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    This Sunday s and every last Sunday of the month s Catalina Chord Club held at the Catalina Coffee Company ! Is actually always hosted by the South Bays
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 21, 2008
      This Sunday's and every last Sunday of the month's "Catalina Chord
      Club" held at the Catalina Coffee Company ! Is actually always
      hosted by the South Bays very own extremely talented, recording
      artists "Ready, Willing and Maybel".

      Now I've been a little curious about that great name they have
      selected for them selves and I'm not quite sure if "Ready" is a
      reference to the two male vocalist in the group and "Willing" is
      referring to the two lovely ladies vocalists, but I'm not sure?

      I can't wait to ask either of the ladies if they are indeed "willing"

      Could be that the guys are the ones that are "Willing" but I'm not
      going to ask them. And if the ladies are the ones that are "Ready"
      I'll be sure not to post that one unless it's ok with the group

      Either way, I have it on good authority that "Maybel" is actual the
      vintage microphone they use on stage. And of course we've all heard
      tell that "Maybel" is always "Ready, Willing and quite a Gal her

      As for the "Javapella" events that are held every second Sunday of
      the month In Yorba Linda's pride and joy establishment "Java Joe's"
      well I messed that one up too!

      They are actually hosted by the equally famous and talentedly gifted
      " Vocal Magic "

      Sorry about those little mix ups, I think I've gotten it right this
      time. My apologies to one and all concerned. Without the dedication
      of the Hosts and the participating vocalist and especially to the
      graciousness of the proprietors of these two fine establishments of
      Caffeinated and De-caffeinatedly brewed refreshments.

      Most of us would probably be sittin' around Sunday evening's,
      watching re-runs of the Sopranos and after that horrific ending. I
      won't ever do that again so help me!!! Wow What were they

      And so "shall I bend low and, in a bondman's key, / with bated
      breath and whisp'ring humbleness, / say this". To thee

      I'll see Ya's all there this Sunday at the Catalina Coffee Company,
      or be square.

      GoodlyPlayer out.
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