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Fall 2012 National Immigrant Solidarity Network Monthly News Alert!

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      Please post your immigrant action _calendar_
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      Fall 2012 National Immigrant Solidarity Network Monthly News Digest and
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      The Election Over! Where’s Our Change? Our Demands to the President Obama
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      Hurricane Sandy, Obama's Re-election, and the next 4 years
      Vince Warren - Center for Constitutional Rights (New York, NY)
      Two big things happened in the last week, and they're both going to
      require our attention for the next four years and beyond: the national election
      repudiated religious conservatives and handed Obama a second term, and
      Hurricane Sandy destroyed many thousands of lives.
      Our allies in New Orleans and Haiti taught us the aftermath of a disaster
      like Sandy will last a long, long time and have far-reaching impact on
      things like public housing, privatization of government, and civil and human
      rights. We need to look ahead to hold the government accountable to a
      people's recovery that meets people's needs and is driven by a people's agenda
      guided by the principles of human rights.
      Meanwhile, Obama's re-election means we need to hold the president
      accountable for the change we want to see. Here are the changes we will keep
      fighting for in Obama's second term:
      * Close Guantanamo, and end torture through indefinite detention.
      Repatriate or resettle the men the government does not intend to prosecute,
      and provide fair trials for the rest
      * End the use of solitary confinement in prisons across the country
      * End unlawful “targeted killings” and the expansion of the
      Orwellian “disposition matrix.” Acknowledge, investigate and provide reparations
      for unlawful civilian killings
      * End the war in Afghanistan and pull all private military
      contractors out of Iraq and Afghanistan
      * Abandon the endless global war paradigm as the basis for abusive
      national security policies and end the use of war force outside of war zones

      * Investigate and prosecute former high-level U.S. officials who bear
      responsibility for torture and war crimes committed in Afghanistan, Iraq
      and the “black sites”
      * Provide medical treatment and compensation to people subjected to
      torture in U.S.-run detention facilities, including in Iraq and Afghanistan
      as well as Guantánamo, and provide war reparations to communities in Iraq
      and Afghanistan for harms done to the people and the environment
      * End the persecution of whistleblowers and journalists like Julian
      Assange, Wikileaks and Bradley Manning for protected First Amendment
      * Increase transparency, sunshine and freedom of information in
      federal law enforcement and prisons and end overclassification of unlawful or
      embarrassing government conduct
      * Stop the criminalization of dissent: end the stifling of activist
      expression under the anti-free-speech National Defense Authorization Act
      and the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act and end overbroad prosecutions for
      terrorism under material support laws
      * Stop the criminalization and profiling of communities based on
      race and religion:end the devastating Secure Communities program that destroys
      families and spreads fear in immigrant neighborhoods
      * End warrantless surveillance and stop the indiscriminate targeting
      and surveillance of Muslim, Middle Eastern, and South Asian communities
      under the guise of national security
      * Support human rights internationally: stop funding and training
      police and militaries abroad implicated in human rights abuses in places like
      * Center women's equality in all policy and legislative initiatives
      concerning their bodily autonomy and right to health
      We know that we cannot rely on politicians or even the courts: only people
      can make meaningful change. This is a critical time for all of us to act
      to change the course of history and build a unified vision for a society
      guided by human rights. Hope only gets you so far. Let's get to work.

      Obama's 2nd Term Mandate: Immigration Reform
      National Immigration Law Cente
      CHICAGO – President Barack Obama has won a second term, beating Republican
      challenger Governor Mitt Romney. Latinos – the fastest growing voting bloc
      in the nation – provided crucial votes to Obama in swing states. Asian
      Americans and other voters of color also played a huge role in re-electing the
      President. Many voted for the president’s re-election not simply to
      support his positions, but as a rebuke to Romney’s harsh anti-immigrant rhetoric.
      Below is a statement from Marielena Hincapié, executive director of the
      National Immigration Law Center:

      “Americans have voted for a more inclusive country. Politicians on both
      sides of the aisle should finally realize that they can no longer scapegoat
      Latinos, immigrants, and other voters of color to score cheap political
      points among the xenophobic segments of our community without paying a price at
      the ballot box. President Obama, like Harry Reid two years ago, shrewdly
      recognized that his opponent’s harsh self-deportation policies about
      aspiring American citizens would only serve to drive Latinos and Asian Americans
      to vote against extremism.

      “As a result, the mandate for President Obama, along with the newly
      elected members of Congress, should be clear: voters want an immigration system
      that treats aspiring citizens with dignity, and provides a roadmap for those
      living and working here to integrate fully into society.

      “We fully recognize that one person cannot accomplish immigration reform
      on his own. We expect President Obama to exert his considerable leadership
      to replace a system that has for too long shattered Latino and other
      immigrant families and for Congress to come to the table. We will no longer
      tolerate status quo of record deportations and aggressive detention policies, and
      politicians on both sides of the aisle should recognize that if they
      adhere to these draconian positions, their political future is at risk. The
      demographic writing is on the wall: Republicans and Democrats alike should
      begin working now toward creating an inclusive society in the future, or risk
      losing the heart of future American voters.”

      The Obama Administration has an ambitious agenda, and many of their
      policies will have a profound effect on immigrants’ lives. Here are a few of the
      most important issues affecting immigrants today:

      - Immigration reform. Though President Obama has reiterated his support
      for immigration reform to Univision and the Des Moines Register, precious
      little has been said about how he would achieve such reform. Immigrant
      families have suffered under record breaking deportations; we must not allow these
      detention and deportation systems to continue to destroy immigrant
      communities simply because both parties cannot agree on how best to create a
      roadmap to citizenship for the men and women who are American in their hearts,
      if not by their papers.

      - Immigrant access to health care. The Obama administration should
      continue to implement the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in as robust a fashion as
      possible, and any effort to reform our broken immigration system must protect
      access to existing affordable care options for newly authorized immigrants.
      This includes repealing an ill-advised rule excluding young immigrants
      granted a reprieve from deportation under Deferred Action for Childhood

      - Preventing family separation. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
      agents should finally begin adhering to the memos issued by the administration
      that outline when an individual should be allowed to return to his or her
      family rather than undergo deportation proceedings. Currently, many
      individuals who should not be deported under the guidance are banished from the
      United States, often leaving loved ones and children behind.

      - Promoting economic justice for all workers and their families. Working
      immigrant families have the most to lose under sequestration budget
      negotiations that will take place in the coming months. President Obama and
      Congress must protect critical safety-net programs, including the Child Tax Credit
      and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (food stamps), which help
      lift millions of families out of poverty each year.

      - Promoting a level playing field for all workers. Ensure that abusive
      employers don’t use immigration status to thwart labor rights or to gain
      competitive advantage over workers by vigorously enforcing the agreement between
      the Department of Labor and Department of Homeland Security to ensure that
      workplace immigrant apprehension and detention doesn’t undermine labor
      standards enforcement.

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      Useful Immigrant Resources on Detention and Deportation
      Face Sheet: _Immigration Detention--Questions and Answers_
      (http://www.immigrantsolidarity.org/Documents/detq&aflier.pdf) (Dec, 2008) by:
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      following information, please visit DWN website:
      _http://www.detentionwatchnetwork.org_ (http://www.detentionwatchnetwork.org/)
      _Tracking ICE's Enforcement Agenda_
      _Real Deal fact sheet on detention_
      _Real Deal fact sheet on border_
      - _From Raids to Deportation-A Community Resource Kit_
      - Know Your Rights in the Community (_English_
      lish.pdf) , _Spanish_
      (http://www.immigrantsolidarity.org/Documents/DWN/41.%20Know%20Your%20Rights%20in%20Community%20--%20Spanish.pdf) )
      - _Know Your Rights in Detention_
      - _Pre-Raid Community Safety Plan_
      - _Raids to Deportation Map_
      - _Raids to Deportation Policy Map_

      More on Immigration Resource Page
      Useful Handouts and Know Your Immigrant Rights When Marches

      Immigrant Marches / Marchas de los Inmigrantes
      (By ACLU)

      _Acerca de la Union Americana de Libertades Civiles_

      Immigrants and their supporters are participating in marches all over the
      country to protest proposed national legislation and to seek justice for
      immigrants. The materials available here provide important information about
      the rights and risks involved for anyone who is planning to participate in
      the ongoing marches.
      If government agents question you, it is important to understand your
      rights. You should be careful in the way you speak when approached by the
      police, FBI, or INS. If you give answers, they can be used against you in a
      criminal, immigration, or civil case.
      The ACLU's publications below provide effective and useful guidance in
      several languages for many situations. The brochures apprise you of your legal
      rights, recommend how to preserve those rights, and provide guidance on
      how to interact with officials.
      _Know Your Rights When Encountering Law Enforcement_
      | _Conozca Sus Derechos Frente A Los Agentes Del Orden Público_

      ACLU of Massachusetts - Your Rights And Responsibilities If You Are
      Contacted By The Authorities _English_ (http://www.aclum.org/pdf/bustcard.pdf) |
      _Spanish_ (http://www.aclu-nj.org/downloads/BustcardSpanish.pdf) |
      _Chinese_ (http://www.aclum.org/pdf/bustcard.pdf)

      ACLU of Massachusetts - _What to do if stopped and questioned about your
      immigration status on the street, the subway, or the bus_
      | _Que hacer si Usted es interrogado en el tren o autobus acerca de su
      estatus inmigratorio_

      ACLU of South Carolina - _How To Deal With A 287(g)_
      | _Como Lidiar Con Una 287(g)_

      ACLU of Southern California - _What to Do If Immigration Agents or Police
      Stop You While on Foot, in Your Car, or Come to Your Home_
      | _Qué Hacer Si Agentes de Inmigración o la Policía lo Paran Mientras Va
      Caminando, lo Detienen en su Auto o Vienen a su Hogar_

      ACLU of Washington - Brochure for Iraqis: What to Do If the FBI or Police
      Contact You for Questioning _English_
      (http://www.aclu-wa.org/detail.cfm?id=200) | _Arabic_ (http://aclu-wa.org/detail.cfm?id=354)

      ACLU of Washington - _Your Rights at Checkpoints at Ferry Terminals_
      | _Sus Derechos en Puestos de Control en las Terminales de
      Transbordadores_ (http://www.aclu-wa.org/library_files/FerryCheckpointsSpan%206-08.pdf)
      _Immigrant Protests - What Every Worker Should Know: _
      | _Manifestaciones de los Inmigrantes - Lo Que Todo Trabajador Debe Saber_

      ACLU of Florida Brochure - _The Rights of Protesters_
      | _Los Derechos de los Manifestantes_
      Washington State - _Student Walkouts and Political Speech at School_
      | _Huelgas Estudiantiles y Expresión Política en las Escuelas_

      _California Students: Public School Walk-outs and Free Speech_
      | _Estudiantes de California: Marchas o Huelgas y La Libertad de Expresión
      en las Escuelas Públicas_


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