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A new member in search of other Christian singers or groups

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  • goodlyplayer
    Hello; My Name is Manuel but most of my friends call me Manny, I ve just now come across your group and I think I may have at last found the perfect forum. I
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 23, 2007
      Hello; My Name is Manuel but most of my friends call me Manny,

      I've just now come across your group and I think I may have at last
      found the perfect forum. I am currently singing with my church choir in
      Irvine, Ca. but we are not scheduled to rehearse again until sometime in

      I prefer to sing in the tenor range but depending on the needs of the
      ensamble, I can support the groups texture and the needs of the song
      best by knowing your part as well as mine for the best stability and
      reliability. in other words you can count on my voice being there where
      you need it to be unless we are specifically singing new harmonies

      I Love the vocal harmonies of the Christian A capella group called Glad
      and have sung many of their songs before. I sing these as my daily
      devotional praise.

      I Love to sing praise songs , contemporary christian songs that are
      doctrinally and inspirationally rewarding, those that are uplifting and
      engraciating to the listener, whether they be belivers or not, this I
      believe is the whole purpose of singing at all and that is why I
      especially Love Christian A capella.

      I live some what near by in La Puente, Ca. and Work in Torrance, Ca.
      these locations at first may seem like geographical limitations to you
      at first and may even seem to be disqualifiers to you depending upon
      your location and circumstances but fellow kindredly spirited singers
      are not that easy to come across and once found are well worth knowing.

      I sing in tune and can sight read some what and I have played and sung
      before audiences before and being that I now Love to sing before the
      Lord, I have no fear.

      I wright and compose lyrics and melodies according to where His spirit
      leads me, they usually take the form of poems and songs that morf into
      anthems of Praises

      There are many different levels of collaboration and distance should not
      be a limiting factor in this day and age but rather interests and
      desires and motivations are feathers that can bind one to another and
      cause some to stick together.

      If any one Loves the lord and wants to sing on a professional level for
      His Glory lets talk it over and sing.

      As for me and myself, I will sing before the Lord as this has become my
      endeavor, alone if needs be, but prefferably in harmony together.

      Call me if this has struck a cord in your artistic Christrian
      spirititual journey. the road is narrow and I would happily love to
      hear from you about your endeavors and desires in His service.

      May The Lord Bless and keep You Always.

      Mr. Manny Lemos

      my work E-mail is Mlemos@... <mailto:Mlemos@...> and my
      cell phone is 1-626-833-8687

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