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Today's LUV News: 16 November, 2012

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  • scotpeden@cruzio.com
    *THE ETERNAL ATTACK ON THE PEOPLE OF GAZA * ** *Glenn Greenwald has it this morning
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 16, 2012

      *Glenn Greenwald has it this morning
      that the Israeli attacks on Palestine appear to be coordinated with the
      Obama regime so that they occur just following the election. He makes a
      good case for this, while showing how U.S. mass media have presented the
      violence from the viewpoint of the Israeli government, keeping the
      American people, as always, in the dark about what's truly happening.

      Greenwald, who is Jewish, holds to much higher standards than the mass
      media in revealing human rights violations and war crimes as what they
      are, no matter who commits them, including the USA and client state
      Israel, as does fellow Jewish progressive Noam Chomsky, willing to take
      massive criticism from the mass media, where they are /persona non
      grata/, their own government, and the right wing of the American Jewish
      community, including the powerful AIPAC, in holding to higher ethical

      An interactive map of Gaza
      <http://webapps.aljazeera.net/aje/custom/gazasiege/gazaindex.html> is
      provided this morning by /al Jazeera/, showing where the violence is
      occurring, and the results.

      The hacker group /Anonymous/ rallied to the Palestinians' side,
      launching a digital attack
      against websites belonging to the Israeli government, but you will not
      find this in the mass media who are covering up anything that exposes
      the hard facts in this violence.

      *"Now that the details of the 'Grand Bargain' that President Obama
      offered in the last fiscal crisis have been leaked it is evident that he
      may have lost re-election if his base had known what he had planned for
      them," proposes a piece from /It's Our Economy/

      While we seldom agree with Libertarians or the anti-democratic
      filibusters of the Senate, we have to support Republican Rand Paul's
      holding up the latest Defense Authorization Act until his own amendment
      is introduced
      giving American citizens being held by the military rights to a fair
      trial with a jury of peers and the right to confront the witnesses
      against him or her. President Obama and the Democratically-controlled
      Senate want to maintain the right to imprison Americans without charges,
      and have the military hold them indefinitely.

      *If you missed last night's fundraiser for the Rolling Jubilee to help
      indebted citizens escape from bankster servitude, you may still donate
      here: http://rollingjubilee.org/

      **Whenever Israel begins to bomb its Arab neighbors, our deceptive mass
      media go to any recent violence committed by these Arabs and use it as
      justification, ignoring the many horrors committed by Israel against
      said neighbors going back for decades. It is an essential part of the
      propaganda system in place to win over as many Americans as possible for
      overlooking Israeli human rights crimes and war crimes, particularly in
      subjugating the native Palestinian peoples, who are imprisoned without
      evidence they committed crimes, and routinely slaughtered without

      In fact, as Belen Fernandez points out this morning, Israel has
      committed a number of violent acts
      against the people of Gaza in the days leading up to the latest
      conflict, all ignored by U.S. mass media. If one Israeli citizen dies
      from violence it is headlined in all U.S. mass media, but if hundreds of
      Palestinians die it is on page 56 of the /NY Times/ in small print, so
      most Americans have no clue about what's happening, any more than they
      do about the bankster scams, defense cheating, polluting of our natural
      environment or any other important fact outing the ruling Forces of
      Greed and /their/ National Security State (it's certainly not /ours/).

      The reason we must care about this more than many other international
      events is that Israel is a client state of the Empire, financed and
      armed by the USA. They could not continue the brutality without US
      support. Ironically, American "conservatives" who oppose our having
      medical care for our own people eagerly send billions of dollars in
      "foreign aid" to Israel each year, which subsidizes government health
      care for Israelis even as our own people suffer and die for a lack of
      medical care.

      I've seen film of Palestinians waving the keys to their homes, taken by
      Israel and now occupied by Israeli citizens. If anyone did such a thing
      to Jewish families, mass media would be screaming for them to be
      immediately bombed. No genuine attempt is ever made to negotiate peace
      and a homeland for the Palestinian people, as Israel continues to steal
      Palestinian land with our entire mass media pretending not to notice
      --Jack Balkwill

      **Who Started It?**
      **Bloodbath in Gaza**

      **by PATRICK HIGGINS******
      For days now, Israel has been launching aerial attacks on Gaza,
      resulting in many dead and many injured. The attacks are part of a
      larger and massively depressing spectacle of a usurping colony forcing a
      population into a wall-enclosed ghetto and bombing them in the name of
      Judaism and the Jews.

      **A New York Times article, published November 14th, reports on the
      death of Hamas military commander Ahmed Jabari, killed by one of
      Israel's recent ("pinpoint,"* according to the article) airstrikes.
      Naturally, the article makes sly non-mention of the others---including
      the children---killed in the strikes. One phrase in the article reflects
      the Israeli government's logic regarding the matter: "The ferocity of
      the airstrikes, in response to what Israel called repeated rocket
      attacks by Gaza-based Palestinian militants..."

      **The article goes on to bolster this logic when considering the
      always-tenuous ceasefire between Hamas, the governing body of Gaza, and


      **"Since [2008-2009] Hamas has mostly adhered to an informal, if shaky,
      cease-fire and at times tried to enforce the smaller militant groups to
      stick to it. But in recent months, under pressure from some of the Gaza
      population for not avenging deadly Israeli airstrikes, it has claimed
      responsibility for participating in the firing of rockets."

      **So the question posed is, Who started it? When one reads the above
      words, one gets the sense that the "starting" of "it" amounts to a
      recent phenomenon, and that the question's answer is to be found in
      recent events, circa last weekend. This logic upheld by the Israeli
      government and the U.S.'s "newspaper of record" is also upheld by---I
      apologize in advance for the astonishing lack of surprise here---the
      U.S. government.

      **At the end of his presidency, George W. Bush** justified Operation
      Cast Lead---Israel's massacre of around 1,400 Palestinians---by saying
      Hamas started it by breaking a ceasefire with rocket fire.

      **First of all, that was never even true. Israel broke the ceasefire on
      November 4th, 2008, when it raided the Gaza Strip and killed six Hamas
      members. The raid was reported by the Guardian at the time. The event
      wasn't really mentioned in the mainstream discussion of the U.S., which
      reveals something about the predominant U.S. attitude towards Israel and

      **Supporters of Israel often brag about how Israel "withdrew" from Gaza,
      as if Gaza's transition from formally occupied territory to open-air
      prison constituted a grand Israeli peace effort. But Israel breaches
      Gazan territory at will and becomes quite pestered when it's met with
      resistance for doing so. This is perhaps unexceptional. Israel's
      sponsor, the United States, similarly believes it owns everything and
      can do what it likes to whatever territories at any time. Just think of
      its vast drone network, always busy murdering civilians in places from
      Pakistan to Yemen.

      **Technically, Hamas and other Palestinian factions in Gaza offered
      Israel a truce as recently as November 12th. But let's ask the question
      in a deeper sense: Who started it?

      **The question is easily answered, but it should be asked with more
      specificity: Who started the murderous settler-colonialism? ("Murderous
      settler-colonialism" is redundant, but I will nonetheless employ the
      phrase to make the point as clear as possible.)

      **Israel did, of course. The question of settler-colonialism is
      important. It clarifies. After all, settler-colonialism is a process. In
      Palestine, it's always underway. More important to note is that it's
      always violent.

      **Built into the settler-colonialist project is a plan to separate the
      people of the subject population from each other, severing individuals
      from their communities. In order for this to occur, the subject
      population's present must become its past and that past must then be
      erased. This happens both through appropriation and through sheer

      **Sheer destruction is another art Israel has learned exceptionally well
      from its sponsor, the United States. One task undertaken by
      settler-colonialists in the U.S. was the mass extermination of North
      American bison (which, unbeknownst to far too many, still goes on
      today), dramatically changing the land that Native Americans knew so
      intimately. Similarly, Israel has for years been undertaking the mass
      extermination of olive trees, dramatically changing the land that
      Palestinians knew so intimately.

      **Indeed, the U.S. and Israel share values. Moreover, they share
      tactics. Their special relationship is drenched in a common genre of
      imagery: the imagery of death, as evidenced by the countless corpses of
      buffalo and olive trees, to say nothing of the countless corpses of people.

      **The blockade of Gaza is one form the violence of Israel's
      settler-colonialism has taken. It's not commonly regarded as violence in
      the U.S. After all, supporters of the U.S.'s sanctions on Iran so often
      consider them alternatives to violence.

      **Actually, sanctions are horrifyingly violent. The 500,000 Iraqi
      children murdered by Bill Clinton's sanctions in the 1990s are testament
      to the fact that those seeking to "cripple" economies are seeking to
      starve children.

      **The reality is the same in Gaza. One report by the United Nations has
      declared that it will become "unlivable" by 2020 if present conditions
      continue. Under these conditions, perpetual and vicious, rockets---made
      with the few materials to which access is possible---are resistance
      symbols, declarations of struggle, promises that Israel's violence will
      not be accepted by Gaza, despite the military power of the forces
      arranged against it.

      **In summation, those who observe the violence in Palestine and feel
      compelled to scream to Palestinians about the necessity of recognizing
      Israel's right to exist either cannot or will not recognize murderous

      **How about that question: Does Israel have a right to exist?

      **It is not typically good form to answer a question with a question,
      but because this particular question is a trick, I feel comfortable
      doing so. So: Can "Israel" be separated from the murderous
      settler-colonialism in which it has been engaged since its foundation?

      **Let's suppose the answer is no. By that I mean that the Palestinian
      right of return continues to be denied and Israel's racist system built
      on paranoia over demographics continues its violence. In that case, the
      answer to the question of whether Israel has a right to exist is as easy
      as the answer to the question of whether murderous settler-colonialism
      has a right to exist.

      **That is answer is no.


      **Not a chance.

      ***Read "Gaza truce broken as Israeli raid kills six Hamas gunmen,"
      published in the Guardian and written by Rory McCarthy, in which an
      Israeli official is quoted bragging about a "pinpoint" operation. Fares
      Akram and Isabel Kershner casually use exactly that word to describe
      Israel's actions in the recent article "Israelis Launch Major Assault on
      Gaza, Killing Hamas Leader" in the New York Times. **


      ****Bush was obviously awful, but what about Obama? Well, pro-Obama
      efforts only harm Gaza. He is the head of an imperial state. It's his
      job not to give a shit about Palestinians.**


      **Patrick Higgins is a writer living in Detroit. He can be E-mailed at
      higginspat@... and followed on Twitter @DonnyDiggins. **


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