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32269Kafranbel Friday Protest - "Assad Massacres Civilians, World Rewards Him With Aid"

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  • Cort Greene
    Feb 7, 2014

      The Sochi Games and the Assad Games (both courtesy of Moscow)
      Assad Games

      عمل للفنان حسن بليبل
      Photo: ‎Assad Gamesعمل للفنان حسن بليبل‎


      Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp, #Damascus, 07-02-2014: Some of the 'pro-Palestinian' Assad regime's 'reforms' via aerial and heavy artillery bombardment of the area around Al Righa Square in Yarmouk camp.

      Filmed on Thursday February 6th, 2014. 

      Syria: Raed Fares At Kafranbel Friday Protest – “Assad Massacres Civilians, World Rewards Him With Aid”

      Joanna Paraszczuk
      By Joanna ParaszczukFebruary 7, 2014 14:35 UPDATED

      Syria: Raed Fares At Kafranbel Friday Protest – “Assad Massacres Civilians, World Rewards Him With Aid”

      Friday protests in Kafranbel in Idlib Province on Friday slammed the international community, accusing the West of rewarding Syrian President Bashar al-Assad even as he kills his own people.

      The protest banners criticize the Geneva II conference, and the Assad regime’s offers to evacuate civilians even as it drops barrel bombs on the areas where they live.

      Prominent at the protests was media activist Raed Fares (arm in sling), who was shot twice by assailants last month:


      A summary of the most important events so far today in forgotten besieged Western rural Homs province from the city of Qalat al Hosn (a.k.a. Krak des Chevaliers) and neighbouring Al Zahra village (with seven videos)

      Qalat al Hosn, #Homs province, 07-02-2014: This is the 17th consecutive day of the regime's most barbaric aerial and heavy artillery assaults to date in its year-plus offensive against the city of Qalat al Hosn and the neighbouring village of Al Zahra, as Assad's forces renew their efforts to seize control of the city due to its strategic importance midway between Homs and Tartous. 

      Regime aerial and ground forces, supported by their accomplices from Hezbollah and the Tehran-backed National Defence Force, have bombarded the city since early morning, with Assad's helicopter gunships dropping multiple TNT-filled barrel bombs, destroying many more homes, while regime ground forces are using surface-to-surface missiles, tanks, heavy machine guns and every form of heavy artillery against the city. 

      The latest frenzied aerial and ground assault by regime forces comes after the failure of Assad's forces' latest attempt to storm Qalat al Hosn and Zahra, with our champions and defenders defeating them despite being massively less well armed, inflicting heavy losses among the regime troops and shabiha and their accomplices. 

      Helicopter gunships have not left the skies above Qalat al Hosn and Al Zahra all day, with massive explosions again shaking the city and village throughout the day, resulting in many more casualties; the overcrowded and desperately under-equipped field hospital is overflowing with the wounded. 
      The total number of dead is not yet known, with many residents, including women and children, believed to be buried under the rubble of their homes destroyed in the regime's relentless aerial and ground carpet bombardment. 
      While we hear constantly about conference in Geneva, these have done us no good, with the regime accelerating its incessant and relentless bombardment, while the brutal siege, now in its 460th day, continues; chronic malnutrition is now endemic, with a number of residents already dying of starvation. More than 3,500 people are now trapped in Qalat al Hosn, many of them women and children, and are eating grass and weeds to survive. Many are desperately ill from malnutrition and related diseases, with the lack of medicine, also due to the regime siege, meaning that they cannot be given the proper medical treatment, which they urgently need. 
      O God, help us.

      Videos from Qalat al Hosn on Friday February 7th, 2014:
      An elderly gentleman named Abu Adel prays for divine retribution against Assad, his helicopter gunships and warplanes and his shabiha for the horrendous devastation and suffering they have wreaked on Qalat al Hosn and across Syria:

      Some of the devastation inflicted by the regime helicopter gunships' bombardment of Qalat al Hosn with TNT-filled barrel bombs: 


      More barrel bombs fall on the city and explode: 


      Rescuers rush to find survivors and remove bodies from the rubble of their homes destroyed on top of them by regime bombardment: 


      A tour of the city showing some of the devastation inflicted by today's regime aerial and ground bombardment: 


      SNN report with Khaled al Hosni on today's aerial bombardment of Qalat al Hosn with TNT-filled barrel bombs: 


      Black smoke billows over Qalat al Hosn from the relentless regime bombardment: 


      Aftermath of Shelling in Houla, Homs

      #Syria, Demonstration at Dael in Daraa

      #Syria, Demonstration at Saqba