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Solidarity Statement from the Australian Nuclear Free Alliance

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  • Romi Elnagar
    While doing research on Fukushima, I ran across this Solidarity Statement from the Australian anti-nuke movement to the People of India.  I thought it worth
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 13, 2012
      While doing research on Fukushima, I ran across this Solidarity Statement from the Australian anti-nuke movement to the People of India.  I thought it worth passing on.

      Hajja Romi/"Blue"

      Australia is home to around 35% of the world’s uranium reserves and currently
      supplies around 20% of the annual global market. Uranium mining is a
      controversial and contaminating industry that has caused significant
      environmental and cultural impacts and is strongly contested in
      Australia. In October 2011 it was confirmed that Australian uranium was
      inside the Fukushima reactor complex when it melted down. Rocks dug up
      in Australia are now responsible for radioactive fallout in Japan and
      beyond. In the shadow of Fukushima many Australian civil society,
      Aboriginal and community groups are increasing our efforts to transition away from fuelling the high cost, high risk nuclear sector and calling
      for an energy future that is renewable - not radioactive. At a recent
      meeting of the Australian Nuclear Free Alliance - a network of
      Aboriginal, environmental and public health organisations that has been
      active for fifteen years around nuclear concerns and issues - this
      solidarity message was developed. We send it from our home in Australia
      with great respect and recognition of your work in India to advance our
      shared vision of a future free of nuclear threat and contamination.
      Solidarity Statement from the Australian Nuclear Free Alliance to the people of India
      The Australia Nuclear Free Alliance (ANFA) made up of Australian
      Aboriginal Traditional Land Owners and their allies, met from 5-7
      October 2012 on the lands of the Arrernte people in Alice Springs.
      We are horrified by the violence and repression being experienced by
      the growing mass movement in India peacefully protesting nuclear
      reactors on grounds of health, safety and loss of livelihood due to
      radiation risks.
      We send our solidarity, strength and support to the brave people who
      struggle against the nuclear reactors at Koodankulam, Jaitapur
      (Maharashtra) and Gorakhpur (Haryana) and we honour and express our
      profound sympathy for the five people who have died in your struggle
      since 2010.
      We are extremely concerned that from 15 October 2012 the Australian
      Prime Minister will visit India to discuss selling Australian uranium.
      Our Prime Minister is breaking a long held policy by negotiating
      sales deals with your country which has nuclear weapons but refuses to
      be part of relevant international treaties.
      We commit to redoubling our efforts to stop uranium mining so that
      poison from our country will not contaminate your sea, your water, your
      food chain and your gene pool.
      We remain determined to stop Australian uranium being exported.
      Uranium mining causes environmental and cultural damage in Australia,
      and can lead to long-term damage overseas.
      On a good day Australian uranium becomes radioactive waste. On a bad day it becomes fallout.
      We pledge to work together to promote and build safe renewable energy power stations, as we work to close the uranium mines in Australia and
      help in your efforts to close nuclear power stations in India.
      Our countries are linked by the ocean, our movements are linked by a
      history of peaceful protest and we are linked through a shared hope for a nuclear free future.

      Hajja Romi/Blue


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