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PRESS RELEASE: CASA program offers free CDs to choral students

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  • Chris Tess
    For Immediate Release 28 August 2008 Contact: Chris Tess Contemporary A Cappella Society (CASA) Email: tunestoteens@casa.org Phone:
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      For Immediate Release 28 August 2008
      Contact: Chris Tess
      Contemporary A Cappella Society (CASA)
      Email: tunestoteens@...
      Phone: 415-358-8067
      On the web: http://www.casa.org/ttt

      Free CDs
      An A Cappella Opportunity For Students Who Can't Stop Singing

      BOSTON - Tunes To Teens is turning up the volume this fall, making its
      CD donation program available to high school and junior high school
      choruses free of charge.

      Since 2003, more than 3,000 students have received a cappella CDs
      donated by singers, educators and fans of unaccompanied vocal music.
      Usually, chorus directors must contribute $1 per CD to help cover the
      expenses of the nonprofit program. But this fall, those fees will be
      waived for school choruses that are new to the program, in an effort
      to reach more singers in more regions. That means more access to
      contemporary a cappella, the addictive trend of translating rock, jazz
      and world music into a captivating all-vocal style.

      "A cappella music gets students excited about harmonizing -- and the
      theory and skill it requires," said Tunes To Teens founder Chris Tess.
      "This fall, Tunes To Teens will be able to show more students what
      their voices are capable of."

      Choruses with up to 100 students will be eligible for free CDs, if
      it's their first time participating in the program. For bigger
      choruses, the first 100 students can receive free recordings, with
      additional CDs available for $1 per student. Tunes To Teens is a
      program of the Contemporary A Cappella Society, a California-based
      nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering contemporary vocal

      Students and teachers who have participated in the program say it has
      been an inspiration. "This program is really terrific," said Stephanie
      of Westbrook Maine, a student whose instructor handed out Tunes To
      Teens CDs. "Thank you for this brilliant program and the chance for me
      personally to be exposed to a style of music I've never been
      introduced to before."

      Choir directors say the benefits are immediate. "Our CDs arrived, and
      it was just like Christmas!" said Jane Vanderhoff of Garden City High
      School Applied Music Class, in Garden City Kansas. "We will be sharing
      in class this way: after each student has listened to their CD, they
      will share one with the class and discuss something about it - why
      they chose it, style, performer, etc. This is a great idea, and I
      know it will have the effect I am hoping for - to generate more
      interest and development of a cappella vocal jazz singing in our

      This summer, Rolling Stone magazine asked "Is A Cappella Secretly
      Awesome?" Judging by the excitement of Tunes To Teens participants,
      the answer is yes.
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