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[LAAMN-ANN] Reparations Set-Aside in Appropriations to Turkey

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  • Jan B Tucker
    For Immediate Release February 10, 2000 For Information: Jan Tucker (Page 818-380-9328) U.S. Senate Candidate Calls for Reparations Set-Aside in Appropriations
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 10, 2000
      For Immediate Release

      February 10, 2000

      For Information: Jan Tucker (Page 818-380-9328)

      U.S. Senate Candidate Calls for Reparations Set-Aside in
      Appropriations to Turkey

      Jan Tucker, a candidate for the California Green
      Party nomination for United States Senator in the March 7
      primary election, is calling for legislation to levy a 10%
      surcharge on all American aid to Turkey to pay reparations
      to survivors and families of survivors of the World War I
      Armenian genocide. Tucker's proposal is that upon passage
      of any budget by the United States Congress, 10% of all
      final aid to Turkey would be impounded and distributed by a
      commission to be selected from prominent Armenian-American
      organizations to holocaust survivors. The payments would
      continue until Turkey publicly acknowledges the Armenian
      genocide and begins making its own reparations to its

      In addition to calling for this set-aside to aid the
      victims of Turkish genocide, Tucker has announced a
      ten-point foreign policy statement which emphasizes a
      reorientation of U.S. relations with Turkey:

      ends its participation in the blockade of Armenia (b) stops
      its war against the Kurdish people and grants independence
      or autonomy to the Kurds based upon an internationally
      supervised plebiscite (c) ceases army and paramilitary
      repression of its own people, journalists, and religious

      American Journalist Lori Berenson and all domestic political
      prisoners held without trial and due process (b) Ceases all
      domestic repression.

      3. Cease all military aid to Columbia (third largest aid
      recipient after Israel and Egypt) since one of the effects
      is to aid and abet drug dealing by the military forces that
      are supposed to be combating it, while giving Columbia a
      disincentive to bargain in good faith with guerilla forces
      who have legitimate grievances against the government

      4. Adopt the Irish government's policy of "activist
      neutrality" by supporting peacekeeping missions to keep
      combatants at arms - length while protecting civilian
      populations under United Nations auspices.

      5. Ban investment in Murma (Myanmar) until democracy
      prevails in that nation.

      6. Oppose membership in international organizations,
      investment by U.S. firms, and foreign aid for Eastern
      European nations that permit persecution of the Roma
      (Gypsies) and fail to adopt equal opportunity/affirmative
      action policies to remedy past discrimination.

      7. Seek United Nations sponsored commission on World War II
      reparations to Roma community, Gays, and other groups
      persecuted who have not been compensated for their losses
      and suffering.

      8. Wherever possible, engage in policy of constructive
      engagement rather than sanctions if human rights aims can be
      achieved timely and with lessened chances for armed
      conflicts; utilize sanctions where those remedies reduce the
      risk of armed conflict in a given situation.

      9. Incorporate European social compact type provisions into
      NAFTA and all other United States Trade Agreements.

      10. Ban the export of prison made goods.

      In 1994 and 1998, Tucker, who was a founding Vice President
      of the Western Region of ARAMAC, the Armenian American
      Action Committee, ran for California State Treasurer on a
      platform demanding that the State Teacher Retirement System
      divest itself of UNOCAL stock to protest that company's
      investment in the Azeri Caspian Sea oil fields.


      Jan B. Tucker
      J.B. Tucker & Associates
      10153 1/2 Riverside Drive 374
      Toluca Lake CA 91602-2533
      (818) 830-2794 Fax 2824
      E-Mail: 76170.1423@...
      Websites: http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/JanBTucker
      Private Investigator #PI-10143

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