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Prayer for the Children of Abraham/Ibrahim, Sun, Dec 2: Jackson Browne sings, Jim Hightower, Matt Rothschild, et al for the Progrssive Magazine

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  • Ed Pearl
    Prayer for the Children of Abraham/ Ibrahim 11/21/2012 This prayer for the living is
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 25, 2012
      Prayer for the Children of Abraham/ Ibrahim


      This prayer for the living is meant to be prayed in community as a
      responsive reading. It was written by Rabbi Rachel Barenblat.
      <https://theshalomcenter.org/content/velveteenrabbi.com%20> You can follow
      her work at <https://theshalomcenter.org/content/velveteenrabbi.com%20>
      velveteenrabbi.com She is a poet, spiritual director, and the rabbi of
      Congregation Beth Israel in North Adams, MA

      For every aspiring ballerina huddled

      scared in a basement bomb shelter

      For every toddler in his mother's arms

      behind rubble of concrete and rebar

      For every child who's learned to distinguish

      "our" bombs from "their" bombs by sound

      For everyone wounded, cowering, frightened

      and everyone furious, planning for vengeance

      For the ones who are tasked with firing shells

      where there are grandmothers and infants

      For the ones who fix a rocket's parabola

      toward children on school playgrounds

      For every official who sees shelling Gaza

      as a matter of "cutting the grass"

      And every official who approves launching projectiles

      from behind preschools or prayer places

      For every kid taught to lob a bomb with pride

      And every kid sickened by explosions

      For every teenager who considers

      "martyrdom" his best hope for a future:

      May the God of compassion and the God of mercy

      God of justice and God of forgiveness

      God Who shaped creation in Her tender womb

      and nurses us each day with blessing

      God Who suffers the anxiety and pain

      of each of His unique children

      God Who yearns for us to take up

      the work of perfecting creation

      God Who is reflected in those who fight

      and in those who bandage the bleeding -

      May our Father, Mother, Beloved, Creator

      cradle every hurting heart in caring hands.

      Soon may we hear in the hills of Judah

      and the streets of Jerusalem

      in the olive groves of the West Bank

      and the apartment blocks of Gaza City

      in the kibbutz fields of the Negev

      and the neighborhoods of Nablus

      the voice of fighters who have traded weapons

      for books and ploughs and bread ovens

      the voice of children on swings and on slides

      singing nonsense songs, unafraid

      the voice of reconciliation and new beginnings

      in our day, speedily and soon.

      And let us say:



      On "every aspiring ballerina huddled," see Twenty minutes in a Tel Aviv bomb
      lter/> , Jewschool.

      On children distinguishing bombs by sound, see A message to Israel
      e-not-like-this.premium-1.478105> 's leaders: Don't defend me - not like
      this, Ha'aretz.

      On "mowing the grass," see Israel, Gaza, and the patterns of the past
      d-the-patterns-of-the-past/> , Washington Post.

      On "projectiles / from behind preschools or prayer places," see Dealing
      <http://www.jpost.com/Defense/Article.aspx?id=292646> with Hamas's human
      shield tactics, Jerusalem Post.

      "Soon may we hear." is a reference to the final blessing in the set of Sheva
      Brachot / Seven Blessings
      ml> recited at every Jewish wedding.

      As a mother, as a human being, as a Jew, and as a rabbi, this prayer/poem is
      the best articulation I can offer of what my heart and soul are feeling
      right now. I pray for God to heal the hearts of all who suffer: Israelis and
      Palestinians, Jews and non-Jews, "us" and "them," combatants on both sides,
      those who fear on both sides, those who mourn on both sides, those who
      benefit from the existing systems in place and those who struggle within
      those systems. Please, God, speedily and soon. - RB

      All are welcome to share and to use this prayer in your community if it
      speaks to you, as long as you preserve its origin / attribution.

      * * *

      Please come!

      Please share this invitation widely, and

      download a digital copy of the <http://progressive.org/node/162293> 100TH
      9_0.pdf> theprogressive_april2009.pdf

      Please join Co-Hosts

      Santa Monica Democratic Club, American For Democratic Action, Aris Anagnos,
      Cynthia Anderson & Tim Barker, Sylvia Aroth, Zane & Ricky Averbach,, Chris
      Bennett, Peter and Roz Bonerz, Joe Cicero, Jeff Cook, Gleam Davis (Santa
      Monica City Council member), Roger Davis Larry Frank ( LA City Deptuy
      Mayor), Lila Garrett, Lori Grace, Lyle Gregory, Chris Harding & Laurie
      Lieberman, Patricia Hoffman & Gene Oppenheim, Mimi Kennedy, Sharon Kyle,
      Jerry Manpearl & Jan Goodman, Nina & Marc Merson, Fred Nobel & Diane J
      Dykema, Torie Osborn, Brad Parker, Ed Pearl, Ilene Proctor, Ed Rampell, Will
      Ryan, Dorothy Reik, Stanley & Betty Sheinbaum, Lester Silverman, Paul Allan
      Smith, Suzanne Thompson, Laurie Traktman, Carl Volpe, Roger Wolfson, and
      Dino Zonic.

      Sunday - doors open 2:30- program 3pm December 2, 2012

      Raise Cash and Consciousness for


      Since 1909


      Jim Hightower speaks


      Jackson Browne sings


      Ruth Conniff, Political Editor of The Progressive, (contributor, The Ed
      Schultz show, MSNBC)

      Matthew Rothschild, Editor & Publisher of The Progressive

      Will Durst, stand-up comic

      Additional unconfirmed guests

      Stay tuned for more progressive celebrities joining us

      And Honoring Pioneer Philanthropist Lori Grace for her role protecting
      Election Integrity and Environmental Causes


      At the Home of Jerry Manpearl & Jan Goodman

      939 San Vicente Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90402

      (N-W CORNER OF Larkin/10th & San Vicente Blvd)

      2:30 (program 3pm)

      $100 Donation Requested (tax deductible)

      $75 - Members of ADA, PDLA, PDSMM, Sholem, Democratic Clubs



      <tel:310-458-7213> 310-458-7213 or <mailto:jan-pi@...>

      Online Reservations and Donations: Go to:
      <http://www.progressive.org/donate> www.progressive.org/donate

      In the "Acknowledgment" box, write 12/2/12 and the number of tickets


      Founded by Wisconsin Senator Fighting Bob La Follette on January 9, 1909,
      the magazine is known for combating corporate power and for championing
      civil rights and civil liberties, women's rights, LGBT rights, labor rights,
      human rights, environmentalism, criminal justice reform, and democratic

      It has been a forum for America's leading social critics, including Jane
      Addams, James Baldwin, John Kenneth Galbraith, Molly Ivins, Helen Keller,
      Martin Luther King, Upton Sinclair, and Howard Zinn.

      Leading liberal politicians and luminaries have contributed to The
      Progressive, including Helen Gahagan Douglas, George McGovern, Gaylord
      Nelson, Norman Thomas, Paul Wellstone, Barbara Ehrenreich, Dolores Huerta,
      Eduardo Galeano, Barbara Kingsolver, Naomi Klein, Robert Redford, and Terry
      Tempest Williams.

      The Progressive has published interviews with James Cromwell, Danny Glover,
      Charles Ferguson, Tom Morello, Mark Ruffalo, Susan Sarandon, Oliver Stone,
      Cenk Uygur, and Lizz Winstead.


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