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[LAAMN-ANN] Public Interest and Environmental Law

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  • John Johnson
    Land, Air, Water 18th Annual Public Interest and Environmental Law Conference Six Billion Downstream March 2-5, 2000 Eugene, Oregon Controversies ranging
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      Land, Air, Water 18th Annual Public Interest
      and Environmental Law Conference
      "Six Billion Downstream"
      March 2-5, 2000
      Eugene, Oregon

      Controversies ranging from dam removal to the WTO protests
      will provide fuel for the 18th Annual Public Interst and
      Environmental Law Conference (PIELC) at the University of

      The PIELC is the oldest and largest conference of its kind
      in the world. It provides an opportunity for the leaders
      and activists within the environemtnal movement to meet and
      chart strategies for the upcoming year. It also promotes
      open and often highly charged debate on some of the most
      sensitive and urgent environmental issues of our day.

      The gathering is the premier annual gathering for
      environmentalists worldwide. Now in its 18th year, the
      Conference unites more than 3,000 attorneys, activists,
      scientists, students, and concerned citizens from around
      the globe to share their experience and expertise. With over
      100 panels, workshops, multi-media presentations, keynote
      addresses and other activities, the Conference has become
      an inspiring event full of energy, innovation and action
      for all who participate in the environmental movement.

      Over 100 panels will cover a wide range of issues including
      population, bioengineering, dam removal, Indigenous rights,
      land exchanges, tactics/strategies of direct action, animal
      research, ecofeminism, and forestry practices.

      The keynoters from around the world include:

      David Brower, founder of Friends of Earth, Earth Island
      Institute, and former Executive Director of the Sierra Club.

      Julia Butterfly Hill, world renowned forest activist and
      "Luna" tree-sitter at Headwaters.

      Rod Coronodo, activist and former political prisoner.

      Birute Galdikas, President of Orangutan Foundation

      Bill Meadows, President of the Wilderness Society.

      A complete list of keynote speakers is available throught
      the Conference's web page at:


      2000 Conference Directors:

      Ann Hensley: 541-346-3828, ann@...
      Camilla Boyte: 541-346-3828, camillae@...
      Courtney Brown: 541-346-3828, cbrown@...
      Heather Timmerman: 541-346-3828, heathert@...


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