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Friends, Here's a Very Special Personal Commentary from S. Brian Willson ~ Please take a Look at the Trailer for the Film in Progress titled: "PAYING THE PRICE FOR PEACE: The Story of S. Brian Willson & The Peace Movement".

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  • Frank Dorrel
    Dear Friends, Here s a very special Personal Commentary from S. Brian Willson. After you have read what Brian has written, please take a look at the newest
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      Dear Friends, Here's a very special Personal Commentary from S. Brian
      Willson. After you have read what Brian has written, please take a look at
      the newest trailer for the film in progress titled: "PAYING THE PRICE FOR
      PEACE: The Story of S. Brian Willson & The Peace Movement" -
      www.boboudartproductions.org/credits.html - If you'd like to respond to
      Brian his email is: bw@... - If you would like to donate some
      money to help the film get made, please see contact information below for Bo

      To My Friends

      The Systemic Sickness of War and Violence - Personal and Collective Healing

      As the globe quakes from the weight of violent and selfish human activity,
      sometimes that energy rocks thru my body, mind and soul with such force I
      feel nearly paralyzed by it. It is like slipping into low-level depression,
      accompanied by feelings of inadequacy and shame. Perhaps those of us in the
      US are regularly vulnerable to the pain of multiple wars being waged in our
      names - 390 military interventions since World War II in over 100 nations
      while bombing 28 of them. Then with each violent intervention, such as the
      US diplomatic support for Israel's most recent terror and murders committed
      against the trapped 1.6 million Palestinians in Gaza, with US weapons no
      less, we are more likely to experience acute episodes of anxiety and grief.

      When I experience these episodes, it is difficult for me to focus on
      anything, follow thru on anything, or even look at and respond to emails and
      phone calls - a kind of paralysis I mentioned above. These moments are
      sometimes accompanied by bouts of crying with no warning. I ask myself, "Is
      the end for me, or just a temporary time to stop and allow all these
      feelings to have their space and time deeply within without judging them?"

      And this latest violence by Israel is a mere emulation of the open US policy
      of assassinating human beings in a number of far off countries with unmanned
      missile-firing drones - diabolical nearly beyond comprehension. Knowing that
      the big winners of this warring behavior are all those who make huge profits
      from expenditure on weapons of war, protected by our political system
      dependent upon such expenditures, is sheer maddening. Eisenhower in 1961
      initially called this the Military Industrial Complex, but it has now
      expanded to include manufacturers in virtually every Congressional district,
      and thus Congress itself, the President, academia, the banks,
      communications, intelligence, the security industry, transportation, etc.

      At any rate, I don't know how many people might be experiencing similar
      feelings of angst, shame, or inner turbulence. I know other veterans I have
      discussed this with share similar pain. Sometimes the memory of our own
      participation in dreadful acts of war, knowing we were pawns as we
      participated in the murder of innocents, brings an inner pain so unbearable
      as to be beyond words, even as those same experiences have provided us an
      awakening, motivating us to be relentless truth tellers in a land of make

      As a lay student of eco-psychology, I am increasingly aware that everything
      is connected with everything, everywhere at every moment, a truth that
      Martin Luther King, Jr described thus: "An injustice anywhere is a threat to
      justice everywhere." I often say, "We are not worth more; they are not worth
      less," and the "they" is all life outside of ourself - the birds, bees,
      butterflies, moss, rocks, etc., in addition to all the human beings in their
      respective cultures, and that of all other species as well.

      Survival now requires attention to not only social and political justice,
      but ecological justice, and justice for our inner child. Historian,
      philosopher and novelist Theodore Roszak (The Voice of the Earth, 1992),
      believes we have been ignoring the most important inner voice of all - the
      "ecological unconscious." The greater ecological realities of which we are
      an integral part constantly penetrate our psyches, both its joy and pain.
      But the voice of the earth expressing her pain (from our assaults on her)
      seem to manifest in our tensions and dis-eases. Rozak proposes
      "ecopsychology" as a solution to the shortcomings of both psychotherapy and
      environmentalism, and, I would add, to our seeking social justice.

      I believe this holistic, ecological consciousness is involved in all efforts
      for healing. The greater socio-economic realities, of which we are an
      integral part, whether conscious of them or not, surrounds and tweaks our
      psyche, just as our assaults on the earth do. Massive injustices are
      occurring everywhere on the planet, most connected to imperial policies of
      the United States and other "first world" nations. Painfully, this imperial
      plunder is empowered by our own insatiable greed, or the American Way Of
      Life (AWOL). The voices of the poor and oppressed, and those being
      terrorized because they cry out for bits of justice and dignity, become part
      of our inner voice - the injustice consciousness. Consequently, their cries
      manifest in tensions and dis-eases within us. We are in fact all one, as
      quantum physics suggests, and as many indigenous peoples have tried in vain
      to teach us.

      Thus, serious healing necessarily requires a holistic understanding and
      integration of personal with social and ecological health. And I am reminded
      again that I need to address my inner child who is crying to be loved
      unconditionally, something that was often lacking in my early years, such
      that I can integrate that groundedness with a feeling of adequacy as an
      adult person, and join all the wonderful people striving for a world of
      simplicity and justice for all.


      Brian - bw@...


      Here's the Latest 9-Minute Trailer for:


      The Story of S. Brian Willson & The Peace Movement"

      Directed by Bo Boudart


      If you feel inspired to help get this important film finished, please send a
      donation to:

      Beau Monde Image Foundation

      PO Box 7395, Menlo Park, CA 94026

      (This is a 501 C-3 organization. So it is Tax Deductable)

      Bo has already interviewed Daniel Ellsberg, Father Roy Bourgeois, Medea
      Benjamin, Col. Ann Wright, Martin Sheen, Alice Walker, Phil Donahue, Blase
      Bonpane, Ron Kovic, Camila Mejia,

      Bruce Gagnon, Charlie Clements, Charlie Liteky, Duncan Murphy, Ray McGovern,
      Leah Bolger (President of Veterans For Peace), Jeff Paterson (of Courage to
      Resist), David Swanson, Lou Wolf, Ed Ellis, Mike Prysner, Carlos Escorcia &
      others. He still plans to interview Amy Goodman, Kris Kristofferson, Ed
      Asner, Kathy Kelly & Cindy Sheehan.

      Bo Boudart is a producer of wildlife, ecology, cultural, human rights,
      cultural, educational and science programs. He has initiated productions in
      Asia, Indonesia and Philippine Island Archipelagos, South America, Africa,
      Australia, the Arctic, the Caribbean, and throughout the United States.
      Boudart has produced documentaries, animations, educational, marketing and
      informational programs for distribution in all formats. Many of his programs
      have aired on the Discovery Channel, Public Television, Canadian
      Broadcasting, NHK Japan, French TV, and the Middle East.

      Bo Boudart

      Director of: "Paying The Price For Peace"




      Short Autobiography of S. Brian Willson


      BLOOD ON THE TRACKS: The Life & Times of S. Brian Willson



      <http://www.brianwillson.com/> S. Brian Willson - We are not worth more,
      they are not worth less.

      In Peace,

      Frank Dorrel

      Associate Producer of: "Paying The Price For Peace"

      Publisher of: ADDICTED To WAR





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