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28454Venezuela Supreme Court (TSJ ) rules President Chavez absence approved by NA no need for new swearing in

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  • scotpeden
    Jan 9, 2013
      Geez, this has no resemblance to any politics I've seen in our country.

      Besides, the opulent regal coronations that are done for re-elections can
      then be better put to taking care of the people the leaders are suppsoe to
      govern for, at the very least not increasing their financial burden

      Well in our country they do, now that I think of it, the ultra rich are
      invited and the poor and protestors are met by the police state, and all
      not invited get to foot the bill.



      Chief Justice Luisa Estella Morales: As a Venezuelan President is entitled
      to recover his health

      President TSJ: No absolute or temporary absence. The President asked for a
      permit and the National Assembly authorized unanimously on Dec.9th.

      TSJ: no need for a new inauguration of President Hugo Chavez because there
      is no interruption in the performance of duties
      "The inauguration of President reelected can be done in post-10E
      opportunity before the TSJ"

      TSJ: officials remain in office based on the principle of administrative

      The president of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice (TSJ), Luisa Estella
      Morales, said on Wednesday that it is not necessary a new inauguration of
      President Hugo Chavez, as it is a re-elected president .

      TSJ declares that President Chavez is serving a permit approved by the NA

      Caracas, 09 Jan. AVN. - The president of the Supreme Court of Justice,
      Luisa Estela Morales said the Constitutional Court, with the presentation
      of all the judges, ruled that that interpretation on article 231 of the
      Constitution should not be considered in the absence of the president is
      not a temporary absence.

      She explained that the Head of State is complying with a permit approved
      unanimously by the National Assembly to leave the country for more than
      five days.

      She said that there is no lack temporal or absolute. "We have interprertado
      there is not even temporary absence," Morales said in a press conference
      broadcast by Venezolana de Television.

      She said there is also no merit to form a possible medical board.

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