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Prosecutors won't charge cops in LA May Day melee

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  • dorinda moreno
    Prosecutors won t charge cops in LA May Day melee The Associated Press LOS ANGELES -- Criminal charges won t be filed against 30 Los Angeles police officers
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      Prosecutors won't charge cops in LA May Day melee The Associated Press

      LOS ANGELES -- Criminal charges won't be filed against 30 Los Angeles police
      officers who fired rubber bullets and pummeled demonstrators with batons at
      a pro-immigration rally two years ago, prosecutors said Friday.

      The district attorney's office called the May Day melee an "unfortunate and
      preventable situation" prompted by poor police training, leadership and

      "Although the officers involved might have used questionable tactics, our
      investigation determined there is insufficient evidence to initiate criminal
      proceedings against the officers," the office said in a statement.

      Prosecutors also said it's not their responsibility to determine if the
      officers violated departmental policy.

      The melee occurred May 1, 2007, in MacArthur Park and has cost the city $13
      million in legal settlements.

      Forty-two people were injured, including nine journalists, when police
      officers clashed with immigration supporters. A massive investigation was
      launched after widespread criticisms that police used excessive force and
      violated civil rights.

      Police later concluded a lack of planning, training and orderly supervision
      hindered officers at the rally.

      Police Chief William Bratton took responsibility for the department's
      response and called the officers' decision to use force a "command and
      control breakdown."

      Bratton, who stepped down this week for a high-paying private sector job,
      had called for the firing of four officers but said the stiffest penalty
      imposed by a department disciplinary board was a 20-day suspension for one

      The police chief does not have the authority to remove an officer.

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