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Help Plan Cuban Speaker's SoCal Tour, Miami 5 Defense

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  • Cubasovereignty@aol.com
    Next meeting of the Los Angeles Coalition in Solidarity with Cuba: Wednesday, January 16, 7:30pm/Peace Center Building/8124 W. 3rd Street, half a block west of
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 10, 2002
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      Next meeting of the Los Angeles Coalition in Solidarity with Cuba:
      Wednesday, January 16, 7:30pm/Peace Center Building/8124 W. 3rd Street, half a block west of Crescent Heights Boulevard
            We will discuss the upcoming three-day Southern Californnia tour of Fernando Garcia, First Secretary of the Cuban Interests Section. The title of his speech is
      "What Cuba Stands For."
            We will make further plans to defend the five Cuban revolutionaries framed-up,  convicted and sentenced on "espionage" and related charges in Miami.
            We'll also discuss the significance of Washington's decision to dispatch 1,500 troops to its Guantanamo Naval Base on Cuba's eastern coast to build and patrol a maximum security prison for up to 1,000 Afghanistan war POWs.
            This increases U.S. military presence in Cuba to nearly 3,000 troops.
            Secretary Rumseld, according to the New York Times, has "not ruled out" using the base for U.S. military tribunals.
            Two letters recently appeared in the Los Angeles Times on this development, the first by Cuba Coalition activist Jon Hillson.
         "Guantanamo Base Shows U.S. Arrogance"            
                 Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, asked if the Cuban government will
           protest the U.S.military's plan to transfer Afghan POWs to the U.S. base
           at Guant├ínamo Bay, says, "We don't anticipate any trouble with Mr.   
           Castro." (Dec. 28).
                  Such haughtinessshould not be allowed to cloud the fact that, for nearly
           a century, Washington has held this piece of Cuban soil--first as colonial
           master of the puppet government that leased it "in perpetuity" in the
           aftermath of U.S.military intervention in the Spanish-American War and,
           since 1959, expressly against the stated wishes of the revolutionary
           government and the clear and unambiguous sentiment of the Cuban people.
           Washington's "rental" checks since then have remained uncashed.
                  Guantanamo, along with Vieques in Puerto Rico, is one of the few military
           bases maintained by aforeign power in another country against the obvious
           will of its people.It remains in place thanks to the standing threat of
           the use of massive, brute force to secure its status as an occupying
           military garrison.The U.S. should abandon Guantanamo, symbol of U.S.
           imperial arrogance.
                  Washington's movementof POWs there is nothing but a further insult
           to--and provocative act against--a genuinely independent nation whose
           people overwhelmingly oppose the war of its aggressive northern neighbor.
                 It is the continued U.S. bullying that will bring "trouble" to Washington's   
           doorstep, not "Mr. Castro," as Rumsfeld's coy remarks suggest.
           Jon Hillson

                 Holding our POWs--or hostages--or whatever we want to call them at
           Guantanamo Bay has only one purpose: to thumb our noses at Fidel Castro.
           Patrick A. Mauer
           Los Angeles
      For more information call 310.419.2983 or 213.383.9283
    • Li'l Joe
      Israel Destroy Homes in Gaza Refugee Camp Israeli army bulldozers destroyed dozens of buildings in a Gaza refugee camp early Thursday, Palestinians said.
      Message 2 of 2 , Jan 10, 2002
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        Israel Destroy Homes in Gaza Refugee Camp

        Israeli army bulldozers destroyed dozens of
        buildings in a Gaza refugee camp early Thursday,
        Palestinians said. Palestinian officials said
        most of the buildings were inhabited, and some
        residents said they fled for their lives into
        heavy rain as their homes were being destroyed
        by Occupation Forces. Once the Israeli Storm-
        Troopers left the area the now homeless women
        and children picked throughthe rubble, looking
        for belongings.

        The Palestinian guerrilla group Islamic Jihad said
        Thursday it would no longer adhere to a halt in
        anti-Israel attacks. A leaflet by the group's
        military wing said that, ``starting from today,
        we will not adhere to any understanding or cooperate
        with the Palestinian Authority and its security
        services in the lie of the cease-fire.''

        Local officials said hundreds of people were made homeless
        in the Gaza refugee camp, which was erected after Zionist
        forced them from their homes and villages after the 1948
        conquest of Palestine by the Israeli military. There was some
        resistance to the demolition by Palestinians who threw
        grenades and fired rifles toward Israeli Storm Troopers.
        Also, hurling grenades and spraying rifle fire after first
        climbing over a sophisticated security fence, Palestinian
        resistance commandos entered Israel from the Gaza Strip
        killing four Israeli Storm Troopers and wounding two
        on a rain-soaked hillside.

        The Bush administration venomously denounced the
        Palestinian resistance by decrying the Hamas guerrilla
        attack on the Israeli Storm Troopers, and demanded
        that Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat make arrests and
        dismantle Hamas. The Israeli military would not say
        how many homes the Israeli Occupation forces destroyed
        in the Rafah refugee camp, while Palestinian officials
        said the number ranges from 52 to 73.

        As residents picked through the rubble, one man shouted:
        ``The Israelis, the Americans, the Europeans, they're all
        terrorists!'' He is of course correct - the Governments of
        Israel, America, Britain, &c., are "all terrorists"! But,
        the historical irony here is that the American, British,
        French, &c., governments winked at the Nazi holocaust,
        and not only refused to lift a finger to save German
        and Polish Jewry in Germany and Warsaw, Poland,
        but refused a ship of homeless Jews into Britain or
        America, yet in Gaza and Palestine generally the U.S.
        is providing military and political support for the
        modern equivalent of the Warsaw Ghetto: Gaza

        The US government also said that the Palestinian
        Authority and the Fatah faction of the PLO were involved
        in the abortive scheme to smuggle 50 tons of weapons
        to the Palestinians last week. The judgment was based
        on - here it comes again - "compelling evidence" presented
        by Israeli intelligence, a senior U.S. official said.
        Meantime, the US continues to supply tons of tons of
        military equipment including jet-fighter planes and
        tanks to Israel.

        Yet, White House spokesman Ari Fleischer , said the
        attack on the Israeli Storm-Troopers in the Occupied
        territory was ``particularly disturbing'' and an open
        assault on Arafat's authority.

        Secretary of State Colin L. Powell, in a telephone call
        to Arafat, refused to accept his disavowal. Powell told
        Arafat "that the indications of Palestinian involvement
        were deeply troubling to us and that that's what we felt
        required a full explanation," State Department spokesman
        Richard Boucher said.

        Khaled Mashal, a Hamas leader in Beirut, Lebanon, however,
        suggested more attacks would follow. ``The resistance is
        continuing,'' he said. However, Mahmoud Zahar, a Hamas
        leader in Gaza City, suggested that the assault on the outpost
        was not a signal for a new wave of Hamas attacks.

        In the past 15 months of fighting, Israel has destroyed hundreds
        of homes in Rafah, which abuts the Israeli-Egyptian border.

        Baha Abu Libdeh, 31, one of the camp residents made
        homeless along with his wife and six children in Thursday's
        demolitions, asked ``What danger does my house pose to the
        Israeli security to be destroyed?'' Abu Libdeh said. ``I became
        homeless today, and my children will remember one thing
        about the state of Israel. It is the enemy.''

        Lil Joe

        Israeli Army demolishes Palestinian homes

        By Ross Dunn, Herald Correspondent in Jerusalem and agencies

        Israeli army bulldozers demolished up to 30 buildings in Rafah in the southern
        Gaza Strip yesterday in response to an attack that killed four Israeli

        The escalation in violence came as the US Secretary of State, Colin Powell,
        telephoned the Palestinian leader, Yasser Arafat, to press him for an
        explanation of the shipload of arms intercepted by Israeli forces last week in
        the Red Sea.

        US officials said Israel's claim that the vessel was taking the weapons from
        Iran to the Palestinian Authority was "credible".

        "Everything you have to say, you should say as soon as possible," Mr Powell
        told Mr Arafat.


        The State Department spokesman, Richard Boucher, said the US had again stressed
        it was Mr Arafat's responsibility to prevent arms shipments and dismantle the
        groups involved.

        The Palestinian leader repeated that neither he nor the Palestinian Authority
        was involved, and he was committed to a full investigation of the shipment.

        The Bush Administration, meanwhile, strongly condemned the attack early on
        Wednesday by the Palestinian militant group Hamas on an Israeli army post near
        the Gaza Strip, which killed four Israeli soldiers and left two Palestinian
        gunmen dead.

        It said the Hamas operation, though aimed at Israeli soldiers, was also a
        direct attack on Mr Arafat's authority.

        Hamas said Israel's seizure of the weapons vessel, the Karine A, had prompted
        the attack. Hamas officials said they were still refraining from suicide
        bombings inside Israel in line with a promise to Mr Arafat, but the raid
        against the soldiers was legitimate because they were members of the
        "occupation army".

        The Palestinian Authority condemned the raid, saying it would give Israel an
        excuse to continue its "military escalation and siege against our people".

        But the Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, blamed Mr Arafat personally for
        the attack, and said Israel would review is policy towards the Palestinian
        Authority and consider "what steps to take".

        Less than a day after the Hamas raid, a dozen Israeli bulldozers and armoured
        vehicles drove into the Rafah refugee camp before dawn yesterday and began
        flattening homes, witnesses said. Residents fled their homes in heavy rain, and
        local officials said hundreds were made homeless. Weeping women and men and
        children sifted through the rubble trying to recover their belongings.

        Baha Abu Libdeh, 31, one of the camp residents made homeless, along with his
        wife and six children, said Israel's retaliation would only create more hatred.

        "What danger does my house pose to the Israeli security to be destroyed?" Abu
        Libdeh said.

        "I became homeless today, and my children will remember one thing about the
        state of Israel, it is the enemy."

        On Wednesday the Israeli Army destroyed two Palestinian security posts in
        southern Gaza and closed three naval buildings on the Mediterranean coast.

        The Hamas raid on Wednesday shattered a more than three-week lull in violence,
        the longest period of calm since the uprising against Israeli occupation began
        in September 2000.


        Li'l Joe

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