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may day demo today in OC

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  • Dan Tsang
    fyi.. .......................... MAYDAY IN OC!!! WHERE: Front of Loretta Sanchez Office LOCATION: 12397 Lewis St. # 101 Garden Grove, CA WHEN: Wednesday May 1,
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2002

      MAYDAY IN OC!!!
      WHERE: Front of Loretta Sanchez Office
      LOCATION: 12397 Lewis St. # 101 Garden Grove, CA
      WHEN: Wednesday May 1, 2002 TIME: 3:00 � 6:00 P.M
      for more info call 714-303-0004 or visit http://www.wearepower.org OR email

      In need of Peackeepers & Legal Observers. Pleave volunteer by calling
      714-303-0004 or emailing tbboycott@...

      In solidarity for INTERNATIONAL WORKER�S DAY. To mark workers� struggles for
      liberation from those who exploit for their own profit. To come together in
      OC in the spirit of Mayday and join in on the celebration of resistance.
      Join us in demanding Loretta Sanchez to do her job & to support working
      class OC residents who put her in office. Our demands include a closing of
      the racist INS office in Anaheim (which Sanchez helped to open). Also for
      Sanchez to speak out against police brutality & racial profiling by OC
      Police Departments and INS. We would like to work together based on truth,
      equality, freedom and trust to offer help and community empowerment,
      mutually. We want our tax dollars to be spent on jobs, housing, health care,
      the homeless, education, and local community based programs! Not on funding
      racist & oppressive wars all over the world. We call for an end on the
      racist and oppressive new Immigration laws under the patriot act, that
      further allow members of our community to be targeted, oppressed and

      YOU have a stake in this fight. We cannot allow any living being to be
      exploited, oppressed, or degraded. Lets come together and resist and say
      ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! In over 20 countries we will come together to join in
      unity to fight against health cuts, privatization, ever increasing state
      repression, war, and xenophobia. We ask that you, our brothers and sisters,
      will join us in this struggle to push towards HUMAN RIGHTS WORLDWIDE!!
      Walk out on a strike, throw a wrench into the capitalist machine that is
      choking us all, do whatever it takes to join us on the streets on Wednesday
      may 1st, we will accelerate our resistance, openly and defiantly, in ways
      small and large, quiet and loud, visible and invisible, our goal is a new
      world. So join us, and let your voice be heard, bring your drums,
      noisemakers, signs, banners, friends, family and most importantly YOURSELF
      to the streets to join in on the celebration of unity, community, and
      equality. Because together, anything is possible!
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