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33658Endorsement Letter-DRONE FREE LAPD/NO DRONES, LA!

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  • John A Imani
    Aug 20, 2014
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      Tuesday, August 19, 2014

      Dear , 

      We are writing on the behalf of the Keep LAPD Drone Free campaign. As residents of Los Angeles, we are concerned about the Los Angeles Police Department’s recent acquirement of drone technology. Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles that are controlled remotely by operators from the ground, or pre-programmed with missions. We believe the LAPD should not be allowed access to any drone orcreate any drone policy for the following reasons:

      A great lack of trust in the LAPD exists due to a continual history of lies, brutality and violence. More recently in April of 2014, LAPD officers sabotaged voice recording and video equipment federally mandated to exist inside patrol cars to monitor officer conduct and protect the human and civil rights of Angelenos;

      Through drones, the LAPD is granted access to an unparalleled amount of technology to invade everyone's privacy, creating a greater potential of false identification and indiscriminate information gathering;

      With LAPD's history of “Mission Creep” tactics, there is no guarantee that drones will only be used for their stated purpose;

      The association with drone technology and acts of war abroad should lead us to be alarmed of the use of military equipment in our local police force, as well as normalizing the culture of “War at Home.”

      For these reasons, and many more, we encourage you to join us in our campaign to keep LAPD drone free. If you have more questions or comments, please feel free to join our meetings and invite us to present our campaign to your community. The People of Seattle were recently successful in telling their police department that they would not stand for the use of drones in their communities. Let us follow their example and unite to Keep LAPD Drone Free!

      ACT NOW! Endorse, Support, and Join community members as we create a grassroots movement to challenge the surveillance, collection, and sharing of our personal and collective information. Please show your support by:

      Advertise this campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Email Listserv, and post Flyers in your office

      Help us reach out to other community-based organizations to endorse and


      Invite us to facilitate a workshop on this issue at your meetings or events

      Donate to the campaign

      Contact Hamid Khan to add your Endorsement! stoplapdspying@... or (424) 209-7450

      Will We Sleep?! or Will We Fight?!


      Yes, we endorse DRONE FREE LAPD NO DRONES, LA!

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