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'Israel right or wrong' crowd advocates censorship in Seattle

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  • Romi Elnagar
    Israel right or wrong crowd advocates censorship in Seattle By rallying pressure to prevent the placement or ads critical to Israel s treatment of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 4, 2011
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      'Israel right or wrong' crowd advocates censorship in Seattle
      By rallying pressure to prevent the placement
      or ads critical to Israel's treatment of Palestinians, writes guest
      writer Ed Mast, the "Israel right or wrong" supporters advocated
      censorship in Seattle.

      By Edward Mast
      Special to The Times



      I WAS part of a group that raised money for a series of Metro
      Transit bus ads that read, "ISRAELI WAR CRIMES: Your Tax Dollars At
      Work." We abided by King County guidelines and our ads were approved by
      King County Metro Transit.

      With a signed contract, ads were printed and ready for Dec. 27, which
      marked two years to the day Israel dropped a bomb on a schoolyard in
      Gaza just as children were leaving class. Many were killed. For the next
      three weeks, Israel killed 1,400 people in Gaza, mostly noncombatants.
      More than 300 of the killed were children. Investigations by the United
      Nations and Amnesty International concluded that Israel committed war

      We didn't announce the ad campaign, but news leaked out and some
      local groups that defend Israel from all criticism took action to
      convince King County that any discussion of Israeli war crimes is
      inappropriate for public speech.

      "War crime" is a legal term referring to a grave violation of the
      Geneva Conventions. Such violations by Israel have been well-documented
      throughout its lengthy occupation of Palestinian lands, and have
      included thousands of Israeli rockets fired into Gaza before 2008 and
      continuing attacks today. But U.S. military, political and diplomatic
      support, including $3 billion per year in military funding, gives Israel
      virtual impunity, and this one-sided U.S. support makes us complicit in
      Israel's crimes.

      Violations by Palestinians in their struggle for self-determination
      have also been documented, though violations by Israel are far more
      numerous and far less reported in this country. The bus ads were an
      attempt to correct that imbalance.

      When the U.N. Fact-Finding Committee Report, known as the Goldstone
      Report, concluded that Israel's assault on Gaza was "a deliberately
      disproportionate attack designed to punish, humiliate and terrorize a
      civilian population," Israel tried to bury the report, not by bringing
      counter-evidence but by defaming committee chair Richard Goldstone as
      anti-Jewish, even though Goldstone is Jewish himself and is a
      self-declared Zionist with family in Israel.

      Similarly, when we tried to raise awareness of Israeli war crimes
      this month in Seattle, groups trying to block the ad imitated Israel's
      approach. Rather than attempting to disprove that Israel commits war
      crimes, they demanded special treatment for Israel, using the
      reprehensible and increasingly discredited argument that any criticism
      of Israel is the same as criticizing Jewish people in Seattle.

      Israel uses the Jewish people of the world as a shield for its own
      ongoing human-rights violations. An increasing number of Jews —
      including those who worked with us on our bus-ad campaign — are outraged
      that Israel uses them as its excuse for continuing crimes. They insist
      that Israel is a nation-state that should not be immune from criticism.
      But others still defend Israel, right or wrong, as a frightened parent
      might defend a spoiled child who is also a bully.

      Those groups wanting to silence the ad mounted a phone and e-mail
      campaign to disrupt King County Metro, along with an implied threat of
      violence both toward Metro buses and toward others. In the short term,
      they were successful in preventing the ads from going up.

      In doing so, they not only demonstrated fear of open debate, but made
      public the problem: Any hard truths about Israel must face silencing
      not only by those who defend Israeli impunity, but also by those elected
      officials who can be intimidated by them.

      Many of those who take an "Israel right or wrong" stance consider
      themselves social-justice activists in other fields. On the subject of
      Israel, however, they become advocates of apartheid, ethnic dictatorship
      and outright racism.

      In this case, they have advocated censorship in Seattle. It is a
      chilling spectacle to watch some of our neighbors demonstrating so
      clearly that support for oppression anywhere is a danger to freedom
      everywhere.Edward Mast is a volunteer with Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign, which sponsored the recently canceled bus ads.


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