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Why did Israeli strike Gaza?-Did Someone Say Election Campaign

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  • Cort Greene
    *The Top 4 Reasons Why Israel Launched Attacks on Gaza this week:* *4. Seizing the Initiative in a Changing Middle East 3. Blocking the Palestinian Move in the
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      *The Top 4 Reasons Why Israel Launched Attacks on Gaza this week:*

      *4. Seizing the Initiative in a Changing Middle East
      3. Blocking the Palestinian Move in the UN
      2. It's Not Iran, But It Will Do*


      *1. Did Someone Say Election Campaign? *





      - Home <http://www.haaretz.com/>
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      Operation Peace for NetanyahuHere, with perfect timing, organized
      precisely now, just two months before the elections, comes an escalation in
      the south: Bombing led to the firing of missiles, which led to bombing, and
      so on and so forth.
      By Tamar Gozansky<http://www.haaretz.com/misc/writers/tamar-gozansky-1.476639>
      05:35 16.11.12 | 0

      Their chests puffed out with importance, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
      and Defense Minister Ehud Barak announced to the media and the public the
      start of another war, this time in Gaza. As was to be expected, the two
      waved the time-worn excuse of "a war of no choice," and as was to be
      expected, politicians from Kadima and the Labor Party also grabbed onto
      this excuse; from their point of view, bombing the Gaza Strip is a reason
      to salute the government.

      Experience has taught us time and again that at the start of every war, the
      government declares festively that this time there will be an end to the
      firing of rockets on Israeli towns and villages. But then every time yet
      another war comes around that is supposed to solve the problem "once and
      for all." Lies follow deception, which follows the intoxicating illusion of

      In the past year, Netanyahu and his partners prepared us for a big military
      campaign against Iran, explaining to us time after time that Iran is an
      "existential threat." But for a war against Iran, it is still necessary to
      have an American partner, and that partner, so far, has not given Netanyahu
      the go-ahead, and thus, as he announced, the war against Iran has been
      delayed until the spring.

      But meanwhile there are elections; Netanyahu and Barak apparently said to
      themselves, So if there is no war against Iran, how can we arrange things
      in a way that suits an election campaign by the right-wing coalition
      partners, which embrace the settlers on the one hand and the families of
      the tycoons on the other? So here, with perfect timing, organized precisely
      now, just two months before the elections, comes an escalation in the
      south: Bombing led to the firing of missiles, which led to bombing, and so
      on and so forth.

      Even the Netanyahu-Lieberman-Barak government knows that the bombing of
      Gaza, and even an invasion, by the IDF will not solve any problems. It is
      worth recalling that on November 27, 2008, Barak - who was also defense
      minister then, in Ehud Olmert's government - declared the beginning of
      Operation Cast Lead, that war that was supposed to deal Hamas a decisive
      beating. And now, four years later, this same Barak is again waging war,
      and again on Gaza. And now, again, they are stuffing us full of the wonders
      of assassinations and destruction, so long as they can fool the Israeli
      public that this time the problem will be solved.

      But the similarity between the war that has just begun and Operation Cast
      Lead is not merely the bluff that it will be a matter of "bang and we're
      finished." Both now and in 2008, the war had a transparent political aim:
      to inflame the public atmosphere and in this way get more votes in the
      Knesset elections. Therefore a suitable name for the war that has just
      started is "Operation Peace for Netanyahu," or, if you prefer, "Operation
      Peace for Netanyahu and Barak," and not the rather poetic name, "Pillar of

      War always was, and still is, a very powerful tool for wiping social
      problems off the table, for hiding the worsening housing crisis and the
      daily price increases for basic commodities, as well as for justifying the
      harsh spending cuts in the 2013 budget. In short, they tell us: Sit quietly
      and let us waste another NIS 15 billion on another war, and then let us
      justify the budget cuts still to come in unemployment benefits, child
      allowances, hospital care, education and infrastructure.

      Sometimes I wonder: How much longer the two peoples, Israelis and
      Palestinians, will have to suffer until the penny drops we finally
      understand that military force does not solve the problem of rockets on
      Israeli communities, and does not ensure a tranquil childhood for the
      children of Sderot and Ashkelon?

      During the last war, Operation Cast Lead, we chanted at demonstrations: "In
      Gaza and Sderot, the children want to live." I hereby commit myself to
      continue chanting that same cry for life in the demonstrations we shall
      hold against the present war, and on behalf of peace between Israel and the
      Palestinian state that will arise alongside it.



      A Pillar Built on Sand

      November 16, 2012 � Leave a

      The great John Mearsheimer has a brilliant piece on the LRB
      It is the most comprehensive historical and political analysis of recent
      developments in Gaza. Two passages in particular bear highlighting. The
      first one is about Israel�s long-standing strategy:

      John Mearsheimer

      Israel�s leaders have a two-prong strategy for dealing with their
      Palestinian problem. First, they rely on the United States to provide
      diplomatic cover, especially in the United Nations. The key to keeping
      Washington on board is the Israel
      which pressures American leaders to side with Israel against the
      Palestinians and do hardly anything to stop the colonisation of the
      Occupied Territories.

      The second prong is Ze�ev Jabotinsky�s concept of the �Iron Wall�: an
      approach that in essence calls for beating the Palestinians into
      submission. Jabotinsky understood that the Palestinians would resist the
      Zionists� efforts to colonise their land and subjugate them in the process.
      Nonetheless, he maintained that the Zionists, and eventually Israel, could
      punish the Palestinians so severely that they would recognise that further
      resistance was futile.

      Israel has employed this strategy since its founding in 1948, and both Cast
      Lead and Pillar of Defence are examples of it at work. In other words,
      Israel�s aim in bombing Gaza is not to topple Hamas or eliminate its
      rockets, both of which are unrealisable goals. Instead, the ongoing attacks
      in Gaza are part of a long-term strategy to coerce the Palestinians into
      giving up their pursuit of self-determination and submitting to Israeli
      rule in an apartheid state.

      The second passage is about the timing of this particular assault:

      The timing of the present operation is easy to explain. For starters,
      President Obama has just won a second term despite Netanyahu�s transparent
      attempt to help Mitt Romney win the election. The prime minister�s mistake
      is likely to have hurt his personal relations with the president and might
      even threaten America�s �special relationship� with Israel. A war in Gaza,
      however, is a good antidote for that problem, because Obama, who faces
      daunting economic and political challenges in the months ahead, has little
      choice but to back Israel to the hilt and blame the Palestinians.

      The Israeli prime minter faces an election of his own in January and asMitchell
      Plitnick writes<http://www.lobelog.com/continued-us-support-for-israeli-bombing-of-gaza-bodes-ill-for-obamas-second-term/>,
      �Netanyahu�s gambit of forming a joint ticket with the fascist Yisrael
      Beiteinu party has not yielded anything close to the polling results he had
      hoped for.�* A war over Gaza not only allows Netanyahu to show how tough he
      is when Israel�s security is at stake, but it is also likely to have a
      �rally round the flag� effect, improving his chances of being re-elected.*

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