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Fwd: Marvin X on US Media

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  • Michael Novick
    From: Li l Joe I am forwarding this piece by Marvin X on the despicable propaganda machine which presents itself as so-called American
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2003
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      From: Li'l Joe <joeradical@...>

      I am forwarding this piece by Marvin X on the despicable
      propaganda machine which presents itself as so-called
      "American Journalism". Marvin X is a friend and comrade
      for many years in the Black Liberation Movement. He
      refused to go to Vietnam to kill the Vietnamese. Rather,
      without the monetary resources of his fellow Muslim,
      Muhammad Ali, Marvin X was forced to rely on the People:
      Marvin went underground. Marvin, who is also a great
      poet, escaped the clutches of the pigs momentarily by
      relocating to Guyana. But, Marvin was sent back to
      what he calls the Crazy House called America. Here in
      'democratic America' Marvin was promptly arrested, and
      became one of the hundreds of Black Political Prisoners,
      many of which are Still in Jail. .
      When I met Marvin, in the late 60s or early 70s, he was
      a poet teaching one of the humanities at Fresno State
      College. The State went after him and caused the school
      to fire him. When 9/11 happened, Marvin X and his
      friend and fellow poet, Amiri Baraka, were of the few
      voices refusing to capitulate to the drum-beating patriotism
      of the print and electronic media, or to the social
      patriotism of the American Left. They, like their mentor
      Malcolm X stood their ground and spoke the truth.
      Marvin's new book out titled The Crazy House Called

      Lil Joe

      --- Xblackxmanx@... wrote:
      Death of American Media
      Marvin X
      The embedding of journalists with the American troops
      signals the death of serious American journalism and
      the rise of alternative media sources. American journalism
      prided itself on one theme: objectivity, but the Iraq
      war finally pulled the covers off this imperialist/
      capitalist scam. We see clearly the media is part
      and parcel of the military/university/prison/
      technological complex of institutions designed to hold
      the world hostage to one world view, that of Pax
      Americana. Yes, it is indeed hard to be objective
      when you are in bed with someone who is protecting
      your life: you are going to see what they see and
      only what they see.
      But the shame of the American media goes beyond merely
      getting in bed, it is better described as prostitution
      because the media is merely a whore for the Pentagon, so
      happy to be in bed with the soldiers that they are
      climaxing at every turn of the tank wheels.
      Their glorification of American military technology is obscene
      and profane as bombs and missiles rain down on Baghdad.
      ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, CNN are much the same dancing puppets,
      while they cry about Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya as propaganda
      organs. But let's face it, in the great cultural divide,
      what's news to you ain't news to me. Muhammad Speaks was
      the greatest newspaper of the Western world, and since
      its demise with the passing of the Honorable Elijah
      Muhammad in 1975, the news ain't news, ain't nothing but
      the blues.
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