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28342Festive Left Friday Blogging: A poem by Tony Guerrero/Cuban 5

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  • Cort Greene
    Dec 28, 2012

      Festive Left Friday Blogging: A poem by Tony
      28, 2012 � Sabina Becker

      [image: cuban-five-freedom]

      The other night, a Facebook friend had this
      on his wall. It�s a poem by Tony Guerrero, one of the Cuban Five, a group
      of antiterrorist agents jailed in the US as spies. Despite all talk of a
      War on Terror, it seems that if you try to fight terrorism coming from the
      US, you get dragged through kangaroo court in Florida and imprisoned. (The
      CIA doesn�t like people counteracting its terrorist schemes to control
      Cuba, you see.)

      But the Cuban people are fighting for their own freedom, and it doesn�t
      come from the places that advertise themselves loudest as beacons of
      liberty. And even in prison, one of them has come out to say as much:

      *Dear friends:*

      Last night, while most people here were watching TV, I sat down to write a
      poem in my cell.

      These verses were born, which I give you all as a gift, and most especially
      my brothers, in these days when people customarily give special gifts.

      Simple Freedom

      Simple freedom, sustained by dreams,
      love of just one face, seen on the Moon.
      Simple freedom, without bridles or masters,
      free like nothing.

      The simple freedom of the nameless summit
      where night falls, buried in its lance.
      The simple freedom in which man plants
      magical hope.

      Simple freedom, like the swallow
      which strives to fly until it loses its wings.
      Simple freedom under the sky and the ruins,
      surrounded by bullets.

      Simple freedom like the spring
      singing to life, defying death.
      Simple freedom, fiction of a border
      against bad luck.

      Simple freedom, birthing and rebirthing
      cities, streets, houses, books, songs, struggles.
      The simple freedom with which you go knowing
      that your weapons are many.

      *Simple freedom, oh, face of love!
      In the skin of the Moon it seems I can see you.
      Simple freedom, feeling and honor
      that they cannot take away from you.*

      Translation mine.

      Unfortunately, I wasn�t able to preserve the rhythm or the rhyme scheme of
      Tony�s words. The imagery isn�t easy to sustain in English either. But I
      hope you get the general idea.

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