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  • Jerry Rubin
    Paul Conrad s Chain Reaction Recently Landmarked Sculpture Could Be Positively Revisited By Santa Monica City Council It s true that art funding needs a
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 7, 2012
      Paul Conrad's "Chain Reaction" Recently Landmarked Sculpture Could Be Positively Revisited
      By Santa Monica City Council

      It's true that art funding needs a boost, but in the great city of Santa Monica, where so much deserved
      respect is given to art, landmarking, and peace issues, it is really not all that surprising that most of the
      candidates who ran for the 4 seats on the 7-member City Council, pledged that if elected or reelected
      they would support saving and restoring "Chain Reaction" in the Civic Center where it has been
      standing since 1991.

      That is good news for the many "Chain Reaction" supporters, who recognize the significance and
      importance of the 26-foot-tall nuclear mushroom cloud iconic public art landmarked peace sculpture that
      was created by the late 3-time Pulitzer Prize winning political cartoonist Paul Conrad, who gifted it to Santa
      Monica through a $250,000 philanthropic donation.

      It is also very likely to be bad news for those people that keep insisting that it is just a pile of junk,
      that it is not really art, and that it is worthless and should be torn down immediately.

      Of course, everyone has a right to their own aesthetic opinion of "Chain Reaction", or any piece of art.
      It would be a very boring art City indeed if we all agreed on every artwork.

      Most certainly "Chain Reaction" is not just a massive "bowl of fruit" art sculpture.
      It is a unique, creative, and timely monumental sculpture that gets people to think, feel, discuss,
      and debate. It is a serious warning against the continuing escalation of nuclear weapons and the danger to
      our planet in advent of any planned or accidental nuclear launch. In fact, the late Paul Conrad inscribed
      at the sculpture's base: "This is a statement of peace. May it never become an epitaph."

      Two of the four winning vote getters in the November 6 Santa Monica City Council election, Terry O'Day and Gleam Davis have been serving the City well and were again reelected. Their pledge of support for
      "Chain Reaction" is extremely important and is deeply appreciated.

      One of the other two new members elected to the City Council is not really new. Tony Vasquez has
      served honorably on the City Council before. In fact, Tony was elected to the Council in the November,
      1990 election, just after the Council voted to approve "Chain Reaction". He was supportive of "Chain Reaction" then and has again pledged his full support.

      The other newly elected Council member is Ted Winterer. Ted, who was the top vote getter, has currently been serving on the S.M. Planning Commission. Although Ted did not reply to a request to find out his views on "Chain Reaction" restoration, he did, when asked, say he would be willing to meet with Paul Conrad's son David Conrad to discuss the "Chain Reaction" issue. Those who know Ted really well have
      said he will likely be a very strong advocate for "Chain Reaction" restoration.

      So, congratulations to the election winners! They will be sworn in at the December 11 Council meeting (tentative date) and will be joining Council members Bob Holbrook, Pam O'Conner, and Kevin McKeown.

      And thanks to the other City Council candidates. Their hard work and dedication is deeply appreciated.
      We had also received "Chain Reaction" pledges of support from many of the other Council candidates, including:
      Education Advocate, Shari Davis; Planning Commissioner, Richard McKinnon; Former Planning Commissioner, Frank Gruber; and Attorneys, Bob Seldon and Steve Duron. I'm confident they all will
      continue helping with the "Save Chain Reaction" community and Conrad family effort.

      So, since it often takes substantial funds to do substantially good things, everyone is cordially invited to
      make their personal contribution (tax deductible) to help save and restore "Chain Reaction".
      Please Visit: ConradProjects.com

      Thank you, stay tuned, and keep up the good work!

      Jerry Rubin


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