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Hey this Sunday, February 24th you gotta read this one!!

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    This Sunday s acappella event known as the Catalina Chord Club will be held again at the Catalina Coffee Company just across the street from the Redondo
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 20, 2008
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      This Sunday's acappella event known as the "Catalina Chord Club"
      will be held again at the Catalina Coffee Company just across the
      street from the Redondo Beach Pier at 126 N. Catalina Ave., Redondo
      Beach, Ca. 310-318-2499 www.catalinacoffee.com and it's being
      hosted by South Bays very own recording artists "Vocal Magic". You
      can check'em out at www.readywillingmabel.com and

      So this coming Sunday evening is going to be another magnificent
      success, just like the one, that's hosted by "Pacific Jazz", down at
      Java Joe's, down in historically beautiful Yorba Linda. A couple of
      weeks ago. www.javapella.com

      These events bring out the best in our Acappella community and with
      the additional promise of being even better than last time, because
      you are going to be there with us.

      What would this world be like with out those of us, who love to sing
      the songs that can make you wanna cry or make you want to call all
      your old friends up and invite'um over? This is why I am posting
      this to you so you can get on board and make an evening of it. What
      else you gonna do on a Sunday evening any way, watch re-runs of the

      Make this an evening for your selves, come on down to the Redondo
      Beach Pier for dinner and cocktails then make it on up to the
      Catalina Coffee Company on Catalina ave, they sell gourmet items
      just in case your running late and don't get down to the pier for
      dinner, but if you do we'll be Gettin' it on, just across the street
      Drinkin' a few cups of Hot Joe and Puttin' some Buggie in the

      By the way, The Catalina Coffee Company is one of my favorite places
      and it's a very warm and cozy venue, where the Java and Jive flow
      freely, just like at Java Joe's.

      Read south bay Susie's posting below for additional info. And
      contact Kate so you can get your group up and sing an acappella
      favorite or an acappella original.

      Singers you need to get the word out to your friends and fellow
      singers there ain't nothing like doing a little singing around on
      the side either. So come on down, take the time and make the trip,
      spend sometime amongst those just like you, who sing the rhymes and
      recall the times.

      Let's get this community growin' and showin' what it's got. So don't
      be shy, we'll see you Sunday

      GoodlyPlayer out


      The Catalina Chord Club will meet on Sunday, February 24, 6:00 to
      p.m., at the Catalina Coffee Co., 126 N. Catalina Ave., Redondo Beach
      (Light menu available.) www.catalinacoffee.com A cappella groups of
      7, any style, are welcome. Come to sing, or just to listen. Let us
      Know if you'd like to be our featured group.

      Kate - Kate@...
      Or (310) 540-3370
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