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32992Defend Mecca & Etana Shakur against police abuse and political repression Monday

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  • Michael Novick
    May 10, 2014
      The jury started deliberating this morning and then asked to hear the cop's testimony read back to them. Here's the update from the Black Riders on facebook. Contact them at 323-289-4457 or blackriders1996@... or via FB to find out more ways you can support these two revolutionary sisters and community leaders.--MN


      From facebook:

      THE JURY IS STILL OUT…Until Mon. 1:00 pm
      Help Keep Mecca and Etana Shakur Free on the Streets!
      Support Black Riders - New Generation Black Panthers! ! !
      Please come out to Inglewood Kourt to support the sisters!

      The Jury is still trying to figure out if the "officer" alerted Etana
      that she was being arrested before the alleged fight, and then that's
      when Mecca allegedly "jumped in".
      Stay posted for more info... Same BLACK Channel...

      All posts have been put up by General T.A.C.O (Taking All Capitalists
      Out) - Leader of the Black Riders - New Generation Black Panther Party
      for SELF-DEFENSE! ! !

      We appreciate ALL the Support that people have given all around the country! ! !

      What will be the verdict?! Will the criminal "injustice" system slap
      Black People in the face again like in the cases of Trayvon Martin and
      Jordan Davis?! Come out to the Inglewood KKKourt on May 12th at 1:00 pm.
      Drop all charges!! Not guilty ! ! !

      PLEASE COME OUT MONDAY!!! Pack the KKKourtroom!

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