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Good Candidates for KPFK

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  • Leslie Radford
    Recently you might have heard there from a WBAI member that there are good candidates for the KPFK Local Station Board, and bad people who are trying to
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 23 5:43 PM
      Recently you might have heard there from a WBAI member that there are "good
      candidates" for the KPFK Local Station Board, and bad people who are trying
      to disassemble Pacifica Network.

      I don't know any bad people at KPFK, but after a decade as a KPFK listener,
      local board member, and national board member, I know what many of the
      candidates stand for, and what they don't. The people I know and recommend
      envision a new kind of KPFK, one that is for local origination, human
      rights, environmental defense, broadcast accessibility to diverse cultures
      and through different languages, quality sound, and, as the Mission
      statement calls for, self-sufficiency.

      I've talked with 21 of the listener candidates, and of those, I recommend
      the slate of Grassroots Community Radio
      If you received their mailer, pull it out now, fill out your KPFK Local
      Station Board ballot, and put the ballot in Monday's mail. If you missed
      it, here they are, my choices for the KPFK LSB, in no particular order:

      *Aryana Gladney<http://gcrc-socal.org/content/LSB_listener_candidates/Gladney.htm?>

      *Lawrence Reyes<http://gcrc-socal.org/content/LSB_listener_candidates/Reyes.htm>(incumbent)

      *Armida Corral<http://gcrc-socal.org/content/LSB_listener_candidates/Corral.htm?>

      *Reza Pour <http://gcrc-socal.org/content/LSB_listener_candidates/Pour.htm?>(returning)

      *Jamie Garcia<http://gcrc-socal.org/content/LSB_listener_candidates/Garcia.htm?>

      *Jack Neff <http://gcrc-socal.org/content/LSB_listener_candidates/Neff.htm?>

      *Sonia Parada<http://gcrc-socal.org/content/LSB_listener_candidates/Parada.htm?>

      *Dr. Thomas Halle<http://gcrc-socal.org/content/LSB_listener_candidates/Halle.htm?>

      *John Kenney<http://gcrc-socal.org/content/LSB_listener_candidates/Kenney.htm?>

      You might check out their other
      since I hope my word isn't enough for a discerning KPFK voter.

      What sets these people apart is their commitment to self-sufficient news,
      local news with stringers providing steady feeds of the thundering
      undertakings occurring across Southern California. They stand for
      availability to as many listeners as possible, starting with both English
      and Spanish speakers. They want to encourage the station to ally with
      local efforts to advance humanity and the planet we share. The pledge
      accountability to the people who elect them: we, the listeners. And they
      assure us under their administration of our public treasure, KPFK, they
      will breathe fresh air through the station's programming and open the
      station's resources to all. My guess is that each of them also support the
      platform of another slate, as do I (although little hobgoblins lurk in the

      I can also very nearly recommend *Dutch Merrick* and *Ali Ahmadpour*, and
      if you aren't comfortable with some of the people above, choose them
      instead. And if you are a staff voter, you have two strong choices: *Rodrigo
      Argueta* and *Orlando Rocha*.

      But above all, put your ballot in the mail. It needs to arrive in New York
      by December 11, which means you need to mail it no later than December 4.
      So take care of that now over a turkey sandwich, and drop it in the mail.
      What KPFK can not survive is continuing the interminable fund drives, the
      homogenization of programming across the Pacifica network, the exclusion of
      people who listen to Spanish-language radio, the growing usurpation of
      current events with theory and speculation, the middle of the road outreach
      that dilutes the power of the station to be a station for change. The
      worst outcome to the Pacifica elections is not making our quorum of 10% of
      the members, and leaving the status quo in place.

      I'll be doing more than sending you this email to make sure we meet quorum.
      I'll be calling you to remind you to cast your ballot, But if you've
      already voted, let me know, and I'll put you on my personal "do not call"
      list for now.

      Vote now for *Aryana Gladney, Lawrence Reyes, Armida Corall, Reza Pour,
      Jamie Garcia, Jack Neff, Sonia Parada, Thomas Halle, and John Kennedy*.
      It's time to air out KPFK and return it to the people.

      --Leslie Radford
      fomer member, Pacifica National Board and KPFK Local Station Board

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