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[LAAMN-ANN] Upcoming Pacifica Radio Board Meeting

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  • Andrea Buffa
    February 3, 2000 Dear friend, I am writing about the upcoming Pacifica Foundation board of directors meeting that will be held in Washington, DC the last
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      February 3, 2000

      Dear friend,

      I am writing about the upcoming Pacifica Foundation board
      of directors meeting that will be held in Washington, DC
      the last weekend of February 2000. Media Alliance, a San
      Francisco-based media advocacy nonprofit, helped organize
      delegations of media activists to attend the last two
      board meetings. The presence of these delegations sent an
      important message to Pacifica board members that listeners,
      staff, local advisory board members, and community organizers
      throughout the network are going to hold them accountable
      for acts of censorship, misuse of funds, anti-democratic
      structural changes to the organization, and acts that signal
      the Pacifica leadership's willingness to abandon grassroots
      reporting and progressive politics.

      DIRECTION OF THE NETWORK. The board members need to know
      what you think about their recent actions which range from
      spending half a million dollars on armed guards and P.R.
      to close down KPFA radio this past summer to conducting
      a campaign of censorship against staff who report on the
      Pacifica radio crisis (most recently Dan Coughlin and Verna
      Avery Brown of the Pacifica Network News). The board meeting
      also presents an opportunity for reformers within the network
      to talk to and strategize with each other something that is
      incredibly important considering that Pacifica has spent so
      many years trying to divide station from station, union
      staff from non-union staff, and staff from listeners.

      The contact organization for activities related to the
      February 2000 board meeting will be the Alliance for
      Progressive Radio, based in D.C. You can reach them c/o
      Sam Husseini at (202) 347-0020. Some events for that weekend
      are in the works, including a Friday night panel discussion
      being planned by the Unitarian Universalists for a Just
      Economic Community. The tentative location for the event
      will be at the Universalist Church, 1810 16th Street, NW.
      That space should also be available for meetings during the
      day and evening on Saturday. When the dates and times of
      these and other events are determined, they will be posted
      at <http://www.freewpfw.org>. Within the next few weeks, the
      official Pacifica board meeting schedule should be posted at

      The communication among organizations and individuals who
      are fighting for democratic structural changes and radical
      programming at Pacifica has been far from perfect. We don't
      all agree on the changes that need to be made and the
      methods by which to achieve those changes. But we can
      probably agree that most of the board members have made
      little effort to seek out our perspective on the issues
      and need to hear it loud and clear.

      In addition to attending the board meeting, I encourage you
      to meet with the national board members from your area and
      to get them to propose resolutions that reflect the needs
      and interests of your signal area for example, resolutions
      regarding censorship, financial transparency, and democracy
      at Pacifica. Or, if you think as I do that most of these
      board members should resign, please show up to the meeting
      and tell them so.

      Here's hoping that we can transform Pacifica from the bottom
      up into a relevant, politically radical, diverse, independent
      radio network.


      Andrea Buffa
      Executive Director
      Media Alliance


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