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THN...The Harmony Network - Our last weeks on the air

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    Hi to all those who have ever listened to The APPLAUSE Show since 1997 and/or THN...The Harmony Network since March of 2004.? We hope this email finds you
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 5, 2007
      Hi to all those who have ever listened to The "APPLAUSE" Show since 1997 and/or THN...The Harmony Network since March of 2004.? We hope this email finds you well and that the beginning of your holiday season is les hectic than ours.

      As most of you have read on these discussion groups, THN...The Harmony Network was chartered as a "Non-Profit" 501 (c)3 organization on March 12, 2004.? The Network has had as many as 6 shows on the air each week from the studios of WVRM, 1620AM, 91.9FM and Comcast Cable Channel 34, and has been a Totally Listener Supported venture since it's beginning in 2004.? We have struggled to survive, to say the least, but somehow, each crisis we faced was resolved because of listeners such as all who have sent even a $5.00 donation.? The Network has tried in the last 4 months to raise enough money or to find one commercial sponsor to allow us to go to a 24/7 format of live and pre-recorded radio shows.? Although we did get enough to continue to the end of the year, we now face unpaid bills and have, in the last 8 weeks, seen only $12.50 in donations from our listeners or any groups interested in "all vocal music...all the time".

      We have decided to terminate the Network with our last show to be broadcast on Sunday, December 23, 2007 from 7-11:00PM Eastern Time Zone.? We hope you will join us for our last show that will have all of the THN family in the studio.? The broadcast can be found at www.villageradio.com.

      We want to have one more opportunity for fund-raising, only to pay the past due bills that now total over $500.00.? HERE IS WHAT WE ARE GOING TO DO:
      Many artists have sent us CD's over the years that have gone into our "Premium Library" that has been used to send "thank you" gifts to people that have sent donations.? We are going to divide the Premium Library into 3 "Lots" and offer them in a silent auction to all barbershoppers and vocal music afficianados.? Within the next week, you will be advised of the contents of the 3 Lots and you will have an opportunity to send your "bids" to us.? On Friday, Dec 21, we will announce the successful bidders and get the CD's to them before Christmas.? These lots?could consist of? 25 CD's, 50 CD's and 100 CD's or more based on the number in the Premium Library.? They will consist of barbershop...male and female...chorus and quartets, contemporary acappella, vocal jazz, gospel, high school and collegiate acappella artists.? Each CD "Lot" will be NEW UNOPENED CD's from the artists listed.? We will give you names of the artists, CD titles and style of group for each CD in each Lot.?

      We want to thank every one of you that has ever listened to The APPLAUSE Show since 1997 and to THN...The Harmony Network since 2004.? All of our volunteer staff members, the folks who have offered their time and talent to help the Network grow, appreciate your support and hope that in the future, radio as a medium for spreading the gospel of vocal harmony will be recognized and financially supported by the organizations that participate in vocal harmony as a form of music.

      Look for continued announcements about the final weeks of THN...The Harmony Network, "All Vocal Harmony...All The Time"

      Sincerely yours,

      The Staff and Family of THN...The Harmony Network
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