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Jazz/Pop Vocal Group looking for singers!!!

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  • Nate
    Are you a trained singer, but haven t really had much of an opportunity to show the world your gift? Our vocal group is ready to perform, we just need a few
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 29, 2008
      Are you a trained singer, but haven't really had much of an
      opportunity to show the world your gift? Our vocal group is ready to
      perform, we just need a few more singers to round out our sound.
      Please read the ad below, if you feel you fit what we're looking for,
      please respond right away!

      New Los Angeles based A Cappella group is looking for a Bass and an
      Alto/Second Soprano!!!! We have four singers already, we're wanting to
      expand to six.

      The qualities we're looking for in these singers include-

      *Must be able to read music!
      *Have a good, strong, low vocal range.
      *Must be comfortable with walking bass lines, and enjoy singing them,
      and other typical bass lines on a regular basis
      *Huge plus if you can mix vocal percussion in with your grooves.

      Alto/Second Soprano:
      *Must be able to read music!
      *The lower the notes you can hit, the better!
      *Must be very comfortable singing solos as well as complex background
      harmony parts.
      *Huge plus if you have experience doing vocal percussion. (Female
      drummers rock!!!)

      Special note for Basses: Having the role of Bass, you will primarily
      be part of the background vocals, and a lot of time you will
      contribute to the 'rhythm section' for the group, but solo
      opportunities will be given if desired. While you mostly will be in
      the background (as far as the music is concerned), we are still
      looking for a bass that can really stand out and give the audience a
      great show, we want you to be able to turn those low, rumbling, and
      sometimes repetitive, grooves into something exciting to listen to!

      The current line-up of the group is between the ages of 20-26 years
      old. We are having a lot of fun together and have been working hard,
      learning songs in many different styles. The current repertoire
      consists of published arrangements, original arrangements and even
      original songs from members of the group. Also, we plan to do some
      Christmas repertoire during the Holiday Season.

      Unfortunately, there will not be any pay right away, but as we get
      more known we will get paid gigs.

      We will be rehearsing on Wednesday night, in Sherman Oaks from 7-9pm.
      We would like ideal candidates to try singing with us during that next
      rehearsal. Please email Nate George at jazzsinger1482@..., or
      call him at 831-588-9482 and tell him about yourself, why you would be
      perfect for this group and he will Let you know when and where we'll
      be holding auditions.
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