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Hands Off Venezuela statement on the September 26 elections

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  • Cort Greene
    http://www.handsoffvenezuela.org/venezuela_september_26_elections.htm Hands Off Venezuela statement on the September 26
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      Hands Off Venezuela statement on the September 26
      by Hands Off Venezuela Tuesday, 31 August 2010 15:56 [image: asamblea]The
      National Assembly elections in Venezuela, which will take place on September
      26, will mark a turning point for the Bolivarian revolution. What is at
      stake is not only who will have a majority in the National Assembly, but the
      future of the revolutionary process itself.

      The Bolivarian Revolution has sunk deep roots among the Venezuelan people.
      The conquests it has achieved for workers and peasants, for the poorest
      layers in the cities and in the countryside, are well known: in the fields
      of education, health care, the development of basic infrastructures, state
      control over strategic industries, and the beginning of an agrarian reform.

      The example of Venezuela has inspired workers, peasants and the people of
      Latin America and the world in their struggle against imperialist
      domination, poverty and exploitation.

      But the Bolivarian Revolution has also unleashed the wrath of US imperialism
      and its allies in the Venezuelan oligarchy, who see these social conquests
      as a threat to the interests of the rich and powerful. They have used all
      means at their disposal to undermine the aims and achievements of the
      revolution: through international diplomatic pressure, a constant media
      campaign of lies and slander, attempts to sabotage the Venezuelan economy,
      not to mention several coup attempts and plots.

      If the forces of the right wing and reaction gain a sizable presence in the
      National Assembly, there is no doubt that they will use it as a weapon to
      block or reverse the progressive measures taken so far, and as a focal point
      to stall the advance of the revolution. They are already doing this in
      Venezuela, and the same can be seen in countries like Honduras, Bolivia and
      Ecuador, and in the past, in Nicaragua and Chile.

      A defeat of the Venezuelan revolution would be used against all those around
      the world who suffer the domination and the oppression of the powerful, and
      who struggle for a better world. It would encourage the reactionary
      political forces in every country to intensify their right-wing policies,
      and aid in their efforts to weaken and demoralize those who oppose them. For
      these reasons, it is now more necessary than ever for all progressive forces
      in society – the workers, the urban and rural poor, the youth, the
      intellectuals and professionals who are committed to the cause of the people
      – to unite their voices and efforts, in Latin America and throughout the
      world, to defend the Bolivarian revolution, showcase its achievements, and
      denounce the forces of reaction that are trying to put an end to it.

      The National Assembly elections of September 26 will be an important
      milestone in this struggle of living forces between progress and reaction,
      between the future and the past. We therefore give our full solidarity and
      support to the Bolivarian candidates of the PSUV and make an appeal to the
      Venezuelan people to support them with their vote.

      We, the undersigned, appeal to all those in solidarity with the Venezuelan
      revolution to redouble their activities in the coming weeks, to fight
      against the campaign of lies and misinformation of the media, and to
      publicise the achievements of the Bolivarian movement. We also aim to build
      solidarity links between the revolutionary people of Venezuela and their
      brothers and sisters in other countries, in order to defend the revolution
      against both its internal and external enemies.

      Together with the Bolivarian Congress of the Peoples in Venezuela, we call
      for the organisation of solidarity actions throughout the world on September
      17 and 18, on the eve of elections.

      In Solidarity,

      Manos Fuera de Venezuela - Comité de Venezuela

      Manos Fuera de Venezuea - Argentina

      Manos Fuera de Venezuela - Bolivia

      Tirem as Mãos da Venezuela - Brasil

      Manos Fuera de Venezuela - El Salvador

      Manos Fuera de Venezuela - México

      Hands Off Venezuela - Estados Unidos

      Louis Riel Bolivarian Circle / Hands Off Venezuela Toronto - Canada

      Hands Off Venezuela - Finland

      Tirem as Mãos da Venezuela - Portugal

      Hands Off Venezuela - Britain

      Giú le Mani dal Venezuela - Italia

      Pas touche au Venezuela - France

      Pas touche au Venezuela - Belgique

      Hände weg von Venezuela - Austria, Germany, Switzerland

      ADD YOUR SIGNATURE<http://www.handsoffvenezuela.org/on_september_26_we_support_the_bolivarian_revolution.htm>-
      OF SIGNATURES<http://manosfueradevenezuela.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=896&Itemid=1>-


      El 26 de setiembre apoyamos la revolución bolivariana - LISTA DE
      FIRMAS [image:
      por Manos Fuera de Venezuela jueves, 19 de agosto de 2010

      Aquí vamos a ir publicando las firmas que recibimos al manifiesto de apoyo a
      la Revolución Bolivariana<http://manosfueradevenezuela.org/index.php?option=com_facileforms&Itemid=79>
      para las elecciones a la Asamblea Nacional del 26 de setiembre:

      Serge Goulart – Dirección Nacional del Partido de los Trabajadores - Brasil

      Severino Nascimento “Faustão” – Dirección Naciona de la CUT - Brasil

      Álvaro Cardoso de Lima “Bambu” – Dirección Ejecutiva Naciona Executiva de la
      CNQ (Confederação Nacional dos Trabalhadores Químicos da CUT) Brasil

      José Carlos Miranda – Coordinación Nacional del Movimento Negro
      Socialista - Brasil

      Dr. Fernando Buen Abad Domínguez, Universidad de la Filosofía/ México

      * **, *Alemania<http://manosfueradevenezuela.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=896&Itemid=1#AL>
      * , *Argentina<http://manosfueradevenezuela.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=896&Itemid=1#AR>
      * , *Bélgica<http://manosfueradevenezuela.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=896&Itemid=1#BE>
      * , *Brasil<http://manosfueradevenezuela.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=896&Itemid=1#BR>
      * , *Bolivia<http://manosfueradevenezuela.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=896&Itemid=1#BO>
      * , *Bosnia-Herzegovina,<http://manosfueradevenezuela.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=896&Itemid=1#BH>
      * *Canadá<http://manosfueradevenezuela.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=896&Itemid=1#CA>
      * , *Colombia<http://manosfueradevenezuela.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=896&Itemid=1#CO>
      * , *Costa Rica<http://manosfueradevenezuela.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=896&Itemid=1#CR>
      * , *Chile<http://manosfueradevenezuela.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=896&Itemid=1#CH>
      * , *Cuba<http://manosfueradevenezuela.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=896&Itemid=1#CU>
      * , *Dinamarca<http://manosfueradevenezuela.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=896&Itemid=1#DI>
      * , *El Salvador<http://manosfueradevenezuela.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=896&Itemid=1#EL>
      * , *Estado Español<http://manosfueradevenezuela.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=896&Itemid=1#ES>
      * , *Estados Unidos<http://manosfueradevenezuela.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=896&Itemid=1#US>
      * , *Finlandia<http://manosfueradevenezuela.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=896&Itemid=1#FI>
      * , *Francia<http://manosfueradevenezuela.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=896&Itemid=1#FR>
      * , *Guatemala<http://manosfueradevenezuela.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=896&Itemid=1#GU>
      * , *Gran Bretaña<http://manosfueradevenezuela.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=896&Itemid=1#GB>
      * , *Hungría<http://manosfueradevenezuela.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=896&Itemid=1#HU>
      * , *Indonesia<http://manosfueradevenezuela.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=896&Itemid=1#IND>
      * , *Italia<http://manosfueradevenezuela.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=896&Itemid=1#IT>
      * , *México<http://manosfueradevenezuela.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=896&Itemid=1#MX>
      * , *Paquistán<http://manosfueradevenezuela.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=896&Itemid=1#PK>
      * , *Perú<http://manosfueradevenezuela.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=896&Itemid=1#PE>
      * , *Portugal<http://manosfueradevenezuela.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=896&Itemid=1#PO>
      * , *República Dominaca<http://manosfueradevenezuela.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=896&Itemid=1#RD>
      * , *Suecia<http://manosfueradevenezuela.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=896&Itemid=1#SW>
      * , *Túnez<http://manosfueradevenezuela.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=896&Itemid=1#TU>
      * , *Turquía <http://manosfueradevenezuela.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=896&Itemid=1#TQ>
      *, *Uruguay<http://manosfueradevenezuela.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=896&Itemid=1#URU>


      Lautaro Taibo, Fundación Jóvenespor el ALBA

      Irama Herrera, Jovenes por elALBA, Cabimas Edo- Zulia
      Roston Davis Venezuela JPSUV
      Antonio R Boza Leon PSUV
      Renato OlavarríaM, Médico
      Ildemaro Del Mar, Anaco-Edo.Anzoategui-Venezuela. PDVSA GAS
      Emiliano ZapataMachin, Caracas, Estudiante
      José Moreno - Punto Fijo,Edo. Falcón, Venezuela - PDVSA - CRP-Patrulla
      "ArranqueSeguro 2003"

      Carlos Augusto García Marcano, PSUV

      Jorge Luis Vielma Rey, Mérida
      AdrianaSandoval Cárdenas, San Cristobal
      JUAN CATARI, Barquisimeto
      DanielRamirez Cuevas, Aragua
      GABRIEL JIMENEZ EMAN, Coro, Falcón
      KARELMARQUEZ, Jóvenes por el ALBA, Zulia

      Teresa Sojo, Misión Sucre,Guatire
      ANDRES FRANCIA, Programa Abrebrecha - Guatire
      BasemTajeldine, Voces contra el imperio
      Jesús María Idrogo, Formaciónsocio política e Ideologica
      José "Papel" Sosa, RedSocialista para la Comunicación, Maracay

      Henry Contreras, Radio Ecos del Mundo,Caracas
      ender siso, Mérida
      Eric Omaña, Profesores SocialistasUCV
      mariadela villanueva, Caracas

      Carmen Rodríguez, Caracas
      Arturo Murillo C., PSUV,Caracas
      Franklin mendez, Barinas
      EUYULOSKIA JASPE, Charallave

      Leonardo Badell, PSUV Sta. Teresa, Caracas

      Euler Calzadilla, PSUV Los teques, Miranda

      Elías Chacón, PSUV Chacao; fué precandidato en las internas de mayo

      Katy Jaimes, Delegada del congreso del PSUV

      Julio Vañes, Comandante del Cuerpo de bomberos del este

      Edwin Aguirre, PSUV Mérida



      Teresa Sojo, mision sucre

      reina aranaga, Caracas

      Vladimir Lazo García, UCV

      Patricio Núñez, Mision Sucre, Guarenas

      Legda Moros, PSUV

      MIGUEL REQUENA, Caracas

      Noemí Frías Durán, Parroquia Altagracia- Caracas, Encuentro Bolivariano-


      Luiraima Salazar, Circulo Bolivariano de Alemania

      Tony Kofoet, IMT (Der Funke), DIE LINKE

      Dr.Schröder, Jörg

      *Argentina *

      Gastón Hirsch, Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires "Apoyo a la Revolución,
      a Hugo Chávez y al marxismo que vuelve a renacer en América Latina, ¡fuerza

      Daniel Casabuena y pertenezco a la organizacion politica Corriente
      Socialista ElMilitante (CMI)

      Sergio Garnero

      Néstor R. Fernández, Neuquén
      Jorge Vargas, San Justo

      José Magallanes, Sindicato docente SUTEBA-Escobar, Escobar

      David Rey, Movimiento Proyecto Sur, Buenos Aires

      Daniela Sáenz, Sindicato ATE-Municipales de Gral. Rguez, General Rodríguez
      (Prov. Buenos Aires)

      Ana Daglio, Partido Obrero Revolucionario

      Héctor Marrese, Solidaridad con Cuba


      Patrick Hens- Manos Fuera deVenezuela
      Francine Melis, Ekeren
      Camiel Delclef,Lokeren
      Vervaet Luk, Egalité, Brussels
      Muylaert Dietrich,Gante
      Dennis De Meyer, BBTK
      Rita LEMMENS, socialista
      Yarenny Fernández, Turnhout

      Bernard Lindekens


      Serge Goulart – Direção Nacional do PT

      Severino Nascimento “Faustão” – Direção Nacional da CUT

      Álvaro Cardoso de Lima “Bambu” – Direção Executiva Nacional da CNQ
      (Confederação Nacional dos Trabalhadores Químicos da CUT)

      Adilson Mariano – Vereador de Joinville-SC pelo PT

      Roque Ferreira – Vereador de Bauru-SP pelo PT

      Pedro Santinho – Coordenador do Conselho Operário da Fábrica Ocupada Flaskô

      José Carlos Miranda – Coordenação Nacional do Movimento Negro Socialista

      Cynthia Pinto da Luz – Movimento Nacional de Direitos Humanos

      Maria de Lourdes Coelho “Lourdinha” – Confederação Nacional dos
      Trabalhadores no Serviço Público Municipal da CUT

      Arlindo Belo – Direção Nacional da CNQ (Confederação Nacional dos
      Trabalhadores Químicos da CUT)

      Carlos Castro – Direção Executiva Estadual do PT de Santa Catarina

      Josenildo Vieira de Mello – Direção Executiva da CUT (Pernambuco)

      Alexsandro Batista – Direção Executiva da CUT (Santa Catarina)

      Maico Paixão – Presidente da UJES (União Joinvillense dos Estudantes)

      Delmo Bussolaro – Presidente do PT de Araquari-SC

      Ulrich Beathalter – Presidente do Sinserj (Sindicato dos Servidores Públicos
      de Joinville-SC)

      Rosângela Soldatelli – ex-Presidente do Sintrasem (Sindicato dos
      Trabalhadores do Serviço Municipal de Florianópolis-SC)

      Clarice Erhardt – Coordenadora Regional de Joinville do Sindicato dos
      Trabalhadores em Educação de Santa Catarina

      Milton Zanotto – Diretor do Sinpronorte-SC (Sindicato dos Professores do
      Norte de Santa Catarina)

      Ricardo Morais – Diretor do Sindiquímica (Pernambuco)

      Mirian dos Santos – Direção do Sinteepe e Diretório Municipal do PT de

      André Olegário – Diretor da UEE-SP (União Estadual dos Estudantes de São

      Verivaldo Mota “Galo” – Direção Executiva do Sindicato dos Trabalhadores
      Vidreiros do Estado de São Paulo

      Plínio Baldoni – Direção Executiva do Sindicato dos Ferroviários de Bauru,
      MT e MS

      Luciene Cordeiro – Direção Executiva do Sinduprom (Pernambuco)

      José Guido – Direção Executiva do Sindicato dos Trabalhadores Vidreiros do
      Estado de São Paulo

      José Luis dos Santos “Paraná” – Direção Executiva do Sindicato dos
      Trabalhadores Vidreiros do Estado de São Paulo

      Mario Conte – Direção Executiva do Sindicato dos Músicos Profissionais
      Independentes de São Paulo

      Francisca Schardeng – Direção Executiva do PT de Joinville-SC

      Francisco Lanzzarin – Direção Executiva do PT de Garuva-SC

      Airton Sudbrack – Direção Executiva do PT de Jaraguá do Sul-SC

      Moacir Nazário – Direção Executiva do PT de Joinville-SC

      Silvio Durante – Direção Executiva Municipal de Bauru da JPT (Juventude do

      Caio Dezorzi – Diretório Municipal do PT de São Paulo

      Adhel Daher – Diretório Municipal do PT de Araçatuba-SP

      Rafael Prata – Diretório Municipal do PT de Campinas-SP

      Fabiano Stoiev – Diretório Municipal do PT de Curitiba-PR

      Andrea Penha – Direção Executiva da AMES (Associação Matogrossense de
      Estudantes Secundaristas)

      Alexandre Mandl – Conselho Operário da Fábrica Ocupada Flaskô

      Tiago de Carvalho – Presidente do Centro Acadêmico de Direito da Univille

      Abdeir Chrispim – Centro Acadêmico de Filosofia - USP

      Roberta Ninin – Coletivo de Cultura da CUT de São Paulo

      Ludmila Facella – Ocupação do Coseas da USP

      Fábio Ramirez – Juventude Marxista

      Mayara Colzani – Grêmio da Escola Paulo Medeiros (Joinville-SC)

      Luana Hellmann – Grêmio da Escola Germano Timm (Joinville-SC)

      Iago Paqui – Grêmio da Escola Tufi Dippe (Joinville-SC)

      Nicolas Marcos – Grêmio da Escola Presidente Médice (Joinville/SC)

      Marília Carbonari, Esquerda Marxista

      Vinícius Dantas, Associação de Pós-graduandos da UFSCar

      Flávio Almeida Reis, Direção da Juventude do PT de Caxias -RJ

      Luiz Cláudio, Claro Rio

      Marco Aurélio da Silva, Indaiatuba-SP

      Diego Passos dos Santos, estudante de economia da PUC-SP


      María Elena Parada, Santa Cruz


      Duško, Bosnian Herzegovinian Venezuelan Solidarity Movement

      *Canadá *

      Alex Grant, HOV Canada

      Julian Benson, Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) Local 5108

      Nchama Miller, National Council of Latin American and Caribbean Women of

      Graham Cox, Leftnews.org

      Gabriel Keresztesi

      Nery Quintero

      Susan Stout, TUCJME

      Michael Romandel, Fightback

      Susan Campbell

      samira amndan

      Mary Tabar

      Stéphanie Vaudry, Société Bolivarienne du Québec

      Yuri Yarin, Toronto Young New Democrats

      Gordon Flett, IWW Vancouver

      Arash Azizi, Ontario New Democratic Party of Ontario - Ethnic Liaision

      Sheila Dunnachie

      Tyler Burgoyne

      Kevin Bell, Hands Off Venezuela Vancouver

      Alan Wai Kiat Tang, New Democratic Party of Canada

      David Heap, People for Peace, London (Ontario)

      Alfredo Marroquin, Movimiento Farabundista

      Alcides Rodriguez

      Harmony Hussey, University of Toronto

      Janet Hudgins

      John Jones

      Zain Patel

      Jorge A. Escobar, USW

      Denise Dufault

      Carlos A. Rodriguez, LACASA, London

      Gustavo Ruiz

      chris stroud

      Karen Hamilton

      Gladys Navarro, Base de Paix de Montreal

      Sabina Becker

      Pamela Dogra

      John Riddell, Venezuela We Are With You Coalition

      Howard Tessler

      Rufus Polson

      Muhammad Zubair

      *Colombia *

      Johan Doncel, Unidad Popular
      Luis Silva, Barrios Unidos
      Andrea Lopez, Bogotá

      *Costa Rica*

      federico picado gómez, San José


      Anibal Ramón Cabrera
      AdolfoAlvarez Perez, juventudes comunistas de chile, Santiago




      Kurt Mattsson

      *El Salvador*

      Napo Rodriguez, Bloque Popular Juvenil

      Esmeralda Guevara

      sandra castillo, Bloque Popular Juvenil, "adelante camaradas... patria
      socialismo o muerte"

      *Estado Español *

      Empar Cogollos Calabuig, PSUC-viu

      Ferran Alemany, PSUC- viu
      DavidJarne Díez, Manos Fuera de Venezuela
      Daniel Cots Martín,Delegado personal por UGT
      Erica Zeitz
      Joan ManuelSegura Miró. Afiliado de esquerra alternativa i verda -
      Emi Aperte Minguez, Castejón, Navarra
      JavierMéndez-Vigo Hernández, FETE-UGTPV
      Adrián SánchezCastillo, Madrid, CCOO
      Alberto Ruiz, Izquierda UnidaExtremadura
      Luis Castillo Molina, Sevilla, CCOO
      RICARDOGAYOL RODRIGUEZ, Toledo, Fundación Hijos del Maíz
      ValentinPinilla Gonzalez, IU MALAGA, CCOOEDUCACION

      Javier Sepulveda Valiente, CMI,Marbella

      elizabeth perez molina,CMI Y ESQUERRA UNIDA, Mallorca
      Brais Fernandez Matute, Vigo
      Rosa Álvarez Andrés, Sindicato UGT-MCA, Cornellà de Llobregat
      Inmaculada Pérez Martín, Asociación Malagueña Josefa Camejo

      José Luis Paleán Martín, Lepe

      Josep Sanchez, CGT Lleida, El Militante

      Mariló Tudela

      Ana Mari Garcia Garcia, CC.OO de Enseñanza- Asturias

      Manuel Fernandez, Izquierda Unida, Gijón - Asturias

      Pablo Barrón Muruais, Madrid

      MIGUEL JIMÉNEZ ABOLLADO, asamblea IU Puerto de la Torre (Málaga)


      *Estados Unidos*

      Movimiento por una Amnistia Incondicional (Mara Uriol)

      Joshua Purcell, Worker's International League / International Marxist

      Zafra Miriam, California
      Gabriel de Jesus Cabrera, San Francisco, Manos Fuera de Venezuela

      Cort Greene- Miami, Flordia, USA
      Norma J F Harrison , California, Peace and Freedom Party

      John Peterson, Campaign for a Mass Party of Labor

      Gerry and Genny Foley, US

      Laurie & Dave King, Portland Jobs with Justice

      Marcy J. Gordon

      Gunnar Gundersen, Oregon Bolivarian Circle

      David Davis, Colombia Support Network, Cross Border Network for Justice and
      Solidarity, SOAW, MITF, Quixote Center

      Kevin Nance, Workers International League, United Food and Commercial
      Workers Local 1776

      Michelle Araica, Skyline Against Cuts

      Lynn Biddle

      Marvin Joel Rubin, http://advant.blogspot.com

      Antonio Balmer, Workers International League (IMT)

      Andrew Wagner, Workers' International League - IMT

      Greg Klave, Minnesota Cuba Committee

      Alison Njora

      Gayathri R

      *Finlandia *

      Rauni Salminen, apoyamos la revolucion
      bolivariana, Handsoffvenezuela-Finlandia


      Anne Marie GUEGUEN, Grenoble, PCF

      Pallares Nathanaëlle, Blaye

      Gutierrez Laurent, PCF, "La Riposte"

      Alexa Staffler

      *Guatemala *

      Lisandro Gutierrez, URNG, "Adelante camaradas, con el socialismo. Patria,
      Socialismo o Muerte!! Venceremos"

      *Gran Bretaña*

      Funda Kansu, London

      Eddie Jacobs, Balliol College Oxford

      Mark Osgood, IMT

      Mark Hollinrake, PCS, UNITE

      chris burrows, Labour Party

      Allan Whiterhead

      Joe Fallon, Student - St Andrews


      Kiss Károly Imre , Magyar Ellenállókés Antifasiszták Szövets

      Kovács Ágnes , MMP 2006

      Dra Szele Anna, abogada, periodista hungara, miembro de Liga Antifascista y
      de la Sociedad Solidaria Hungara- Venezolana.


      Fatkhul Khoir, Militan Indonesia


      Mariano Orrú, Sardegna Cagliari

      *México *

      Movimiento Universitario por la Democracia y los Derechos Humanos

      Eliud Carreón Guzmán, UAM Xochimilco,Comité de Lucha

      David Martínez Barreto, Cuernavaca, Asamblea Nacional Estudiantil
      Verónica Janeth Flores Macías, Monterrey, Nuevo León
      Ricardo Gonzalez, Movimiento y Unidad de Org Sociales, DF
      Carlos Márquez, Jóvenes de Izquierda Social
      araceli bernal hernandez, Izquierda social PRD y militante

      Jose Angel Garcia Olguin, PRD Iztapalapa
      luis enrique orihuela, Militante
      José AntonioDegante Flores, Teoloyucan
      juan olguin ortiz, Militante
      Salvador Núñez, Tendencia Marxista Militante
      Ruben Rivera, Sección X SNTE, viva la revolucion bolivariana y adelante
      rumbo al socialismo
      guadalupe buenrostro moreno, CCH
      Edgar Arturo Lopez Rosales

      DANIEL MARTINEZ, Militante

      Giannina Ninnette Torres Ramìrez, Militante

      LAURA FLORES, Argos Is Internacional - agencia de contrainformacion

      Adrián Alvarado Pérez, Jóvenes de Izquierda Social - Partido de la




      María Isabel Méndez, Tendencia Marxista Militante

      Evert Beltrán, Militante CMI

      Ezequiel Bernal Hernández, Militante CMI "¡VIVA LA REVOLUCIÓN BOLIVARIANA!"

      Juan Carlos Rico Acosta, Querétaro

      Fermín Garcia, Movimiento de Lucha Popular



      Xulfi Marxist, International Marxist Tendency


      **Ana María Valencia

      *Portugal *

      Mildred Coronel, Cascais

      *República Dominicana *

      Radelny Albania David Camacho

      Franiel G. Nunez, La Multitud


      Christer Bengtsson, Swedish Left Party

      *Tunez *

      Marie Debussy


      Bulent Muftuoglu, Yasam Radio TURK

      utkun büyükaşık

      Dra. Idamis Chiazzaroy Maxsim Jablko , Uruguay. Apoyamos la Revolución
      Bolivariana de Venezuela, con el compañero Hugo Chávez al frente

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