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2012--a year of victories. Let's win more in 2013.

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    Graphics are removed by my mail system, please take a look at their web site too. It isn t often we get Progress in this direction, it s often a battle to only
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      Graphics are removed by my mail system, please take a look at their web
      site too. It isn't often we get Progress in this direction, it's often a
      battle to only limit damages.



      web banner
      6930 Carroll Avenue, #340, Takoma Park, MD 20912; 301-270-6477;
      nirsnet@... [ mailto:nirsnet@... ]; www.nirs.org [
      http://www.nirs.org ]

      *2012-A YEAR OF VICTORIES!

      And how you can help extend this success, gear up for the major new
      battles of 2013, and build the nuclear-free, carbon-free future our nation
      and planet deserve…*

      November 20, 2012

      Dear Friends,

      Sometimes it's important to step back and reflect on our movement's
      accomplishments.... Think about how far we've come this year:

      **The license for the proposed Calvert Cliffs-3 reactor was denied by the
      NRC!* We couldn't afford a lawyer so we did this legal intervention
      ourselves and won a stunning victory. We're now defending that victory
      before the NRC Commissioners. We're confident we'll win there too.

      **The NRC was forced to stop issuing licenses for new reactors and license
      renewals for the next two years.* This was because of a lawsuit brought by
      our allies at NRDC, BREDL, and others. But two years isn't enough to fix
      the problems caused by the NRC's failed "waste confidence" rule. In fact,
      we have no confidence in our radioactive waste policy: the NRC should just
      make the licensing moratorium permanent.

      **In October, Wisconsin's Kewaunee reactor announced its permanent
      shutdown at the end of the year.* Aging reactors can't compete with the
      alternatives. The Exelon Corporation announced a few days later that it
      may close New Jersey's Oyster Creek reactor before its scheduled 2019 date
      because of competition from "cheap renewables" and possible new capital
      costs to address post-Fukushima safety issues. Oyster Creek and other
      Fukushima-clone reactors (think Vermont Yankee, Pilgrim, Dresden, and
      more) are on their last legs. It's our job to push these dangerous aging
      reactors, along with time bombs like San Onofre, Crystal River and Indian
      Point, over the edge.

      **For the first time since 2010, President Obama's budget this year did
      not include any new money for taxpayer loans for new reactors.* And the
      President did not even mention nuclear power during his State of the Union
      speech, nor in any of the election debates (unlike his opponent). Nor has
      the $8.3 Billion taxpayer loan for the new Vogtle reactors, first
      announced in February 2010, gone out the door. This follows the successful
      efforts of NIRS and other DC-based groups over the past four years (and
      the 250,000+ e-mails and thousands of phone calls you have done) to block
      any and every effort to increase taxpayer support for new reactors. [
      http://www.razoo.com/story/Nuclear-Information-And-Resource-Service ]

      With your help, we will build on these successes and take on the new
      challenges that face us. *We expect a pitched battle on radioactive waste
      issues in the next Congress. *We will not yield: we will not accept a plan
      for "consolidated interim" storage that would send lethally-radioactive
      waste across our highways and railways to a "temporary" storage parking
      lot somewhere. With your support, a Mobile Chernobyl is not going to

      *We're also gearing up, with our colleagues in Washington and at the
      American Clean Energy Agenda, to stop any new nuclear subsidies and begin
      taking back some of the existing ones*, as well as to block any effort to
      include nuclear power in a "clean energy standard" or "all of the above"
      energy approach. (by the way, don't forget to sign the American Clean
      Energy Agenda petition here [
      ]--a lot of folks haven't yet…). And we're planning to take on the
      right-wing Koch Brothers-funded American Legislative Exchange Council,
      which says it's going to try to roll back state renewable energy standards
      in 2013. With your help, we can beat them.

      *2013 will be NIRS' 35th anniversary as the networking, organizing and
      mobilization arm of the anti-nuclear movement. To mark that anniversary,
      we are embarking on a major capacity-building campaign: we aim to
      quadruple our e-mail list, add new mobile communication components, reach
      and engage young people more effectively, and much more.*

      We ask for your support now to help us meet these goals. There are several
      ways you can help-and help build our movement for a necessary
      nuclear-free, carbon-free future.

      **Please contribute as generously as you can, right now, here.* [
      http://www.razoo.com/story/Nuclear-Information-And-Resource-Service ] Your
      tax-deductible donations are absolutely essential to meeting our expenses.
      Did you know that nearly 60% of non-profit organizations this year,
      including NIRS, have raised less money than in 2011-yet all of our costs
      keep rising? Please help make up that difference now.

      *Not many of us, including NIRS staff, can give as much as we'd like-we're
      not millionaires and we know you aren't either! *But you can increase your
      impact by becoming a valued NIRS fundraiser.* It's easy: just set up your
      own fundraising page on our Razoo donation page here [
      http://www.razoo.com/story/Nuclear-Information-And-Resource-Service ], and
      then ask your friends, colleagues, social networking contacts, and whoever
      else you know, to make a tax-deductible donation to NIRS as well. If you
      need any help doing this, let us know!

      As an incentive, everyone who raises $750 or more for NIRS by March 31,
      2013 will receive a free copy of the beautiful book produced by our
      colleagues at WISE, "Radiating Posters", which provides a history of the
      global anti-nuclear movement through the amazing posters it has produced.
      Note: you don't need to wait until March to receive your book; we'll send
      it as soon as the $750 goal is reached!

      *Hold a house party for NIRS! This is pretty easy as well; I've done
      several at my own house. You invite some people over, have some
      refreshments, talk strategy for ending the nuclear age-or just have fun,
      and raise some money for NIRS. But we're not asking you to do that just
      yet. We're planning to have a couple dozen such parties occurring
      simultaneously. We're going to have an extra incentive-maybe a conference
      or Skype call with NIRS staff and experts, a webinar, a film, or another
      idea to tie it all together. We'll be sending out a questionnaire soon to
      get your thoughts on what we can offer that would work best for you. What
      we'd like to know now is, are you willing to host such an event in tandem
      with many others across the country? If so, please send a quick e-mail to
      us at nirsnet@... [ mailto:nirsnet@...?subject=House%20party ]
      with your name, city and state. We will get back to you.

      [ http://www.razoo.com/story/Nuclear-Information-And-Resource-Service
      ]You won't be getting a snail mail fundraising letter from us this
      holiday season. We're saving paper, saving costs: but this is an
      experiment. *Normally we raise about $25,000 from our year-end
      mailing-and we still need to raise at least that much! *That's more than
      we have ever raised online in six weeks before, but we need to do it now.
      So if you appreciate our work, if you want more victories in 2013, please
      donate as generously as possible right now [
      http://www.razoo.com/story/Nuclear-Information-And-Resource-Service ],
      either online or by sending a check to NIRS, 6930 Carroll Avenue, #340,
      Takoma Park, MD 20912. Or you can just phone in your donation to

      Thank you so much.

      For a nuclear-free, carbon-free future,

      Michael Mariotte
      Executive Director
      Nuclear Information and Resource Service
      www.nirs.org [ http://www.nirs.org ]
      nirsnet@... [ mailto:nirsnet@... ]

      *Stay Informed:*

      *NIRS on the web *(stay up-to-date with the Nuclear Newsreel section on
      the front page, featuring the day's most interesting news on nuclear power
      and other energy issues)*:* http://www.nirs.org [ http://www.nirs.org/ ]

      *NIRS on Facebook:*


      http://www.facebook.com/nonukesnirs [ http://www.facebook.com/nonukesnirs ]


      NIRS on Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/nirsnet [
      http://twitter.com/#%21/nirsnet ]

      Please note: NIRS never sells, rents, trades, or otherwise makes our
      e-mail lists available to other organizations or individuals for any

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