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27906Festive Left Friday Blogging: Calle 13 steps up

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  • Cort Greene
    Nov 10, 2012

      Festive Left Friday Blogging: Calle 13 steps
      9, 2012 � Sabina Becker

      The social conscience of Calle 13 continues apace. Here�s the scoop on
      their latest collaboration:<http://www.aporrea.org/internacionales/n217880.html>

      Calle 13 <http://www.youtube.com/artist/calle-13?feature=watch_video_title> -
      La Bala (The Bullet) Lyrics Letra in ENGLISH AND SPANISH


      *The Puerto Rican urban music group Calle 13 presented its latest video
      clip on Thursday, in collaboration with the United Nations Children�s Fund
      (UNICEF), denouncing the damage done by weapons and violence all over the

      �This is a very important topic, close to my heart, because we�re in a
      state of emergency in many countries where there is violence in general,�
      said singer Ren� P�rez Joglar, alias �El Residente�, in a press conference.

      Directed by Sim�n Brand of Colombia, in collaboration with other directors
      from various lands, the videoclip for the song, �La Bala� (The Bullet),
      covers places such as France, Holland, Spain, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the
      United States to address the impact of violence on a person.

      �I wanted to give a personality to the bullet and, in doing so, you can see
      how people can understand the damage it does,� said the artist, who assured
      that he wants to avoid clich�s and not show blood so that people keep their
      eyes on what is the impact of a bullet.

      This is the second time in which Calle 13, consisting of P�rez and his
      stepbrother Eduardo Cabra, �El Visitante�, has collaborated with UNICEF. A
      year ago, they took part in a campaign against human trafficking and

      �Collaborating with the group has helped us to reach young people with very
      important messages in a way that is close to them,� said UNICEF�s Latin
      America representative, Tamar Hahn.

      ��La Bala� greatly reinforces what we are doing and gives us an incredible
      platform for reaching the young, because sometimes the way UNICEF expresses
      itself isn�t the best way to get the message out to young people,� Hahn
      added, referring to violence in Latin America as an �epidemic situation�.

      Hahn said that education is fundamental for avoiding this problem, a point
      with which P�rez agrees.

      �It�s the principal factor, the low priority our governments place on
      education is a huge factor and the reason for which we�re living in
      violence,� said the rapper, who is convinced that more education will
      discourage the use of weapons.

      *Calle 13 will be appearing December 1 in a solo performance in Mexico, at
      the Palacio de los Deportes in the capital.*

      Translation mine.

      Sorry I couldn�t find the video mentioned in this piece; in the meantime,
      enjoy the video above, which supplies a handy English translation of the
      awesome lyrics. Will post the video described in the news item as soon as I
      can find it.

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