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    The LA River Could be Protected with YOUR Help! Clean Water Restoration Act - Tell your senators to vote YES! June, 2009 Dear Friends:  Do you remember what
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 8, 2009
      The LA River Could be Protected with YOUR Help!
      Clean Water Restoration Act - Tell your senators to vote YES!
      June, 2009
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      Dear Friends: 
      Do you remember what happened here in LA last summer?
      • The Army Corps of Engineers designated most of the LA River as NOT a "Traditionally Navigable Waterway", effectively removing Clean Water Act protections from much of the watershed.
      • The LA River Expedition, a team of curious and frustrated citizens, proved the LA River to be navigable-in-fact by taking canoes and kayaks the entire length of the River.
      • The EPA's Region 9 office took over the designation process, coming to LA to speak with you about the River, and promising a response.
      Well, we remember that, too. In fact, we have been anticipating a designation from Region 9 for some time, and we still haven't seen their decision.
      Today you can make a difference in the protections afforded the LA River and its watershed. Want to see a change?
      Contact your Senators and encourage them to co-sponsor the Clean Water Restoration Act, legislation currently in the Senate that would restore the Clean Water Act protections to what they were prior to the Bush Administration Supreme Court decisions that limited the power of the Clean Water Act!
      For more information, tips, and contact information for your Senators, CLICK HERE.
      To sign the online petition to support the Clean Water Restoration Act, CLICK HERE.
      Thank you,
      Friends of the Los Angeles River
      Don't feel like like taking the time? Ask yourself these questions:
      Do you want to see the LA River further polluted by upstream development?
      Do you want the children of this city to look back and say "why didn't they do anything"?

      Doesn't the LA River deserve a little more protection
      than its been afforded in the past?
      How often do we ask you to do something like this?
      Does your voice matter?
      Yes! The more we say, the more our representatives hear - remember they're supposed to do things they think we want them to do.
      Aren't you interested in creating positive change for your city & country?
      The LA River Thanks you for these few minutes to ensure a better future.
      PS: Need some inspiration? In collaboration with FoLAR, KCET released their LA River Story online! A beautiful history and present day sotry of the River and the communities along its banks. Check it out by clicking HERE!

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