Roots Action: davidcnswanson@...

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      I'm going to prison for this cause. Can you sign a petition?


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      My name is Brian Terrell. I'm co-coordinator of a group called Voices for
      Creative Nonviolence.
      We support the petition to ban drones organized by RootsAction. On November
      30th I report for six months in a federal prison in Yankton, S.D., as a
      result of protesting drones.

      The appearance of war being made easy by drones is resulting in more war. In
      Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, and in places we don't know about, in
      places where we are not at war, we're sending these unmanned pilotless
      airplanes into foreign air space to hunt down people who've been accused of
      crimes only in the private court of the administration. They're hunted down
      and killed along with anybody who might be in the immediate vicinity.

      Drones are creating new wars rather than scaling down old ones. Drone pilots
      in Afghanistan have been targeted and killed. Drone pilots in the United
      States suffer PTSD at higher rates than real pilots.

      Drone victims are 98% innocent civilians according to the recent
      Stanford/NYU study. The other 2% are targeted victims of murder without
      charge, trial, due process, or in many cases even knowing the target's name.

      Drones buzzing over houses traumatize children before they kill them. That
      those children are (in most cases) not American hardly diminishes the

      Drones are rapidly being developed and deployed by other nations. Would you
      support the equal right of other nations to kill with drones in this
      country? And if not, why not? And how can that thinking not apply to U.S.
      policy as well?

      As I head to prison I urge you to add your name to the petition to ban
      drones and to ask others to do so.

      Back on April 15th, about 40 people, mostly from the Kansas City area, went
      to Whiteman Air Force Base and held a short rally outside the gates on a
      public right of way. We had a petition -- an indictment we called it -- that
      listed the laws that drones are violating and the damage they are doing. We
      took that to the gate and were stopped. Three of us asked directions to
      deliver the petition and were immediately put in handcuffs. About 40
      military police in full riot gear appeared (video
      2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DuXkiyGXUF3c> ) and did a choreographed
      dance including high kicks and grunts and beating their shields, two steps
      forward and one step back, to get rid of the rest of the U.S. citizens, who
      were acting legally under the First Amendment.

      At my sentencing I told the judge:

      "Each of the government's witnesses, all of them Air Force police personnel,
      testified that participants in this protest were nonviolent, respectful and
      peaceable in assembling at Whiteman Air Force Base, a government
      installation, to petition that government for redress of a grievance,
      demanding that the remote control killing carried out daily from Whiteman
      cease. They testified that at no time, before or during our protest, did
      they perceive us as a threat.

      "Our expert witnesses testified that our behavior was consistent with the
      activities that the drafters of the First Amendment intended to be
      protected, not persecuted, by the government. The order and security of the
      base would not have been compromised had the security police allowed us to
      proceed to the headquarters to deliver our petition. No testimony to the
      contrary was offered this court.

      "Instead of planning to accommodate a constitutionally protected peaceable
      assembly, however, the Air Force chose intimidation and conspired to deprive
      us of the rights they are sworn to protect. We learned from government
      witnesses that the phalanx of goose-stepping riot police is a 'Confrontation
      Management Team,' deployed only in the case of preannounced events. Whiteman
      security did not call out the Team to defend the base but to intimidate
      citizens engaged in lawful activities."

      Sign the petition to ban militarized drones now, before it is delivered to
      government officials.

      Please forward this email widely to like-minded friends.

      --Brian Terrell for RootsAction.org


      2F%2Fdavidswanson.org%2Fnode%2F3876> Talk Nation Radio: Brian Terrell Is
      Headed to Prison for Protesting Drones
      Nonviolent Protester of Drone Wars Sentenced to Federal Prison

      Organizations Supporting This Petition (partial and growing list):
      Arlington Green Party
      Bill of Rights Defense Committee
      Code Pink
      Fellowship of Reconciliation
      Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space
      Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace
      Jeannette Rankin Peace Center
      LA Laborfest
      The Northampton Committee to Stop War
      Sitkans for Peace and Justice
      Veterans For Peace
      Veterans For Peace Chapter 27
      Voices for Creative Nonviolence
      Women Standing

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