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OC CA All-vocal band looking for two singers (CAL group)

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  • Griffon
    http://www.vocalfreqs.com Frequency is looking to hold auditions for two new members, 1 male and 1 female. If you know you re interested, hit reply and get in
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 24 2:08 AM

      Frequency is looking to hold auditions for two new members, 1 male and 1 female. If you know you're interested, hit reply and get in touch with us! Not sure? Read on:

      Frequency is a vocal band who is dedicated to performing songs from the 70s to today--Generation X and Y music--with a focus on connection to the music. This connection takes the form of the living soundtrack of our lives--the music that plays in the background of important moments and that we associate with our most important memories. With a passionate and thoughtful delivery, we take the audience on a personal trip through music they know and grew up with, inviting them to remember the moments and experience the emotions all over again. Like the old analog radio frequencies that first delivered many of these songs, all-vocal Frequency brings the audience a reminder of some of their favorites.

      We are a 7 member group consisting of the traditional vocal parts of Soprano, Mezzo, Alto, Tenor, Baritone, Bass and a Vocal Percussionist. In vocal-band terms these voices make up various parts of what would be a mix of voices and instruments in a traditional band; generally with one or two voices taking the lead, the VP replacing the drum kit and other percussion, the bass replacing the instrument, and the rest of the voices replacing the other instruments or background vocals. Each vocal range offers unique strengths to the overall sound we are producing as does the mixing of male and female voices. The gender diversity also allows us to explore the full range of perspectives in recorded music, allowing equal time and accessibility for all of our audience.

      We are currently filling the roles of:

      Soprano - The highest voice on stage, the ideal candidate is a strong vocalist who can navigate the female break smoothly because that's where most of the notes in their part are written. Sometimes the part is just a tone an octave above the lead to add texture, many times the part is an important harmony to the lead. When soloing the singer should be comfortable where Mariah Carey or Kelly Clarkson voices' live (whistle tones optional!) and can affect a smooth and flute-like tone when necessary.

      Baritone/Tenor 2 - this is a swing part because there is equal value to someone who's voice squarely occupies the timbre between the dark rich tones of the bass and the lighter sweeter tones of the tenor, and someone who can deliver a good male pop-belt (what I call the power tenor) like John Bon Jovi or most of other the hair-band singers from the 80s. On the low end you're Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode. On backgrounds you're in the middle looking usually at the 3rd or 5th above root on the chord so a good ear is a must, and a good sense of rhythm will help.

      -=* OR *=-

      Bass - this part is a direct analog to the instrument of the same name, fulfilling the same purpose as a member of the rhythm section. Your job down here is to set up the harmonic foundation for everything that is going on the higher voices, and also to lay down the steady groove that is intrinsic to all modern pop/rock songs. A good ear and a good sense of rhythm are essential. Your soloing opportunities are severely limited by a complete lack of material and an inability for the other voice to do what you do without a complete re-imagining of the song, but if you have it nothing brings out the ladies quite like a Bass with range. Ideal candidate carries a natural resonance that makes Barry White take notice.
    • Sean P. Gorecki
      Hello, I am a VP/Bari/Bass and I am moving to L.A. on the 25th. I m looking for a solid group to sing with and would be interested in auditioning. By the
      Message 2 of 2 , Oct 12, 2010

        I am a VP/Bari/Bass and I am moving to L.A. on the 25th. I'm looking for a
        solid group to sing with and would be interested in auditioning. By the
        way...when do you rehearse? I'm auditioning for a couple of groups 'cause i
        want to make sure I find the right fit. Some of my experience includes
        performing as the bass for 3 seasons with navy Pier's in-house a cappella
        group, being one of the Tone Rangers in the movie The Break-Up, having 2 law
        School a cappella groups hrie me multiple times as their VP for the end of
        the year performances, being on both Vocal Chaos' and InVox' EP albums,
        performing 6 times in 4 years at the Chicago Regional Harmony Sweepstake,
        placing 3rd once and being in 2 groups that got Best Arrangement
        awards...Vocal Chaos and More For your Money. I'm also an arranger and am
        slowly working on a solo a cappella album.

        Here's a link from Vocal Chaos singing a week ago on WGN promoting
        AcappellaFest which we are the co-producers of for the 4th year running!
        I'm sort of a co-arranger on this song.


        If you look up the following on youTube, you can see some good examples of
        me doing different things.

        Wonderful Tonight Multi-track - An arrangement of mine and I'm singing all
        the parts...shows my range and falsetto ability as well as my arranging

        29 Way - hot commodity = Shows me doing VP and at the 2nd verse to the end,
        VP/Bass combo.

        Jingle Mallow Bell Tree Rock - The Mistletones navy Pier = Me singing bass
        at navy Pier's Winter Wonderfest

        Free 4 all - (Sittin' On The) dock Of The Bay = Me singing bass without a

        Free 4 All - In The House Of The Rising Sun - same ting, but with vp added

        Sorry i'm not just attaching the links...i'm kinda in a hurry 'cause i need
        o catch a train. Feel free to give me a call if you want to ask me anything
        or I will be online again tomorrow.


        Sean P. Gorecki
        (815) 451-3973

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