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27985On Both Sides of the Golan

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  • Cort Greene
    Nov 18, 2012

      On Both Sides of the Golan

      November 18, 2012 � Leave a

      picture on the left is doing the rounds on the internet labelled as a
      Palestinian child victim of US-backed Zionist bombing in Gaza. In fact, it
      seems <http://twicsy.com/i/RxbNkc>that
      it<http://www.kakisembang.com/2012_09_11_archive.html> depicts
      a Syrian child injured by Russian and Iranian-backed Asadist barbarism. No
      matter � the two are interchangeable today. Both are fighting hyper-violent
      tyrannies rooted in the Sykes-Picot carve-up of bilad ash-Shaam. And while
      Zionism bombs Palestinian refugees in Gaza, Asad�s forces continue to bomb
      Palestinian refugees in the Yarmouk camp, Damascus. The film below shows
      some of the aftermath of this bombing. Below that we reprint an
      novelist Ahdaf Soueif, in which she describes the changed Arab environment
      meeting the latest aggression on Gaza, and points out that Israel�s action
      is in part aimed to take �the heat off Bashar al-Assad�s murderous
      activities in Syria.�*


      If you click here <http://audioboo.fm/users/578060/boos>, you can listen to
      the Israeli attacks on Gaza. You can hear explosions, drones and
      ambulances. This is the soundtrack of the lives of Palestinians there now.
      They�re recording it and transmitting it, and their friends all over the
      world � particularly the Arab world � are listening to it live.

      We are also reading the tweets and blogs the young Gazans are putting out,
      and taking a good look at the images they�re posting � like the one of
      Ranan Arafat, before and after. Before, she�s a pretty little girl with
      green eyes, a green halter-neck top and green ribbons in her hair. After
      the Israeli bomb, she�s a charred and shrunken figure. Her mouth is open. A
      medic lifts � for just a moment � her blue hospital shroud.

      In that hospital, Shifa in Gaza
      we watched the Egyptian prime minister, Hisham Kandil, this morning. For
      the first time in 42 years an Egyptian prime minister was where we
      Egyptians wanted him to be. For the first time a government official was
      telling the truth when he said he spoke for the Egyptian people. And he was
      spot on when he referred to the Egyptian people first, before the Egyptian

      Since he won the presidency, Mohamed
      tried to be a pragmatic politician. He pressed on with �security
      co-ordination� with Israel in Sinai; he started sealing up the tunnels that
      provide a lifeline to the besieged Gazans; he rejected the proposal of a
      free trade area on the borders between Egypt and Gaza; and he sent an
      ambassador to Tel Aviv with a fulsome letter to Shimon
      And so he found himself uncomfortably cosied up with remnants of the
      Mubarak regime and aficionados of the military government.

      The rank and file of the Muslim Brotherhood and their Freedom and Justice
      party had a hard time justifying the actions of their man in the
      presidential palace to the rest of the country. Progressives and liberals
      mocked them for their big talk on Palestine all the years they were in
      opposition, and their resounding silence now they were in power. Skits
      about Morsi�s �love letter� to Peres appeared online and parodies on Cairo

      Now, the Israelis have pushed him � pushed him perhaps into a position
      where he�ll find himself more at ease in his presidency, and more in tune
      with the people. Large groups of young Egyptians have been heading for
      Gaza; my youngest niece is one of them. Like the efforts of the world�s
      civil society to send ships to Gaza, young Egyptian civilians with a
      passion for freedom are going to support their friends. And on a more
      �official� level, medics and pharmacists have already arrived there. Abdel
      Moneim Aboul-Fotouh <http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/feedarticle/10132171>,
      a presidential candidate and doctor, has gone � as he did in 2008 during
      Israel�s �Operation Cast
      long before he had political intentions. The Arab Doctors� Union has called
      for donations and volunteers.

      Israel has always sold itself to the west as a democracy in a sea of
      fanaticism. The Arab spring has undermined that narrative, possibly
      fatally. So Israeli politicians have been pushing hard for a war against
      Iran and, in the interim, they�ve gone on a killing spree in
      If they had wanted to instigate violence against themselves they could not
      have done better than to assassinate Ahmed
      the Hamas commander who�s prevented attacks on Israelis for the past five
      years. With his killing they�ve raised the probability of these attacks
      resuming, as is happening now. They can then try to hijack the narrative of
      the Arab spring and wind the clock back to �Islamist terrorists v civilised
      Israelis�. Meanwhile, they take the heat off Bashar al-Assad�s murderous
      activities in Syria � and, of course, score hawkish points for Binyamin
      Netanyahu and Ehud Barak before the coming elections.

      But they have served to remind the world that Israel is a democracy where
      politicians may order the murder of children to score electoral points.
      Palestinian children, true. But the citizens of the world don�t make racist
      distinctions. On Thursday there were protests for Gaza across the world.
      They continued today. And there will be many more.

      In every Arab country where the people rise up to demand their rights, they
      demand action on Palestinian rights as well. Tunis has just announced that
      its foreign minister is heading for Gaza. In Jordan today, hundreds of
      thousands were on the streets and, as well as demanding the fall of their
      own regime, they�re also calling for justice for Palestine. Protesters are
      out in Libya. In Egypt, people are heading for Rafah. We are heading for
      true representation of the people�s will in the region and, in the coming
      years, governments will need to follow the road shown to them by their

      One of the rescue team pulling one of the murdered children from under the
      rubble :( Al Dalw children RIP #*GAZA* <https://twitter.com/search/%23GAZA>
      pic.twitter.com/1PTgOASJ <http://t.co/1PTgOASJ>

      22 killed in Sunday raids on Gaza
      Published today (updated) 18/11/2012 18:01
      Palestinians carry the dead body of a child from under the rubble of a
      house after an Israeli air strike in Gaza City, Nov. 18.
      (Reuters/Ahmed Zakot)
      GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Israeli air raids across the Gaza Strip killed 22
      people on Sunday, including five women and nine children, as Israel pounded
      the Gaza Strip for the fifth day.

      Since Wednesday, 70 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli airstrikes,
      tank fire and naval shelling.

      An Israeli airstrike hit a vehicle in Jabaliya in the northern Gaza Strip
      on Sunday afternoon killing Suheil Hammad, 45, and his 15-year-old son
      Muamin. They were driving a water tanker to sell water to residents, a
      Ma'an reporter says.

      Four women and four children were among 10 killed in an Israeli missile
      attacked that leveled the al-Dalou family home in the Sheikh Radwan
      neighborhood of Gaza City.

      Israeli airstrikes killed two men in separate airstrikes on Gaza City's
      Shujaiyya neighborhood, killing Saadiyya al-Theib and 24-year-old Sami
      al-Faqir, medics said.

      Muhammad Abu Naqira died after Israeli jets bombed his home in the Shaboura
      neighborhood of Rafah in southern Gaza, witnesses said.

      In northern Gaza, medics recovered the body of 52-year-old woman,
      identified as Nawal Abed al-Ali, from the rubble of an airstrike on a
      police station in the al-Tufah neighborhood.

      Medics said 27-year-old Ahmad Nahhal and 9-year-old Tasneem Nahhal died and
      eight others suffered injuries in a strike on al-Shati refugee camp, on the
      coastline of Gaza City.

      A strike on al-Bureij refugee camp killed 18-month-old Eyad Abu Khousa and
      wounded his brother, a Ma'an correspondent said.

      Earlier, two children died and more than 12 people sustained injuries as
      two houses came under fire in northern Gaza early Sunday, medical official
      Ashraf al-Qidra said. Medics identified the two children as Tamer Abu
      Asaifan and one-year-old Jumana Abu Asaifan.

      Witnesses said Israel's aerial bombardment of Gaza continued with intensity

      Earlier airstrikes hit two media headquarters in Gaza City, including
      Ma'an's office, injuring at least six journalists.

      Israeli shelling pummeled Beit Lahiya in northern Gaza, while fighter jets
      struck southern Gaza. Meanwhile, Israeli gunboats shelled the coastline of
      Gaza City and central Gaza, eyewitnesses said.

      Israel's army said fighter jets fired on approximately 70 sites in the Gaza
      Strip overnight, and 50 sites during the day.

      No rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel after midnight Saturday, the
      army said, until several projectiles hit the south after 8 a.m. One rocket
      salvo unleashed Sunday wounded two people when it hit a house in the
      coastal city of Ashkelon, police said.

      Hamas' al-Qassam Brigades says it has carried out 900 rocket attacks on
      Israeli military bases and across the border since Wednesday, reaching Tel
      Aviv and an Israeli settlement south of Jerusalem for the first time.

      Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel is ready to widen its

      "We are exacting a heavy price from Hamas and the terrorist organizations
      and the Israel Defense Forces are prepared for a significant expansion of
      the operation," he said at a cabinet meeting, giving no further details.

      On Sunday, Israel's military chief Benny Gantz instructed forces to
      intensify attacks on "terror targets" in Gaza, Israeli news site Ynet

      Egyptian President Muhammad Mursi had said there were "some indications" a
      ceasefire could be reached soon between Israel and Gaza Palestinians but he
      had no firm guarantees.

      The head of the Arab League and a group of Arab foreign ministers will
      visit Gaza on Tuesday to show solidarity with Palestinians under Israeli
      attack, officials said Sunday.

      Arab league ministers had called at an earlier meeting for a mission to go
      to Gaza. Arab League chief Nabil al-Arabi told reporters in Cairo the visit
      would take place on Tuesday. A League source said al-Arabi would lead the

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