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32282Re: [change-links] RE: [actionla] [LAAMN] traffic ticket

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  • John Johnson
    Feb 9, 2014
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      Thanks Chuck,
      It was a bit of chicken ticket, there were 6 cars in front of me turning onto Glendale and he pulls me over, saying I turned about 4 PM.  Like a minute.

      I want to try and get it moved to the Valley Courts, near me and contest it.


      steve zrucky,  please stfu. We are a community and strive & stride together. We help and defend each other,l always!
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      I agree with Dave Adelson.

      Let’s help John Johnson – in any way that we can!!!
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      I have to agree with what David Adelson said. John has done a major service for all of us in the LA Peace Movement for many years now. Not to mention that he had a heart attack a little over a year ago.  
      So for John to ask for help from the people on this list isn’t a bad thing.
      In Peace,
      Frank Dorrel
      AddictedTo War
      P.O. Box 3261
      CulverCity, CA 902 31-3261
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      Subject: Re: [LAAMN] traffic ticket
      after decades of service to the progressive community in maintaining change-links, at some personal cost to himself, i personally have no issue with john occasionally asking for help from the list he maintains.   i certainly don’t mind it as much as i mind abusive posts such as this one.  you are free to unsubscribe, and i suggest you do so.
      On Feb 8, 2014, at 6:27 AM, steve zrucky <stovitzrucky@yahoo.com>wrote:
      please stop wasting our time on your personal crap
      On Friday, February 7, 2014 6:33 PM, John Johnson <change@pacbell.net> wrote:
      i recently got a ticket at Berkeley and Glendale Blvd, in Echo Park. I 
      was in a long line of cars to make a left turn. I finally got in the 
      intersection. The light was about to change. I finally got to turn and I 
      guess it was a minute after 4 PM and again I guess there was a sign 
      saying no left turns there after 4 PM.
      I havent got the official letter from the state about it. At the least 
      if I go to court it would be in Valley, right now they still want me in 
      the Downtown Court. I see on the ticket you can wright your case with a 
      check for the fine and they will decide. Does this work. thanks.
      &n bsp;