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CIA to UNICEF: Big Aid Has a Very Dirty Secret

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  • Romi Elnagar
    CIA to UNICEF: Big Aid Has a Very Dirty Secret 02.08.2011   Former National Security Advisor in the Clinton White House and failed nominee to head the CIA,
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      CIA to UNICEF: Big Aid Has a Very Dirty Secret



      National Security Advisor in the Clinton White House and failed nominee
      to head the CIA, Anthony "Tony" Lake, is now Executive Director of the
      United Nations Children's Fund, UNICEF.
      Having a background in Western
      intelligence is a requirement to run a Big Aid "familia." Every head of
      any of the major international aid agencies comes vetted by years of
      loyal service up to and including being a "made man" (or woman in
      today's equal opportunity offender circles) like Tony Lake.
      What are Tony Lake's qualifications to
      run the number one children's relief works in the world? Maybe his
      silence during the Rwandan genocide, when as National Security Advisor
      to President Clinton, he admitted knowing about and "regretted" not
      doing something when hundreds of thousands of women and children were
      hacked to death in central Africa. Then there were the million and a
      half women and children in Eritrea who had to flee for their lives in
      the face of the Ethiopian invasion in 2000, something Tony Lake was
      intimately involved in helping instigate and direct.
      Tony Lake was nominated to be the
      Director of the CIA as a parting gift for his loyal role as consigliere
      in the Clinton White House, a gift taken from him when reports of
      corruption derailed his nomination.
      War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity and
      least of all just plain corruption, Tony Lake has done it all, even
      admitting to going on the payroll after leaving the White House as an
      agent for the Ethiopian Government, they of ethnic cleansing and
      genocide infamy.

      Tony Lake was an officer
      of the Obama for President ship and resumed his role as consigliere
      pre-election to the president to be. He was listed as senior foreign
      policy advisor to Obama and was one of the last of the inner circle to
      be rewarded for his foresight.
      From CIA to UNICEF? The charge that
      every person who has headed a major western aid agency has an
      intelligence background has been proven time and time again. It may have
      taken some serious digging, some dogged investigation, but the fact
      remains that everyone of those supposed humanitarians that has been
      investigated has turned out to be a wolf in sheep's clothing.
      BIg Aid was created as a nefarious tool
      for dirty doings in the Third World by the powers that be in the west
      and only trusted capos from the inner circle are allowed to plan and
      implement their crimes. Of course some good works have to be done, or no
      one would allow them into their countries. Its only from the inside
      that they can be really effective in buying off or if that doesn't work,
      "neutralizing" those in power.
      Whether its the World Health
      Organization suppressing news of the breakthrough in malaria mortality
      prevention, to the World Food Program trying to destroy food
      security/self sufficiency, to Tony Lake taking over UNICEF, the word to
      the wise is beware enemies bearing gifts. Big Aid has a very dirty
      secret and the whole world needs to know about it.
      Thomas C. Mountain
      Asmara, Eritrea
      Thomas C. Mountain is the only
      independent western journalist in the Horn of Africa, living and
      reporting from Eritrea since 2006.

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