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Greening Communities and Campi - Pomona!

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  • Fred Chambers
    Hi Riverfolk, The Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies at Cal Poly Pomona, where I did much of my graduate work, is hosting a symposium on greening communities
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 2, 2000
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      Hi Riverfolk,

      The Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies at Cal Poly Pomona, where I did
      much of my graduate work, is hosting a symposium on greening communities
      and schools. I hope the various river projects will be represented. See
      you there! (It's close to the Foothill 480-bus line stop at Temple Ave
      and South Campus Drive.)


      An outstanding program is emerging for the symposium at the Cal Poly Pomona
      Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies to be held Saturday, April 15th, 2000.

      Speakers include:
      · Eugene Imai, Director of Shinji Shumikai of America, who will
      provide an inspirational talk about environmental ethics, beauty, and nature.
      · Chris Lotspeich, a Senior Associate at the Rocky Mountain
      Institute, who will speak about Natural Capitalism drawing upon examples
      from the seminal book by Paul Hawkin, Amory and Hunter Lovins.

      Presentations include:
      · "A Living Energy System for an Orphanage in Vietnam", an
      award-winning project that integrates renewable energy with food
      production, and water treatment, along with studies for applying these
      concepts at the Lyle Center.
      · "The LCRS Incubator Building", a new solar-heated straw bale
      building with photovoltaic shingles, you will be able to see at the Center.
      · “The Shalom Hill Farm Retreat Facility”, an earth-sheltered
      passive-solar structure in Minnesota John Lyle designed with the Claremont
      Environmental Design Group.
      · The award-winning “Real Goods Solar Living Center” designed by Van
      der Ryn Architects.
      · “Di Anza Community College”, and “Romberg Tiberon Center” currently
      being planned by the Ecological Design Institute and Van der Ryn Architects.
      · “Sustainable/Regenerative Community & Its Impact on Living
      Environment” an ongoing study that investigates residents living, working
      and studying in distinctive sustainable campuses and communities including
      Village Homes, Lyle CRS, Eco Village, and CalEarth.
      · “3-N-Wood”, a new building material that may be molded like
      plastic, has the strength of steel, can be made at room temperature, and is
      derived from clean, renewable wastes lumber yards disposed of.
      · “The New Wood Composite and Its Application to Solving
      Environmental Issues” by replacing wood, cement, iron and steel with a new,
      less-costly material that reduces environmental hazards.
      · “Retrofitting Rocky Branch: the Greening of a Southeastern Campus”
      at North Carolina State University by restoring a steam.
      · The “Cool School Program” and work being done to green LA School
      District campuses.

      You are welcome to join us for this informative and pleasant day at the
      Lyle Center.

      Special Student rate $15
      Regular Symposium Registration $60

      Please submit a check to Sharon Avant at the College of Environmental
      Design Dean’s office, or Deborah Scheider at the LCRS, by Monday April 10th
      to reserve your place at the symposium with a “Full of Life” Lunch.

      For more information on the symposium please visit

      Ask your academic department, student organization, or employer to support
      your participation in this symposium. Proceeds from this self-funded event
      will help support the Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies.

      Mark von Wodtke, Chair, Greening of Campuses and Communities Symposium

      PS. Please forward this message to others so they also can register right
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